How To Create an Email Without Phone Number Verification (2024)

Email Without Phone Verification

Do you want to create an email without phone number verification?

Most email services now require you to provide your phone number as an extra layer of security due to rising concerns about safety and security. However, due to privacy concerns, some people may be hesitant to share something as personal as their phone number.


If you want to create an email without phone number, here's a list of the best email services that don't require you to provide your phone number in order to sign up.

If you're looking for disposable email addresses, here are 4 email without phone number services :

  1. Guerrilla Mail
  2. Temp Mail
  3. Disposable Mail
  4. EmailOnDeck

These are email service providers that don't require phone numbers:

  1. ProtonMail
  2. Tutanota
  3. TempInBox
  4. Mailinator
  5. Guerilla Mail
  6. Mailnesia


Here are some details about the services listed above.

4 Disposable Email Address Services

Disposable email address providers do exactly what their name implies: they provide you with a temporary email address that self-destructs after a set number of uses or time. You can send and receive email from anywhere as long as the email address is active.

Here are some excellent disposable email address providers and websites to consider:

Guerrilla Mail

Guerilla Mail, founded in 2006, is one of the oldest disposable email providers. They will always provide you with an email address that will not expire unless you delete it. Incoming mail is kept in the inbox for an hour. They also have a feature that allows you to send emails using a disposable address.

Temp Mail

Temp Mail is a completely free service that allows you to create an email address for a period of 10 minutes. This service can only send emails, but it's great for signing up for websites that might send you spam.

When you're finished with the temporary email, you can either let it expire or delete it by clicking the "delete" button. All of this is available through your browser on the website itself, so no downloads are required.

Disposable Mail

Disposable Mail is more complicated than most services. Aside from an email address, it also provides users with a temporary password, a profile picture to download, and email expiry options, allowing you to specify how long the email will be valid. You can choose between as little as 60 minutes and as much as two weeks.


Another excellent temporary email provider is EmailOnDeck. The duration of each random email varies, but the site claims they usually last more than a day and certainly more than an hour. However, closing your browser or clearing your cookies may cause the email to expire sooner. The free version only allows you to receive mail, but there is a pro version that allows you to send mail and create hundreds of anonymous emails at once.

6 Email Without Phone Number Verification Services

Here are the top email services where you can get an account without phone number verification.

1. ProtonMail


One of the most popular services on the list is ProtonMail, which allows you to sign up without having to provide your phone number. It's a free email service based in Switzerland that offers 500 MB of storage and 150 emails per day.

The ability to send highly secure end-to-end encrypted emails is the service's main selling point. All encrypted emails are password-protected and expire after 28 days, though users can change the expiration time to their preference. You also have ability to send messages that self-destruct after a set amount of time. Users with a premium account can get up to 5 GB of storage and send 1,000 emails per day. If you value privacy and security, ProtonMail should be your first choice.

Get a Free Account on ProtonMail

2. Tutanota

Secure email: Tutanota free encrypted email - without phone number verification

Tutanota is another great free email service that doesn't require a phone number to sign up and includes security features like end-to-end encryption. This protects your emails by encrypting them and adding an extra layer of security. The best part is that the service has no annoying advertisements and offers up to 1 GB of storage space.

Tutanota is a free, open-source project supported by donations and premium memberships. Premium accounts are only €1 per month and are completely free for non-profits.

3. TempInBox 

TempInBox is a free email service that enables users to create a temporary email address that is anonymous. Users can join the service without having to verify their phone numbers.

The procedure for creating an account is simple and quick. The catch is that you can only receive and not send emails. This is especially useful if you don't want to provide your original email address when registering on a website. Every user can sign up for Temp Mail for free, and there is no need to verify your identity.

4. Mailinator 

Mailinator for Email Testing: Tutorial and Alternatives

Mailinator is another excellent service that allows you to sign up without providing a phone number, and it takes a completely different approach than other services.

You have the option of creating your own publicly accessible email address or selecting an existing email address created by others. This is particularly useful if you want to protect your real email address from spammers. Also, because your personal information can be accessed by anyone, we strongly advise you not to share or store it on Mailinator.

5. Guerilla Mail

Guerilla Mail allows you to create a completely anonymous disposable email address without revealing your phone number. This is especially useful if you only need an email address for a short period of time and then discard it. Each email address allows users to attach up to 150 MB of files.

6. Mailnesia


Mailnesia is another free email service that instantly generates an anonymous email address for you. It includes numerous features such as multiple text encodings, HTML support, different domain names, an RSS channel for each inbox, and the ability to assign different aliases to each inbox. The catch is that you can only receive but not send emails. You do not need to register for the service, and you do not need to provide your phone number.

Wrapping Up

Finding an email provider that does not require a phone number for verification is difficult due to growing security standards. However, with this list of ten email providers, anyone can quickly set up an email account that provides both security and privacy.

We hope you can now discover an email provider that is feature-rich while also preserving your online privacy.

Best email services without phone verification FAQs

Can I make an email without a phone number?

Yes, you can make an email without a phone number. Although most popular email providers these days require a phone number of verification and to protect against abuse, there are still a number of providers (mentioned in this article) that allow you to create an email address without an associated phone number.

Is Tutanota safe?

Tutanota is a German-based secure email service. It differs from Gmail in that, while Google encrypts the messages stored on its servers, they keep the encryption keys. This means that the provider (Google) has complete control over and access to your data. With Tutanote you are in control of the data. With Germany being a highly privacy-focused country, you can expect that a service like Tutanota to be very safe.

How do I get a free email account without giving out my phone number?

Mentioned above in this article are popular disposable email service that allows you to create an email account without the need to verify your phone number. You can quickly create a one-time email address too.

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