Increase Facebook Likes: 10 Sure Ways to Get More Followers

Increasing Facebook likes is a proven way of increasing your website's traffic through Social Media. People engage very frequently with Facebook, and thus having thousands of Facebook followers will ensure that you have a steady flow of good traffic. However, increasing your Facebook followers is not an easy task. Let's go through a few suggestions here:



1. Keep your Facebook Page interestingfacebook-like-button

Make your page fun, interact with your customers, ask questions and listen to their answers, provide some kind of help or interaction. Give the page value, rather than just use it as a dump of links to your website or your content. Unless you have an interesting page, it is unlikely that you will grow your fan page following.

Incidentally, to make your page interesting there are some DO's and DON'Ts

DO post lots and lots of images and videos.

DO NOT make it all about posting links to your blogs, articles, and website.

DO POST LOTS of photos!

"Photos get 53% more likes, 104% more comments and 84% more click-throughs on links than text-based posts." KissMetrics

more engaging Facebook page image posts

DO have a real live person engaging with the page and with people liking and commenting on the page

DO NOT just schedule posts and forget them for a few weeks.

DO use emotions, or emotional stories and imagery

DO NOT just use the title of your next article, blog or product.

2. Competitions and Freebies

Definitely one of the most effective ways to increase Facebook likes is to give out something for free in return for a Like. If you are a business, this should be something quite easy for you - take one of your products, or create a voucher or a competition, and to be part of the competition you simply need to Follow the page. This will attract many Likes, Shares, and Followers.

A simple trick for more reach: Double or triple the price, and ask your users to tag 1 or two friends (not more) in the competition. That will automatically double or triple your reach

3. Spend some money on Facebook Ads

This may be difficult for those with a small marketing budget, my opinion is that you should spend that money on giving out something for free which will be more effective. However, Facebook Ads can be extremely weel targeted to the audience you require, so definitely if you can afford it, create Facebook Ads which will inspire your users to click and Follow your page.

Simple trick: Limit spending to $1 or $2 a day - that makes for $30 or $60 a month. Something we're sure you can afford. But keep the spending at a daily limit.

Simple Trick 2: Implement a Facebook Pixel and target your ads to them so that you can get the people who visit your website to become your Fans on Facebook

implement a facebook pixel

4. Create a Prominent Facebook Like Box

People need to know which page to like, and the simplest is to create a Facebook Like box on your website. This is fairly straightforward, whatever CMS, whether it's Joomla, WordPress or another platform which you are using, it is easy to create one which is custom for your page. Visit this page on Facebook (, customize the parameters to suit your page, press the "Get Code" button, and then embed the code into your preferred space in your website. Ensure that the placement of the Facebook Like box is not hidden at the bottom of the page. The typical position where this is placed is the right-hand side column, in an area that is above the fold (i.e. you don't have to scroll down to see it). You can see a Like Box on the right-hand side column in the image below for the IMDB website.

IMDB Facebook Like Box

5. Create a Facebook Like Popup on your website

If you have many website visitors, the natural way to promote your page is to embed a Facebook Like Box which pops up over your website when or a few seconds after your user first interacts with your website. Many people will be more inclined to like your page if you spoon feed it to them. Again whether it is WordPress or Joomla, you are likely going to find a plugin that helps you do this easily. If you are a Joomla 2.5 or 3 user, then have a look at our Facebook Like plugin ;) If you are a Wordpress user - we've got you covered too with our Wordpress Facebook Like Box Popup Plugin :-) 

Wordpress Facebook Like Popup Plugin

6. Drive your mailing list users towards your Facebook Page

If you are serious about increasing website traffic, you know you should be also building a mailing list. This remains one of the most effective ways of maintaining traffic to your website. Occasionally you should refer to posts on your Facebook page so that users HAVE to go there to read the content. Once they are there, they will be more encouraged to Like your page to see your content more often.

7. Encourage your current Facebook Fans to share and engage

If every single Facebook fans gets a new fan, then that will DOUBLE the number of your fans. Encourage them often to invite more users, or share the page to their pages. A personal recommendation and see users liking a page will automatically attract more likes and followers. Remember a call to action to share often results in users doing that. Simple stuff like, please help us spread awareness by sharing this post.

8. Partner with other known Brands

You can use the name of another brand and have a giveaway of their product if users like your Facebook page. You can then ask them to do the same for you. For example, if your website is about website design, give a free template from a prominent template designer which everyone would want!

This remains one of the most effective ways to improve your Likes and Fan pages, because both brands are helping each other, the brands are typically targetting the same type of audience, and the bottom line, the fans of both pages will be getting value by liking both pages, because it's something they are already inclined towards.

9. Write great content

This is the most important rule of all! It may sound cliche, but unless you get this right, your Facebook likes will be few and far between! Many people visit your content to ensure that satisfy a need, whether it's a need to read the news, entertainment, fix a problem or whatever else, unless you are providing value, it is unlikely that users will come back or want to follow your page on Facebook. Keep this always in the back of your mind...

10. Encourage your users to Follow your page

At the top and bottom of your great content articles, make sure you invite your users to Follow your Facebook page. Once they have been satisfied with the quality of your content, your chances of getting your visitors to like your page are going to be quite larger.

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