How to Print Text Messages From Android (2023)

How to Print Text Messages From Android

You might think that printing text messages from an Android device would be simple. It's not an easy situation, regrettably.

There are a few workarounds for the lack of a print function in the standard messaging apps for Android or other platforms.

One of these is to quickly take a screenshot of the conversation you want to print, use a third-party app, or connect to your Windows computer and print the messages from there.




Print Text Messages With a Screenshot

Using screenshots is probably the simplest method. Other apps or connections to other devices are not necessary. Additionally, if Google Cloud Print is configured, you can print directly from your phone.

Print Text Messages With a Screenshot

  1. Find the SMS conversation you want to print. After that, take a screenshot of the conversation on your Android device. If the conversation spans more than one screen, simply scroll and keep taking screenshots until it is over. A scrolling screenshot is something else you might think about doing.
  2. The Share icon is located at the bottom of the screenshot you saved. Search for the cloud printer you've configured and tap the app.
  3. By doing so, the cloud printer will open, allowing you to send screenshots of SMS conversations.

Choose email from the share screen if you don't have cloud printing configured on your Android device.

Send the screenshot to your email address, then open and print it from your computer or from any other location with a printer.

Alternatively, you could use a cloud storage platform like Google Drive or OneDrive to download the screenshot to your computer.

Print Text Messages With Super Backup

Print Text Messages With Super Backup

Use third-party apps to print text messages from Android if printing screenshots of your SMS conversation doesn't appeal to you.

One of the top apps for this is SuperBackup & Restore.

On your phone, first install the app, then run it. Only a few easy steps are needed to print SMS messages using this app.

  1. Select SMS from the main screen. This will display a number of options for managing SMS messages that are saved on your phone.
  2. Click the Backup Conversations button located on that screen.
  3. Tick the box to the right of the SMS conversation you want to print.

If you want to print several conversations, you can select multiple checkboxes, and those selections can also be saved.

Now that the SMS screen has returned, you can choose any of the saved SMS conversations to print.

  1. Go back to the SMS screen and click View Backups.
  2. Choose the file that you backed up to print the text messages.
  3. Tap the printer icon that appears in the window's top right corner.
  4. Follow the instructions for each cloud print option to send the printout to your printer.

Printing to PDF is an alternative if Cloud Print is not configured. The PDF file will then either be sent to your email account or transferred to your computer using Google Drive.

Print Text Messages With Your Phone

There's another option that might be more effective for you if you typically have trouble printing anything from your phone. You can easily access and print your text messages from your computer.

If you have a PC running Windows 10, that is one of the simplest ways to do this. You can use the app Your Phone Companion. Android users can install Your Phone Companion.

You must also install the Your Phone Windows app on your computer.

If you have never used or configured this app before, our Your Phone guide will be useful.

Note : Although the iPhone doesn't have a Your Phone app, you can print your messages on your PC by using the SMS Export app on iTunes.

You can start printing text messages from your Android once the apps are set up on both your Windows computer and smartphone.

  1. To sync your phone with your Windows computer, open both apps simultaneously. To sync the two devices, adhere to any instructions.
  2. Select the Messages link on the home page.
  3. Locate the text message exchange you want to print using your browser and select it.
  4. The right pane will display the text messages from your Android. The messages can now be printed by taking a screenshot of them.

You'll need to scroll to the next section of the longer conversations and keep taking screenshots until you have the entire conversation captured, just like when taking screenshots to print text messages from your Android device.

These screenshots can be printed in the same way as any other image you have stored on your computer.

Print Text Messages from Android

Unfortunately, there is no simple method for printing SMS messages directly from your Android messaging app. But as you can see above, there are lots of helpful workarounds.

If you had a crucial conversation with someone that you don't want to forget, printing text messages from your Android device can be very helpful.

Because screenshots frequently consume a large amount of storage space on mobile devices, you might want to archive them on cloud storage or on your computer to free up space.

Print Text Messages From Android FAQs

How can I print Android messages from my PC?

Select the messages you want to print, click the "Export" button, and then select TEXT, CSV, or XML as the output format for printing. All of the selected messages will be saved to your computer in a matter of seconds. Print PC Messages from Exported Android Messages

Is it possible to print an entire text conversation?

Use Google Cloud Print or AirPrint. You can print out your text message conversations directly from your device if your printer is compatible with Apple's AirPrint or Google Cloud Print on Android.

How do I use Super backup to print text messages?

Tap SMS on the home screen. This will bring up a selection of options for managing SMS messages that are saved. On that screen, click the Backup Conversations button. Tick the box to the right of the SMS exchange you want to print.

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