#108 - increasing the Joomla session timeout

Ever had that horribly frustrating moment when after slaving for a long time on an article, you proudly press on the Save button, only to find yourself get logged out and you lose your precious article? This happens because of what is called a session timeout - a protection mechanism which ensures that if you leave your administrator open and unattended for a certain amount of time, it gets logged out by itself, to portect againt unauthorised access.

By default this timeout is set to 15 minutes, which we are of the opinion is too short a time for those who get lost in the art of writing beautiful content. However, the good news is that's it's very easy to fix it. 

How to prevent Joomla from logging you out on it's own after idling for some time

so as we just said, this automatically logging out after a period of inactivity comes from what is called the session lifetime set at 15 minutes. To increase this value, simply go to System > Global Configuration > System > Session Settings and change the value of Session Lifetime to a value which is more than 15 minutes. A good value would be 30, it's not recommended to increase the value beyond 60 minutes.

Joomla sessions settings

And that ladies and gents, is how to make sure you don't hit the Joomla sessions timeout problem ever again - or at least not if you press save at least every 30 minutes!

One more thing...

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