How Collective Ray & Cover give you the right apps at the right time

Our Mission

Cover came to us with the idea to completely replace the stock Android lockscreen with a dynamic and beautiful experience. We were tasked with making the most visible part of Android a simple and joyful experience.

The Foundation

Cover is made up of 5 different modes depending on what you're doing throughout your day. Within these modes are ever-changing applications based on your preferences and habits.

Many lockscreens were created and scrapped before finding the proper balance between minimalism and function.

Visual Direction

Since Cover is an experience that plays closely to the desires of the user, the application isn’t branded on the lockscreen. Most of the visual flair sits in the app's settings and on Cover's website.

Direction #1

A calm blue is chosen. It looks nice but has a bit too much of a tech edge.

Direction #2

We made the application a little more friendly and added some branding.

Direction #3

We brought in the new logo and icons to make the settings screen easier to use.

We curated a collection of default wallpapers with unique styles to fit with contextual modes in Cover.

The Final Designs

No more fumbling through screens of apps to find the one you’re looking for. Cover learns when and where you use different apps and puts them on your lockscreen for easy access.

We helped Cover – what can we do for you?

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