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The problem: You have an entire website to manage, and you want it to look as great as possible to show off your content, but having to adjust complicated codes in hopes that the alterations you made were just right is always a burden. Time, efficiency, and effort can easily be wasted.

There is a solution: CSS Hero.

CSS Hero is a WordPress plugin that allows you to easily customise your website to see real-time changes without having to leave the browser and without having to alter your current theme’s coding—meaning you can place your focus on more important things. Its interface is sleek, organised, and easy to operate, too.

Not sure if CSS Hero is for you? Let’s take a look at all CSS Hero has to offer for those web-designers looking for the best and newest innovations in website management.




Starter - $29/year (1 Website)

Personal - $59/year (5 websites)

Pro- $199/year (999 websites)

Lifetime Pro - $599 - one-time (999 websites)

Is a free trial available?

No, but a Live Demo site can be used for experimenting and checking it out

What We Liked

 Easy to use


 Does not delete or adjust theme codes


 Affordable and good value for money


  Safe buy with money-back guarantee

What We Didn't Like

 Some similar plugins are free


 Can’t change the content of the webpage

  Ease of use











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What is CSS Hero?

customization of wordpress templates

CSS Hero is acclaimed for its simplicity and how easily it allows you to alter the different aspects of your webpage. It is an easy-to-manage plugin for WordPress. Using it helps enable you to modify and adjust thematic components of your website quickly and efficiently.

These components include things such as colours, word size, image content, and various other things that can easily be changed by a simple click of the mouse. CSS Hero is not intended to alter or modify the actual content within your webpage, but the look and feel.

All this can be done without leaving your browser screen and without altering any files already present in your theme. Also, there is an “undo” option that makes sure that mistakes or those unsuccessful leaps of creativity are not permanent. All the benefits without any of the risks!

Why should you use CSS Hero?


Websites in the current age are the main transport for information out to people. A poorly laid out website can’t relay this information efficiently. A good one can. CSS Hero can take those poor websites and transform them into good ones and take good sites and transform them into great ones!

Basic coding for theme changes will often require reloading a website’s page to see alterations: CSS Hero bypasses this complication. It will allow you to see the changes that you make in real-time.

When you are making these real-time changes, instead of altering the present theme’s code, CSS Hero can add an additional CSS file. This means that your original content remains intact. Therefore, any changes can easily be reverted.

If you do not want to go this route either—no worries! CSS Hero also allows you to write out your coding manually if you wish. Even writing out your coding shows changes in real-time to avoid wasting any time to see your work.

In today’s society, the use of tablets and mobile devices are just as commonly used as computers. Therefore, wouldn’t we want to know what our website looks like coming from those sources as well? CSS Hero allows you to look at and adjust your website based on the platform you pick to edit, whether it be mobile, tablet, or desktop.

While other companies may try to lure you in by offering free services or more advanced settings, CSS Hero offers fair pricing with a very easy-to-use toolkit. You will definitely get the bang for your buck!

CSS Hero also contains a plethora of free images that can brighten your webpage potentially bringing more users into your page

How does it work?

CSS Hero 4 Side Panel

CSS Hero is simple to install. Once purchased and saved as a file on your device, you can easily install the plugin through WordPress by going to the plugin tab and following the steps to upload a new plugin, specifically choosing your CSS Hero file. As soon as that is done, simply click “activate plugin” for your CSS Hero to be operational. Upon activation, you will be led to enter your activation key at which point you are ready to go!

Instead of rewriting codes and altering your original theme, CSS Hero places an additional file that can override your present theme. This happens anytime you click on what you wish to edit. At this point, you are free to adjust whatever it is you want to change (i.e. formatting, colour, etc.). Once you do this, your changes are written out as a new code by CSS Hero, overriding your original theme. Those changes will be present even during an update. It also means that if at any point you want to go back to your original theme, this is always available to do by just removing the additional file.


easy click and point interface

There are multiple features to CSS Hero, some before mentioned, some new and exciting listed below:

  • No matter the theme you use, CSS Hero is most likely compatible and can easily modify and adjust to the page to your liking
  • The additional CSS files will replace the current codes, meaning your work will not be lost if something were to occur
  • Compatible with live or test servers
  • Can help with managing colour, even helping with thematic colour schemes
  • Offers UnSplash, where various free images can be found to use on your website
  • “Undo” and “redo” buttons for reverting or re-enacting changes
  • Different views for multiple screen sizes

Who can use it?

CSS Hero is great for CSS veterans and novices alike. People who have dealt directly with user interface programs, such as Webflo, will appreciate how easy it is to adjust and create a new website look.

Time spent rewriting codes no longer has to be an issue—having to leave your browser and hope your code was just right will not be a hassle!

User’s experience all the efficiency that CSS Hero has to offer and will notice no hampering of their website’s functioning. The rate of website efficiency remains unchanged, even if your formatting doesn’t.

CSS Hero makes things simple for beginners and saves time for experts. It gives quick access to various manipulations, and whether it is your first day or your twentieth year, the ease of using CSS Hero is a benefit to all. After all, who doesn’t enjoy saving time!

How to make alterations on WordPress

changing newspaper wordpress theme

So, now we know of all the benefits of CSS Hero, but how do we use them? The simplistic design of this plugin makes using it easy!

Once CSS Hero is a part of your WordPress, you can easily gain access to the plugin by clicking the "customise with CSS Hero" tab in at the top of your screen or find the "pages tab" on your left. If you click your "pages tab", find the page you want to edit and click the option to "customise with CSS Hero" which will allow bring up your page available to alter.

Once you have your page up, a panel will appear on your screen. This is your CSS Hero ready for action. There are multiple things you can change via this tool, and a sleek and organised display makes finding various alteration options easy. Once you find the changes you are wanting, only a few clicks are required to implement it.

Want to alter the font of your title? Just click on your title and click "Post entry title link" in your CSS Hero plugin. Now showing will be various manipulation such as font size, font style, text alignment, word spacing, and various other options.

Want to make the body of your website stand out a bit more? Click on it and in your plugin click on “post content paragraph” which will give you the option to choose from. Do you want to alter text? Maybe add a border around? Create a dynamic list? All that is required is a click, and you are free to change it up!

In addition to these personal changes, you can also pick general themes that are pre-set by the staff at CSS Hero. These themes can further be customised and can give you a head start on how to further layout your website.

Want to write your own code instead of having CSS Hero do it for you? Even that is available! A sperate mode is available that is situated right next to the CSS Hero tab. Click on that adjacent tab that says "Inspector" and watch your coding changes occur in real-time!

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The “undo-button” lifesaver

undo redo history

It is easy to accidentally make a font too big or delete an important section of work. It is also easy to have a grand idea for a unique web page set up that doesn’t quite pan out the way you thought it would. CSS Hero yet again does not fail to help and can allow you to undo changes you created.

With each change you create, CSS Hero stores them as your modification history. So, if you made a change that you come to regret, simply click the "undo" button to take you back to what you had previously. It is as if the mistake never happened!

And if you did your entire site but only one section has you cringing? You can individually reset sections by taking advantage of the reset option. When you do this, it resets that one section only, allowing you to maintain the rest of your work while you re-adjust the specific section.

Similar to the “undo” button is a tab for "checkpoints". The checkpoint tab is towards the right side of your CSS Hero bar. If you have theme set that you like, but you still want to experiment with other themes, you can save what you currently have as a checkpoint within that tab.

If you make changes and decide that you want to go back to what you had, all you have to do is reopen that checkpoint that you had saved to restore it.

These different methods of returning to your previous work are one way CSS Hero can help free up your creativity. Know that you can always just return to what you had started can give you new, innovative ideas that you may not have tried otherwise.

Ease of use

CSS Hero is compatible with most themes and most plugins through WordPress. Compatible themes range from the popular free themes to the more distinct premium themes that can be purchased.

Even if your theme isn't compatible, there is no need to worry. An update in the plug allows for CSS Hero to work with themes it usually couldn't work with. This feature is called Rocket Mode and will be able to pinpoint specific components that can be alternated even if the theme itself would not normally work with CSS Hero.

If your theme is both noncompatible and does not work with Rocket Mode, you even then can rest assured: CSS Hero will return your purchase within a month.

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Requirements and support

A couple of very basic requirements are needed to operate CSS Hero on your device.

  • A decent browser could support the plugin. You’ll get the best results with Google Chrome, but Firefox and Safari are acceptable.
  • A current version of WordPress. CSS Hero requires version 3.4 or higher.

And that’s it! No coding knowledge. No special tools. Just more time to work on improving the look of your website!

An announcement posted by CSS Hero back in 2014 stated that third-party plugins can now be utilised with CSS Hero, with an ever-expanding list that currently contains Contact form 7, DW Question & Answer, and WP polls.

CSS Hero Add-ons

One add-on available for CSS Hero is called the Inspector, created to give you even more customisation options. As mentioned before, this add-on allows you to create your own code specific to what you want rather than using the code generated by CSS Hero. Minor details that may not have been applied with CSS Hero can be applied with this nifty add-on.

Additional benefits to this add-on include an auto-complete feature, which as it sounds, will make suggestions that you can select without having to write out the entire code. You can also use a search option to look up specific codes without having to look through a sea of them.

PROs and CONs

HSS Hero is an efficient tool with a multitude of pros, but as with any innovation, it comes with its glitches. Below is a concise list of some its best, and worst aspects of the plugin.


  • Does no damages to site efficiency or speed
  • Does not alter original theme codes
  • Easy user-ability for making changes to themes, such as background, word sizes, or formatting.
  • Access to freely available images for a website through the UnSplash database
  • Can migrate with other plugins
  • Thirty days available to return the product
  • Can be applied to multiple sites, depending on the package purchased
  • Compatible with most themes in WordPress
  • Your purchase will be refunded if it’s not compatible with your theme
  • Positive customer rating and feedback
  • Inexpensive


  • Will not manage material or information included in a website
  • Efficient for thematic and format changes only
  • Update to newer versions can be complicated
  • No free trial—only a demo is available
  • Yearly cost for continued support


csshero pricing

The CSS Hero plugin can fit the demands for whatever you need for your website. This versatility is even seen in its pricing, with those only needing to manage one site only having to pay $29 a year. Need more? Five sites are a minor increase to $59 a year. Both of these purchases give one year of basic support.

For those who have more than five websites, there are pro packages available. For a yearly payment of $199, you can edit up to 999 sites—we’d be willing to bet that’s more than most users have by a long shot. Or, if you are sure that you will reap CSS Hero’s benefits for years to come, you can give a one-time payment of $599 that will last you a lifetime and is the only option that includes priority product support.

Whether a small businessman or a multi-billionaire, CSS Hero will not only meet your needs technologically but financially.

Check out the current prices

How you can earn money with CSS Hero

The team at CSS Hero is current accepting affiliates to help spread the word about their product to those who could benefit from it. Currently, affiliate members who use CSS Hero in their banners or links will get 40% of the sale if the user was sent over by the affiliates banner or link.

Thanks to this program, if you purchase CSS Hero for your website, you could potentially earn back your money and then some! You can sign up to become an affiliate on the CSS Hero website.


Being able to catch someone’s eye is one of the best ways to grasp a person’s attention and get them interested in your content. CSS has allowed websites to be more appealing, better formatted, and more advanced. Customers often report how this time-efficient the plugin has helped them become and how simplified it makes changing up their theme.

Praise comes from those heavily involved in WordPress and coding but also comes from those with basic understanding. Many of the reviews are from those people with little experience in coding, where a continual influx of people expressed how frustrating it had been using other methods for coding and altering their websites. Of course, they would report how that is no longer an issue for them. That's the wonder of CSS Hero—that frustration is no longer present!

Other Plugins

There are various other plugins offered for WordPress that provide similar functions to CSS Hero, such as Microthemer, SiteOrigin CSS, Modular Custom CSS, and a few others. While these plugins offer similarities, none of them off the exact toolkit that we see in CSS Hero.

Some options for other plugins advertise that they are free. However, overall reviews from professionals still recommend CSS Hero due to how easy it is to use and the number of features present.

At the same time, many similar plugins cost more money than CSS Hero, claiming to have a plethora of features. Reviews online will still often choose CSS Hero even over the more expensive plugins due to all the benefits that it has to offer, citing again how easy its customers find it and how satisfied they are with the product.

Wrapping It Up

code editor

CSS Hero is a capable WordPress plugin that offers an array of possibilities in customisation. It cuts out mundane and stressful tasks by doing the work for you, but at the same time allows for full customisation.

It can be used by a beginner or a life-long expert, both of which could use its functions to save time and frustration. Reviews online from this spectrum of people have praised CSS Hero for its practicality. It has its flaws, just like anything else, but they seem small compared to the massive benefits discussed here.

Overall, CSS Hero is a practical buy for anyone looking for a reliable tool to format a website to its full potential. If you are that person, and you are looking for ways to adjust the theme of your website without any of the complications, CSS Hero is the plugin for you. Its affordability and usability make it one of the best products on the market.

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