How Collective Ray & Whistle brought dog wellness into the 21st Century

Our Mission

When Whistle approached us, they were still working on a piece of hardware that would track a dog's activity. We immediately recognized it as a brilliant idea. Finally, a way to track your dog's health trends over time, share activity reports with friends and family, not to mention keep an eye on your dog whenever you're away. We knew we had an awesome opportunity to help create a mobile product that would help shape the future of dog wellness.

The Foundation

After having many conversations with the client about goals and direction, we began figuring out how we thought the app should work. We came up with flows, sketched wireframes, and thought tirelessly about the best ways to represent dog data.


When we finally locked down a concept that we were all happy with, we began to formalize our work by creating wireframes and prototypes. This helped us actually feel how the app would work—until now, we'd only laid it out on paper. We got an opportunity to see what worked well and what needed some more thought.

Data Visualization

Now, it was time focus on honing the data visualizations. We were tasked with creating three distinct data views that were clear, concise, and easily consumable.

Daily Activity Chart

We experimented with many different directions, but ended up arriving at a simple line char that allows a user to tie bursts of activity to a specific activity's data over the course of a day.

Daily Activity Breakdown

As an alternate daily view, we created a breakdown where we classified three main activities that would represent how that day's activity broke down over the course of day.

Weekly Activity Chart

We created a simple way to display each day's activity over the course of week, while representing both whether or not the Daily Goal was met in addition to displaying daily averages for each day of the week.

Visual Direction Concepts

When we arrived at a solid place with our structure, layout, and data visualizations, it was time to take a deep-dive into the visual direction. Based off of a loose color palette provided, we created three distinct directions.

The Final Designs

After much iteration, we applied the chosen direction to the rest of our work and came up with the very first version of Whistle for iPhone.

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