Video: How to steal traffic from your competitors

We're all always trying to outsmart the competition - if you want your online services to be a success, you'll have to outsmart the competition. We typically employ all kinds of strategies, try to outprice our competitors at Search PPC, buy keywords they use, and lots of other expensive methods. When it comes to traffic and organic search though, you really need to up your game.

However - what if we told you, you can actually STEAL traffic from your competitors? What if you reverse engineered their search engine traffic and discovered EXACTLY which pages are sending them good traffic. 

The great guys at ahrefs have found and shared a strategy which finds winning organic traffic and will guide you on how to take that traffic from your competitor and bring it to your site instead!

As a recap - here's how to do that!

1. Create a list of your competitor sites by checking your own site in Positions Explorer

2. Find the competitor sites with a Domain Rating similar to yours.

3. Find which of their pages bring them SEO traffic and what keywords they rank for using the "Top Pages" report in Positions Explorer and the keywords that these pages rank for.

4. Create BETTER content on your site targeting these same keywords. If you do a bit of link building – you'll probably rank higher and steal their traffic.

Have you ever tried using this strategy? Does it work for you?

One more thing...

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