10 Color Combination Sites To Get Your Design Juices Flowing

Today, we're going to look at some of the best color combination websites on the internet.

For almost 20 years, we've worked as designers, or in the web + design industry.

So we know how to put together an awesome color combination.

We also know where to find the best color combo sites, to help you out with color combinations that fit together well.

Let's get this party started - let's color this design!


1. Colorhunt

colorhunt color combination

Gal Shir's Color Hunt is a free and open collection of color palettes.

Color Hunt began as a small personal project between a handful of designer pals to exchange trendy color combinations.

Today, thousands of people all over the world utilize the collection on a regular basis as a useful resource.

To pick a color combination, go to the website and scroll down to a page full of user-generated color swatches.

The site's default color swatches are the latest to be added. Select Popular from the drop-down menu to find the best color swatches. The most popular color combinations can be found here.

Once you've chosen a color swatch, you'll be taken to a wider view of it, where you can copy the color values, save it as an image, or favorite it.

2. Brand Colors

Color combination brand colors


The most comprehensive list of official brand and logo color codes available anywhere.

This site is unique in that it includes the color palette of all of your favorite brands.

You can find the color schemes of almost any brand by searching or scrolling down the list.

This is particularly useful if you wish to follow the color schemes of well-known businesses and the big brands out there. Of course, don't copy them!

This approach to color combinations appeals to designers because it allows you to see the color schemes that top brands have chosen.

Everything is arranged on a user-friendly website so that you can get excellent insights into color combinations that work. 

3. ColorDrop

Color Combination colordrop image

ColorDrop is another another website with a plethora of stunning color combinations and color schemes.

This website has been around for quite some time. As a result, it features an excellent collection of gorgeous common color combinations that are ideal for any new business or startup.

You can also bookmark your favorite color combinations and download any color palette that you like.

You can also discover color schemes that are new and popular.

Overall, this is just another excellent resource for amazing brand color palettes and color combinations. 

4. Adobe Color

adobe color

When it comes to color choices, Adobe Color from Adobe is a powerhouse and an obvious choice.

Simply go to the website and click Explore or Trends to see thousands of beautiful color palettes developed by thousands of expert designers in the creative and design community.

To see a larger version of a color combination, simply tap on it.

Once the palette is open, you can copy the color codes, like it, or download it to use with your favorite Adobe Creative Suite applications to get your design project up and running quickly.

Another useful feature of Adobe Color is the ability to select color combinations used in photos.

5. Color Lisa

Combinations by color lisa

Color Lisa (a smart play on words on the MonaList) is a collection of curated color palettes inspired by works of art by the world's greatest artists.

Color-obsessed designers, painters, museum curators, and color theorists meticulously designed each palette.

To use Color Lisa, simply click on the color palette and select your artist's name.

When you click the palette, you'll see a selection of colors from the artist as well as the hex color values, which you can copy and paste into your HTML or graphics editor.

Color Lisa is undoubtedly the most unique of all the color swatch websites on the internet, and it really does provide some stunning color combinations. 

6. Startup Colors

startup colors - color combination palettes

Startup Colors is an awesome collection of stunning logo colors for startups.

It has a growing collection of popular color combinations that complement each other well and go w

You can download your favorite color palette using Startup Colors by Logobly, which is one of the coolest features it offers.

Thousands of others have also favored these color schemes. So you know how popular the colors are here. Perfect and ideal information to have for your next business venture or startup. 

7. Material Design Palette

material design color palette

Material Design Palette is ideal when you already know which hue you want to start with in screen-based design, such as websites and logos.

Simply go to the site, choose two color combinations, and Material Design Palette will take care of the rest!

It generates an 8-color palette that includes primary colors, text colors, icon colors, and divider colors.

Simply copy the color values from the webpage or download them to use with your favorite software when you're ready to use them.

8. Design Seeds

design seeds

Design Seeds is a color palette website based on Instagram.

Design Seeds' magic is that all color combinations are based on actual photos.

Jessica Colaluca, the author, started the collection by creating a large color book from her personal travels.

She's now accepting entries for Design Seeds via Instagram, in addition to her own photos.

The webpage is devoted to the subject of color in general. It is not intended for use in screen-based design.

There are no color codes or hex values to be found. However, there are some wonderful color combinations to be found. The number of people is in the hundreds or probably thousands by when you read this article.

Design Seeds is a very popular app, especially on the Instagram platform, which is quite visual.

Design Seeds is certainly worth a look if you're looking for color inspiration and color combinations.

9. Coolors

coolors - generate color palettes

Coolors is a color scheme generator that is lightning fast.

Thousands of expert designers have come up with thousands of amazing color combinations.

It's ideal for a new logo or website design. Simply go to the explore page and filter by latest, picks, and best to find popular color combinations.

The best color combinations are those that have received the most votes from the Coolors community.

Simply hit save, view, or export when you've discovered your favorite color combination to utilize in your preferred software.

10. Color Leap 

color leap - color combinations through history

Last, but definitely not least, take a trip back in time to see the different colors of history.

This is another intriguing approach to color combination generators. Color leap is inspired by the evolution of color over time.

It wanders from one century to the next. It has a color scheme for every century and the majority of decades.

This one-of-a-kind color palette generator surely creates some one-of-a-kind, very lovely outcomes.

To use the website, scroll down the timeline and select an era.  fresh method of going about design.

After you've chosen an era, you'll be shown a photo from that time period.

When you select See Colors, you will be presented with a variety of color combinations and palettes.

You can copy the colors to hex code by clicking on them, and you may also like the palette.

Color Leap is a great place to go if you're looking for creative color combinations.

Frequently Asked Questions About Color Combinations

How do you find the best color combination for a website?

The best color combination for a website typically makes use of the one or two primary colors associated with the brand you are working with, then a 3rd color that complements the primary colors. Usually, this will be a different shade of one of the two primary colors. This is where websites such as those listed above can help you find a great combo.

What is a color combination?

In the context of web design, a color combination is a palette of three to five colors that will be the only ones used to create the design of your website. In design, we try to keep colors used to a minimum most times, to keep the site from becoming too busy and overwhelming. While most times you'll use colors associated with the brand, your choice of color combination palette can also try to reflect other brand values.

What is a color wheel?

The color wheel is a tool designers use, that shows the relationship between colors, mapped into a circle of colors. Originally designed by Isaac Newton in 1666, the color wheel uses color theory to create practical combinations of art and science that are used to determine what colors look good together. Sites that create color combinations are using the color theory to find colors that go together.

Wrapping Up

That's all there is to it - these have been the most amazing and useful color combination sites available today.

As you can see, you're not alone in your color selection for your next logo design project.

Thousands of stunning color combinations are created by a large group of designers and creatives.

The community has categorized, upvoted, and liked these color combinations so that you can make use of this "intelligence" in your next design project.

When it comes to selecting your ideal color combination, consider what you enjoy as well as what the rest of the community prefers.

After all, when it comes to logo colors, designers have impeccable taste, so you really can't go wrong.

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