How To Optimise Your Site - Tips And Hints

How To Optimise Your Site - Tips And Hints

In the grand scheme of things, the Internet isn`t a modern phenomenon. There have been many predecessors of what we now know as the World Wide Web since the 1980s but it`s only really been since the advent of fast and reliable Broadband that has seen its popularity soar.

Many well established businesses are now realising there is money to be made in investing in good quality web space and getting their products into the online market. There has also been a huge insurgence of newer online-only companies. Many are thriving in this turbulent market - proving what an asset the Internet is for businesses both small and established. The Internet not only saves companies money through reducing overheads and on-site staff it also means that they can reach a greater range of customers and sell their products to people who would either not be able to access them or not be able to afford them before. This is particularly beneficial to small businesses who have limited funds to work with in the beginning.

The advent of Broadband has helped the cause ten-fold. Phone lines have been set free, it`s now possible for websites to be more advanced in appearance and functionality. More customers are connecting via Broadband because it is becoming ever more accessible and cost effective.

What this does mean, however, is that prices are under pressure and there are more competitors than ever before vying for custom on an online platform. By properly optimising your site and by writing unique and relevant content you can give your site the edge. Fresh, unique and relevant content will separate your site from the millions of others out there which have generic copy. Search engines greatly prefer content that hasn`t simply been duplicated from elsewhere -- indeed the very same search engines actively penalise sites that contain excessive duplicate content. In the case of Google, this is via a duplicate content filter or DCF. Content has, in fact, never been so critical. You can push your site up through the search results through good quality content and other Search Engine Optimisation. Here are some on-page optimisation tips.

1. Check the keyword density for target search terms. 2-4% is best but you don`t have to do that religiously on every page. If you do, you might attract an OOP (over optimisation penalty!).
2. Use META tags sensibly - title, description, keywords. Don`t just stuff them with terms, think about which are the best keywords and be sure that those keywords appear in the page content itself.

3. Product content doesn`t count as fresh content in the same way that handwritten or advisory content does. Products from affiliate feeds are not unique and having a high percentage of unique content on your site is a vital rank scoring element.
4. Use `H` and bold or strong tags and use them on keywords and target search terms, but again don`t do it on every article because of the risk of an OOP.
5. Ensure all your important pages are linked together and turn target search terms into links where possible, ideally through your menu or navigation structure - internal links matter in addition to any external links to and from other sites (a discipline in its own right).
6. Use ALT and TITLE tags on all your images - a perfectly legitimate way of reinforcing keywords. Also ensure your image names are meaningful where possible.
7. Next time you update the site, consider using CSS Divisional Layers to build the entire thing. This offers the benefit of extremely search engine friendly code structure without compromising the user interface.

The Internet, more than ever before, is accessible anywhere in the world. You can pick up a broadband dongle for less than £20 a month and armed with a laptop you can run your business, buy products and organise your whole life wherever you are. With decent content and optimisation, hopefully many of today`s and tomorrow`s consumers will be using your site as part of that process.

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