One critical reason why a website is hosted on SiteGround

DARTCreations has always been a fan of Open Source CMS platforms such as Joomla and Wordpress. The internet is definetely a better place thanks to these two popular and free Open Source Content Management Systems. However, they have one critical drawback - vulnerabilities surface often, either in the CMS per se, or in popular extensions which can result in websites getting hacked and used for all kinds of nefarious purposes. This means that if you aren't on the ball, and keep your website and all related extensions updated you can very easily - through no real fault of your own, end up with a hacked website - and probably with egg on your face with your clients.

It takes a lot of time and effort to ensure that all your websites are completely updated.


BUT (there's always a but!) - you can easily make this pain go away! Our friends @Siteground have a cracking team of experts who are always on the alert for any of these vulnerabilities which might surface from time to time. If they notice something which might break a lot of sites, they take action quickly and protect ALL of the websites hosted on their servers by applying proactice protective mechanisms on their server and security infrastructure. This means that even if you lapse for a moment and forget to update your site or its extensions, your site is still being protected by Siteground.


This is really a key differentiator between the hundreds of hosting companies available out there. Whilst on most hosting servers, your website is left vulnerable and it is up to you to fix the problem, the team at SiteGround will go that extra mile to protect your website. This is a great for everyone, but most of all people like us who host on SiteGround know that their Joomla hosting server is looking out for them too.


Fixing the WPTouch vulnerability

A recent instance of how SiteGround handles vulnerabilities comes in the form of the vulnerability in the very popular Wordpress extension WPTouch which so many people use to create a mobile versions on their Wordpress website. The exploit allows registered users to upload malicious PHP files to a Wordpress website and use these files to gain further access to it. Siteground's security team immediately took action to prevent websites hosted on their servers from getting hacked through this exploit by using their application layer firewall to filter out all requests to website that try to utilize the exploit. This means that anybody trying to exploit this vulnerability will be blocked from doing so.


Protect YOUR Wordpress or Joomla website

If there's anything I've learnt when working with Wordpress and Joomla is that it is not a matter of if but a matter of when your site will be vulnerable to an exploit. Do yourself a favour and protect yourself like we do and give Siteground Joomla hosting a spin. We are proud testimonials of this, we've never regretted our decision to switch to SiteGround for our Joomla hosting.

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