Why you really but REALLY should be using Sumo

If you've got a blog, work in web design and haven't heard about Sumo yet, you are probably not in the company of the right people - or you're following the wrong blogs and people! :)  SumoMe is a company whose growth has exploded over the last few months - thanks to the fact that they provide tools to grow your website's traffic. Infact, you might notice that our "Share" buttons and our "Subscribe" popup, have quite a common look and feel - that's because SumoMe tools have become so popular in the last few months, that they're starting to feel ubiquitous. But let's give you a few reasons why we strongly believe and urge you to start using SumoMe on your blog, or website which has been struggling to get traffic or leads.



1. Sumo is really but REALLY easy to install

Easy installNow we've been around web design for a while, so when somebody brags about being being really easy to install, we do take it with a pinch of salt. However, SumoMe are true to their word - they are REALLY simple. We dare say, we find them much easier to install than let's say Google Analytics and we've literally installed 100s of those! With SumoMe you literally install a couple of lines of code on your site, login to your SumoMe account and start adding tools you need. Those two lines of code you inserted do all the magic - no plugins, no installs, no extensions, no updates. Two lines of code - DONE!

2. Sumo really deliver on their promises (and grow your website's traffic)

Grow Website TrafficWhen we joined Sumo, we were skeptical - double your email list they said, grow your traffic by 20%. They used a lot of hype and superlatives. There are so many cowboys out there who promise the sky and of course fail to deliver. Sumo are different. Ever since we've joined Sumo, we've been receiving an insane amount of tips via email. Whilst again, we receive a ton of tricks in our mailbox, we literally never fail to open a SumoMe email - and follow up and implement tips we get. This is because each email we get is jam-packed with easy to setup optimizations for your website which all make a real difference AND give you the results they promised. Not only that - if you're always fighting for time but are looking for ways to improve your results - then the SumoMe emails are a must for you too. To quote a simple statistic, we upped the DART Creations subscribe rate from negligible to upwards of 2% ... we've also got other websites where the subscribe rate is close to 10% on some days and averages at about 5%.

3. Sumo are as FREE as you want them to be

Sumo have a huge amount of tools - and many of them are free. The thing is this, many times, with many "free" products, the product is crippled when using the free version - it is only clickbait or a means to get to your email. Sumo on the other hand deliver an AWESOME amount of value in their free versions. Although, there are 'paid' features, you'll only need this when you're going for a lot of nitty gritty details and optimizations. The other great thing, is that their 'paid' versions won't break the bank - and if you are serious about your marketing and your website you'll surely want to give Sumo your money. We haven't regretted our choice yet - and we're sure you won't either!

4. With Sumo - your email list will double but your effort won't

double email listYou're probably set up with a number of marketing tools already: CampaignMonitor, MailChimp, Aweber. HubSpot or Emma - Sumo will not replace them - it will augment them. Whilst it's not too difficult to download lists of subscribers and import them into your database, it's much easier (read: no effort) and neater if it's automatically done for you. Sumo already integrates with most of the popular email marketing and other tools our there, so whilst your email list may double - your effort to maintain your list will not only not increase - it will probably get easier. 

5. Sumo helps you catch the wave - a true story

Recently, on another website we manage, we were blessed with going viral without expecting it. Whilst that of course is usually something to rejoice about - for a moment, we were all in a panic. Here we were, getting hundreds of users a second but we were missing the boat. We had no way of following through with the traffic we were getting. Suddenly we thought of Sumo - and within literally seconds (see reason 1) - we had Share buttons, and a Subscribe box up and running. Over the days that followed, we were able to catch the wave and managed to gather literally thousands of emails, got thousands of shares over all Social Media, get hundreds of tweets, and mentions and got linked to by hundreds of sites. Could we have caught the wave without SumoMe? - maybe, maybe not. What we can be sure about in the results. With conversation rates of between to 2% and 6% we are way above the average - because reason 2 had already taught us how to optimize the tools we were using.


We can keep going on and on about it - but really, do yourself a favour and get in on it while it's still hot. You're welcome ;-)

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