16 Free Fonts Bundle - Web Design Freebies List - #16

Welcome to our 16th curated web design free resources list. The success of each list inspires us to keep doing this, so we will. Hundreds of varied free website resources all over the place will be presented to you, for download and usage as you designers, web designers, developers, webmasters (and whoever else you may be) think it's best.

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 This time, we bring to you a compiled list of free fonts for your web projects. We would impartially give a ten on ten to all of them. Do let us know how you would rate them.

1. Mighttype Script

Mighttype Script

Brought to you with love by AF Studio, this awesome handwritten font is actually part of a premium font package, made free just for this while to you designers. Play around with its beauty and femininity for your next design project.

2. Futuracha


A touch of vintage Egypt, that almost teleports you to pyramid mythologies, is what we just admired about this font. Thought of suggesting, you put it in your design basket and use it abundantly in your creative projects. It has already been downloaded by over 50,000 people and has won the Evge award. Bet, you would love using it!

3. One Day 

One Day

This is a sleek uppercase magic, which would be suit titles and sub-titles like no other semi-formal....semi-casual font. The creators have included uppercase letters, numbers and characters as part of the whole font package. Feel free to use it and share the love.

4. Breathe

Breathe Font

And heave a sigh of admiration after you have breathed in the font enough! Available in 2 styles, this typeface is just what you needed to render calmness and positivity to your design ambiance. Grab it and start scribbling!

5. Nickainley

Nickainley free font

If you are a monoline script fan, this one will captivate. Carrying the style and elegance of cursive, this font pushes in its own touch of simplicity and sweetness. Use it, stay happy! J

6. Balqis


We just loved this one, no questions asked! It’s simple, promises wide visibility and is beautiful to look at. And, it’s free! What else could you want?!

7. Venice

Venice Serif Font

This Serif is sleek, contemporary and highly readable – three qualities that every designer would trade his juiciest sausage for. The best part, Unio Creative Studio has made it free for commercial use.

8. Quito


Quito is quite an unusual font, authored by Fabian Korn. It is an awesome choice as a display typeface. We have already figured out the scope for its prospective usage on our work-desks. Your turn now.

9. Hamurz

Hamurz Font

This is a simple title font. Nothing much to say, another addition to our freebie list and your design kit. Enjoy the love and spread the word!

10. Entschuldigung

Entschuldigung Font

It is a mild industry typeface, perfect for bold small print and hipster logos. Download it and start using it for free!

11. Sequel

Sequel Font

‘Sequel’ is a multifunctional typeface, sturdy and sophisticated in its look. Your best deal, the typeface already has ligatures for the words ‘the’ and ‘of’. So anytime, you write ‘the’ and ‘of’, they automatically convert into their respective ligatures. Cool!

12. Yrsa and Rasa

Yrsa Rasa

These are 2 sister fonts, brought to you from the house of David Březina and Anna Giedryś. The font family supports 92 languages in the Latin script and 2 languages in the Gujarati script. OK now, we won’t go into such a lot of details. Both the fonts are awesome and deserve a handsome share of your free design collection.

13. Skinny

Skinny Font

This is one of our favourites... Reminded us of Ed Edd and Eddy. J Remember? Feel free to use it and amuse your clients with the simple innocence that it has to offer.

14. Ahamono


A rounded monospaced font , appropriate for use in illustrations and quirky graphic design projects. Use its style to create a lasting impact on your projects.

15. Liquide


A contemporary font, coupled with simplicity! We loved its retina friendliness, you would love it too!.

This week, it's a 16 free fonts bundle for you to download. If you think we could do better, tell us. If you like the content, we'd appreciate a share :-) If you want to stay tuned for more updates, which don't you drop us your email - we'll keep you refreshed with all the latest freebies as they happen! If you've got a free item you'd like to feature - we want to hear from you. Get in touch with us!

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