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“In 2004, boss Jeff Bezos decreed that any software built by an Amazon engineer must be shared with every other engineer at the company. Google does something similar, and it makes good sense. The idea is to ensure that they never build the same thing twice. But for former Amazon engineer Yash Kumar, it never quite worked as well as it should have. There were just two many pieces of software to wrap your head around.

As it turns out, many other outfits face much the same problem — even if they don’t share code in the way Amazon does. In building software, modern companies rely on all sorts of code and tools they don’t develop themselves. This includes open source software that’s freely shared with the world at large, but also application programming interfaces, or APIs, that provide hooks into online services across the web. The open source search engine Ohloh spans 20,656,731,705 lines of publicly available code, and the API tracking site The Programmable Web lists over 10,000 publicly available APIs.

But Runnable offers a solution, a means of finding and using all the software “building blocks” that are freely available across the web.”

When Runnable approached Collective Ray, they'd soft-launched an MVP and were looking to rev up both their brand identity and web app for a formal launch.

We worked tirelessly coming up with different styles and directions. We designed and tested different layouts to optimize efficiency and user intuition. We created buttons and iconography to simplify the user experience. And produced more wireframes and sketches than we'd like to admit.

Billing themselves as the "YouTube Of Code," Runnable needed an identity that was in line with their vision. We riffed off the "play" symbology – perhaps it could do a great job of signifying executable code you click to run in the browser? But we had to make sure we were able to express only the messaging we wanted – and not imply things we didn't. We played with many different ideas, and ultimately landed with something that was clearly technical, but also incorporated the "play" symbology we felt would work well for this brand.

When devising the color palette, we opted for something that was bright, inviting, and engaging. This created an overall brand experience that was fun, delightful, and inviting for users of all skill levels.

From concept to production, we iterated and tested until we were confident in what we were shipping. This meant trying a ton of different ideas and styles until we found one that felt just right.

At Collective Ray, it's crucial that we create experiences that are not only efficient and intuitive, but also visually appealing. That indescribable satisfaction of using something that's been meticulously cared for – down to the last pixel – is what we feel makes a good product great.

"Collective Ray did an awesome job designing our new site. They provided responsive and modern web design on-time and in budget."

Yash Kumar — CEO of Runnable

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