...because images are your heaviest resource, you should automatically compress WordPress images to give you site a speed boost.

In our quest to make WordPress faster - there was  one thing which would always skip. No matter how much we strived to make WordPress fast, we always neglected this one.

Image Recycle LogoWe never optimized our WordPress images for the web.

Why? It involved too much effort. It distracted our publishing pattern. We hated doing it.

Our images were pretty - but they were huge. And they were slowing down our website - even GTMetrix will tell you.

compress wordpress images

We’re past all that now. Our WordPress images are optimized. They are small and fast. The quality of the images is still great.

Most of all - we don’t have to do anything. It fits into our pattern.

So how did we do this?


We installed the awesome Image Recycle WordPress plugin - this is a normal WordPress plugin, which does a little bit of WordPress image compression magic in the background. We don’t have to touch anything, or do anything differently from before. 

compress wordpress images image recycle


As soon as we upload a post with images, the Image Recycle plugin, automatically optimizes and compresses the images for WordPress.

This is what our WordPress images look like after we’ve installed this plugin. They are readt to get compressed and optimized and make our WordPress faster :)

WordPress image optimization dashboard

You’ll notice that ALL our images can now get optimized and compressed automatically. This means, that they are as small as they can get, WITHOUT losing any quality.

Of course you can choose the type of compression and image optimization to effect on your images.

WordPress image compression quality

Run a bulk action to compress WordPress images

Not only do we have all new images being optimized, but we also optimized all our previously uploaded images. Once again, this was done with minimal effort from our side. We used ImageRecycle plugin to run a Bulk Action to optimize our WordPress images.

bulk action wordPress optimize images

Of course, we’ve already shown you the results on top, but we’ll show them again. Have a look at the drastic improvements below. A PNG image was reduced from 2MB to 14K. From 1.39MB to 9.6K!

You know what that means - you can be lazy like us, and not worry about optimizing WordPress images. Let the plugin do the dirty work, whilst you enjoy creating the content ;-)

Joomla optimize images result - DART Creations

Not happy with WordPress image optimization results? Revert to original

The great thing about the Image Recycle plugin is that your WordPress image optimization action is not permanent. If for some reason you are not happy with the results, you can simply click on the button right next to the image to Revert to Original. This will undo all of the image optimization and compression actions. Your original image will be restored.

 Revert image to original

WordPress Image Optimization Plugin Price - starts at $10

The great thing about Image Recycle plugin is that it is affordable for anyone. With pricing starting at $10 for optimization of 10,000 images, you really can’t beat that for value. You can top up when your image quota expires - and you decide when or if you want to renew. This is going to be the best $10 you have spent on your website.

Who else loves it?

These people are all happy with their WordPress Image optimization results

We’re not the only ones really happy with our newly optimized WordPress images. Here’s what the following people are saying about Image Recycle plugin

 Joomla Image Optimization Testimanial

For high traffic websites, optimizing images is a must.Optimize joomla images 3

As a web designer and developer, Yannick installs the plugin on each site he develops.

Joomla Image optimization 2

Yannick from Weebly, is an SEO expert and  component developer. He understands that making websites fast is an essential part to SEO, so he makes sure all images on WordPress are fully optimized.

joomla optimizate images social 4

Speed of loading, but not at the cost of quality - and that's why it's a win every time!

Why not Install ImageRecycle Plugin today?

See whether you also get a drastic improvement?

You won’t know until you’ve tried it. Knowing that large images have such a negative impact on your website loading speed, do like us and optimize your WordPress images quickly now. Once you’ve installed and run it - take another test on GTMetrix.com - and see whether your site is loading



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