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Use: Full Facebook and Social Integration for Joomla websites

Social integration for joomla



A wide range of integration besides Facebook, the most effective integrator of established social networks


Given the range of services supported and the functionality offered this is a steal

Ease of use

The embedded wizards ensure that you can started in very little time


Excellent support and responsiveness will ensure any issues you encounter are resolved instantly


We like

Scope of functionality

Ease to get up and running

Excellent support.

We don't like

Might get overwhelmed with options the first time you use it

We do believe support should be lifetime





We needed to get people to register to our site through Facebook, JFBConnect was the best tool out there to do this. We have never looked back and all the integrations now supported make this extension one of the first that we install on every Joomla website as part of our web design/blog package.


We love this tool, and we want to share because we believe many people would love to go through such a positive experience when doing something so complicated as integrating their site with other networks! We use this tool on most of our sites and we think you should too :-)


Visit JFBConnect website now!


Engagement - the key to a successful social and web presence

One of the greatest ways of getting people to interact with your website is to enable a commenting system on your website - this is a proven method of getting people to give feedback on your blogs, articles, tutorials, advice or whatever your Joomla website is about.


There are however two things which might hold you back: 

1. Anonymous commenting - if you want most interaction you'll need to enable anonymous commenting. However, this has the huge drawback of comment spam. If you don't have SPAM prevention mechanisms - such as enabling CAPTCHA on Joomla 3, then you are going to be hassled and littered with comment spam. This will typically overrule the benefits of the actual comments themselves...

2. Registration - some people will simply refuse to comment if they need to go through the process of registering on your website. There are many reasons for this, which we don't really want to go into at this point in time.

The above two issues might really be holding your website comments from being an enabler for your website. But what if there was a way to fix both of these problems and get an easy way to get website comments?

Joomla Facebook Integration - comments

If you integrate your website with Facebook or another trusted social network or service, then both of the above problems go away, your users won't have to register to your website and since anonymous commenting need not be enabled you won't have a deluge of comment spam.

 The JFBConnect component from Sourcecoast is a Joomla component which allows you to create this Facebook integration (or integration with other networks) on your website in minutes. It's a really mature component, which is really simple to setup, literally it shouldn't take you more than 10 minutes to get Facebook integration on your website.

More than just Facebook, it's full social integration!

JFBConnect Review - social network integration for Joomla

The thing is this - if you are not a fan of Facebook, or your community does not hang out on Facebook, there's plenty of integrations which you can get onto your Joomla site. Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Yahoo, Amazon, Instagram, VK - there's a whole lot of networks and services you can integrate with!


Try JFBConnect now on your site


Not a techie? Not a problem!

The great thing about JFBConnect is that it's not designed for geeks. There is an Autotune wizard embedded within the component that ensures you don't have to worry much about what things you need to setup, you will be guided on what you need to do - and where you are stuck, the documentation will help you out with very clear instructions. 

AutoTube JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site

What can it do for you?

social authentication

So you already know, you can get people registered on your website if they already have an account on Facebook or other major social networks. This is Social Authentication is quite difficult to implement under normal circumstances - were it not for JFBConnect. But what else is in it for you?

Automatic Social Sharing Buttons

Rather than integrate a bunch of different plugins for different social networks, you can add Facebook Comments, Facebook Likes/Shares, Google +1, Twitter Share, LinkedIn Share and Pinterest Pin buttons automatically to your content.

social sharing buttons

Social Streams

You spend a lot of time and effort on your Social page? Why don't you bring that stream into your website? With JFBConnect the news feeds from Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, Twitter feeds and LinkedIn Company Pages can be pulled into your site. Streams are fully customizable and you can chose posts from multiple providers merged into one feed.

social stream

Social Posting

Of course, you also want to push content from your site to your social networks too! With JFBConnect you can easily 'push' your content along with a custom comment and URL to Facebook Pages & Facebook Groups, LinkedIn Company Page or Twitter stream.

Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards Tags

Social works best, when you use excellent imagery, and good descriptions. Why not describe your website's pages to Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn through Open Graph tags. This makes the content sharing on Social Networks look much much better, and you will increase your social engagement.

Over 50 Social Widgets

With all types of widgets available for social networks, we're sure you'll cover what you need. Almost 20 Facebook widgets, including Facebook Likes, Facebook Shares, Facebook Comments, Facebook Friends and Facebook Page Plugin. Google+ Community Badges, Embedded Posts, Follow, Badges and +1, LinkedIn Apply for Job, Company and Member widgets and Share buttons, Pinterest Share, Twitter Follow, Hashtag, Mention and Share buttons and so much more.


Download and try JFBConnect today


Setting it up

The trouble with such components usually is setting this all up. Many times you'll either need somebody who really knows what they're doing (and who will charge an arm and a leg), or else when you try to set it up, you'll end up with a website which is limping, broken or you simply can't get it to work. Not with JFBConnect. The configuration options are very well laid out, and simple to configure. There's plenty of wizards, in-built documentation, and almost all of it is intuitive stuff.

JFBConnect Configuration Social Networks Joomla

Besides the AutoTune wizard which we mentioned above, which will simply take your through the full setup process and guide you through any missing steps or anything which might not be working optimally, you'll find that most of the options are intuitive, and very understandable.

More than that - many times, you'll not need to configure much. Once the AutoTune is done, you're pretty much set and you don't need to configure much more than that.

JFBConnect Facebook Comments Configuration


Learn more and try JFBConnect


What do other people think of it

JFBConnect is given an overall rating of 100 in all the JED categories (Functionality, Ease of use, Documentation, Support, Value for Money and Overall). It really can't get any better than that. In fact, it's one of the highest rated components for Joomla. You'll also see Twitter is usually quite a flutter with JFBConnect reviews!

Clarence Ling who runs a Joomla development service loves it

JFBConnect Review - ClarenceLing

Joe Campell - very vocal about his appreciation for JFBConnect

JFBConnect JoeCampbell Endorsement

OnPole (a Web Design company) believes it's fantastic!

JFBConnect OnPoleWebDesign Endorsment

And multiple positive reviews are always pouring in for JFBConnect on the Joomla Extensions Directory

JFBConnect Multiple Positive Reviews

The below are a couple of reviews from the Joomla Extensions Directory. 

Brilliant Extension with great support
"Great function - Way more options then I am using, the option to add share buttons inside different extensions / component is outstanding!" Hjalti Ásgeirsson
One of the best support experiences I have ever had. Great product.
"One of the best support experiences I have ever had. You can tell when someone loves their product and is not all about the money." Jeff Johnson 

This is really one of those components which we can't recommend enough - it's one of those gems which you really need to make sure you've implemented on your Joomla website. Given the easy interaction and the traffic which you are likely to get from Facebook - this is a very good bargain and you should see this as a serious investment in your website.

Try JFBConnect on your website today - a few minutes is what you'll need!

JFBConnect - Facebook on your Joomla site


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