How Collective Ray & Zimperium set the standard for a new wave of mobile defenses

Our Mission

Zimperium wanted a reimagined brand identity. When they approached Collective Ray, they hadn't given too much thought to it—and as a result, they had a natural air of advanced, complex technology. We had to devise a completely new brand identity—everything from the logo itself to the software's multiple interfaces needed to radiate usability.

The Foundation

Creating a solid foundation was essential to create a cohesive brand experience across all mediums. We worked on many concepts, ranging from logos to data visualization techniques.

Visual Direction Concepts

Designing a logo that was both simple and clear wasn't particularly easy. We fleshed out a handful of concepts, but most of them failed to instill a sense of both protection and simplicity.


In the end, we landed on a concept that was both inspired by a super hero (to instill the sense of a 'friendly protector') and paid homage to its roots (the original Zimperium logo used a folding ribbon treatment).

It was important that the concept was flexible and scalable. We wanted to It was going to be used across a suite of products, printed marketing material, large signage, and much more.

Product Interface

In order to successfully achieve our goal of simplicity, we needed to dive into the mobile and web applications and rethink how data was being displayed. It was imperative that we presented this would-be complicated information in a consumable, usable way.

UI Kits & Style Guides

After determining how we were going to visualize data in an intuitive way, we moved onto creating assets for each product. We felt it was important to incorporate more color into the product, and leverage the connection between the product and its brand.

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