Fix: Chrome and Android System Webview Is Not Getting Updated (2023)

 Fix Chrome and Android System Webview is not getting updated

You might frequently experience problems when updating Chrome and the Android System Webview.

You can reboot your device, check your internet connection, stop all apps from updating automatically, clear the cache and storage on Google Playstore, leave the beta testing program, and manually update the Android WebView app from Playstore to resolve this issue.

Google recently added a new system app called Android System Webview to the Android operating system. It is an integral component of Google Chrome and is a lightweight browser engine.

This app enables web content to be displayed within other apps (such as Gmail, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) without leaving the app itself.

Simply put, any link you click on a third-party app, such as Instagram, Facebook, etc., will open inside that app rather than in the Chrome browser.

This is done through  Android System Webview. Of course, from there you can open the links in Chrome, but that is a different matter.

I recently attempted to update my Chrome browser when I received a notification, but I was unsuccessful. I eventually discovered that in addition to Chrome, the Android System Webview was also not updating.

Because these apps receive new security features with each update, updating them is crucial.

I'll give you guys these solutions here for the issue with Chrome and Android webview not updating.

We will begin by attempting a few crucial fixes because there is no need for it to occur due to serious problems. Try the additional solutions listed below if the primary ones don't work to solve the issue:

Reboot your device

Rebooting the device restarts all of its system processes, which can sometimes solve problems. In this manner, if an Android process is the source of the error, it will be automatically fixed.

Check your internet connection

It would be beneficial if you had fast internet to update everything from the PlayStore. Use a third-party app to see if any other apps are using the data in the background if you have a strong internet connection and are still experiencing problems.

Retrying the download after closing all other data-using applications should resolve the problem.

Stop auto-updating all apps

The download problem might be brought on if you have the option to update all apps automatically enabled. To stop this, you must manually update all the apps and prevent them from updating simultaneously.

Here are the steps to stop all Android apps from automatically updating:

  1. Open the Google Play Store on your phone.
  2. In the top right corner, select the profile icon.

Stop auto-updating all apps

A menu will appear.

  1. On the menu, select Manage Apps and Devices.
  2. To stop updating, click the Stop button.
  3. Now, to resolve the download issue, only update Chrome and the Android System Webview app.

Stop auto-updating applications

These were crucial fixes that frequently resolved the problem; if not, try the techniques listed below.

Delete cache and storage for the Google Play Store

There is a good chance that corrupted Play Store data will be the root of the app update problem. It's a good idea to clear the cache and storage of the Google Play Store since we download and update the Google Chrome and Android System WebView from there.

Follow these steps on Android to clean up Google Play Store and free up storage:

  1. Open the Settings app on your Android device.
  2. Tap the Apps and Notifications tab.
  3. To view the list of installed apps, select the See all apps link.

Apps and notification - see all apps

  1. Open the Google Play Store app by searching for it.
  2. Select the Storage & Cache option on the Google Play Store app information page.
  3. Press the Clear Cache and Clear Storage buttons.

Google Play Store Clear Cache and Clear Storage button

Update Chrome and Android System WebView, then restart the Google Play Store app. Since we cleared the storage data, starting the Play Store app may take some time.

Clear the Google Play services' cache and storage if that doesn't work.

Remove Chrome and the Android System Webview

There's a good chance Chrome isn't updating because the Android System Webview is the primary issue. First, uninstall the Android System Webview app to fix this.

Since it is a system app, you cannot completely remove it, but you can restore the factory settings. It implies that you can remove all of the earlier updates.

There is no option to directly uninstall it from settings as there is on most devices.

Steps to remoremove theroid System Webview from a phone are as follows:

  1. Launch the Google Play Store application.
  2. Find the Android System Webview app using the search bar.
  3. To continue, select Uninstall from the menu.
  4. The updates to the Android System Webview will be uninstalled.

Just that. Try updating Google Chrome again to see if the issue has been resolved. If not, carry out the exact same steps using the Chrome app.

Clear cache and force stop the app

It's possible that an app won't update if it's running in the background. Any app can be forced to stop such a background process.

The app may then be unable to update if it has a large amount of cache memory. You must also clear the cache and storage in such circumstances.

On a phone running Android OS, follow these steps to force the app to close:

Clear cache and Force stop the app


  1. Open the Settings app on your Android phone.
  2. Then scroll down and tap the Apps and Notifications tab that you found there.
  3. You'll see a button labeled "See all apps" in the following window; select it to access a list of all installed apps.
  4. To open a menu, tap the vertical 3-dot icon located in the top right corner.
  5. To view all of the available apps, choose "Show system."
  6. If you tap the list of apps, the Android System Webview app will appear.
  7. Clicking that will force the app to close.

Once you've updated the app, you should see if the problem still exists. If so, clear the cache and data.

Following are instructions for clearing Android Webview's cache and data:

  1. Repeat the previous steps through step #6.
  2. Go to the menu and choose Storage from the app's information window.
  3. Clear Storage and Clear Cache by tapping on those choices.
  4. Last but not least, try updating the Android Webview app via Google PlayStore.

If that doesn't work, try the Chrome and Google Playstore apps as well.

Leave the beta testing program

Beta testing is a feature available in the Google Play store. Any new update is made available to users before it is made public. The purpose of this service is to test new updates, and beta updates frequently contain bugs.

You might be using a beta update app if you accidentally selected it or if you are a participant in beta testing.

Now, this could be the cause of the downloading problem. You can fix it by quitting the beta testing program.

Following are the steps to exit the app's beta testing program:

  1. Launch the Google PlayStore application.
  2. Look for the Webview app on the Android system.
  3. When you reach the option depicted in the image below, scroll down to reveal it.
  4. Select "Leave the Beta Program" from the menu.

Uninstall the updates after leaving the beta testing program, just as we did in the third method. It will fix the problem.

Download the updates manually

This solution will work if you have tried all the other options and none of them have been successful for you.

The most recent updates for Chrome and the Android System Webview are available for manual installation from third-party APK sites.

Here's how to manually download updates for Android apps from a third-party website:

  1. Look up Android System Webview on APK Mirror.
  2. Scroll down when you see a list of every version.
  3. Pick the download icon from the right side.
  4. Scroll down until you see all available downloadable app options.

Select the option that best suits your device.

  1. To continue, click the Variant number.Use Google to find a version that is compatible with your device.
  2. Clicking the Download button will allow you to download the APK.

If you come across a download warning, accept it by clicking OK as it poses no risk to your device. Last but not least, tap the APK file to install it, and your work is finished.

Bottom Line: Chrome and Webview are not updating

In conclusion, I've provided every potential fix for the Chrome and Android System Webview not updating issues. These could take some time, but they will unquestionably resolve your problem.

You must exercise patience because updating the system apps can be challenging. Additionally, you should only download the APK file from reputable APK websites.

If you choose to use the final method, you should exercise caution because a few phony websites may damage your device. Be aware that APK files from such phony websites might contain malware.

The Android system webview will be updated as soon as you update the Google Chrome app.

Chrome and Android Webview not updating FAQs

Let's now go over some frequently asked questions about the Chrome and Android System Webview updates.

How to Fix System Webview not updating in Chrome and Android?

You can manually update the software, reboot your device, check your internet connection, stop all apps from automatically updating, clear Google Playstore cache, and storage.

How can I stop the Play Store's apps from constantly auto-updating?

Open the PlayStore, select your profile from the menu by tapping on it, go to Settings > Network Preferences, and then choose Auto-update Apps. Select the Don't auto-update apps option.

How can I remove the Android System Webview app from the Play Store?

Search for Android System Webview in the Play Store after opening it. Tap the uninstall tab once more, and then confirm the uninstallation.

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