#53 - Get a good domain name and a dedicated server

When you get a good domain name and a dedicated server your site enjoys the benefits

There are two things which you should be thinking of before you start working on how your website will look, or the content which will be featured on your website.

1. A good domain name

2. A good hosting server


A good domain name

Why is this necessary? There are reasons which are quite obvious, whilst others are not so obvious:

  • A short, easy to remember catchy domain will enable your users to remember your site with very little effort.
  • A good domain name will ensure that you have good search engine optimization, and generate lots of traffic. Search engines give a lot of priority to your domain name. If you want to create a website about legal advice, make sure you have legal advice in your domain name. This applies to all kinds of website.

Why do we suggest that you think about this in the beginning? Take a look at our domain name: DART Creations. The aim of this website was to be a portfolio of web design sites which we have completed. However, along the way, the focus has changed and we need have lots of content which is specifically written to help the web design community in general. And now that we have a healthy amount of traffic, we are stuck with a "relatively poor" domain name, because the cost in loss of traffic to change to a different domain name is too costly to contemplate at the moment. We can back this up with real examples.

If you search for Joomla Tips, you will see that our site ranks quite low in the search results. But the content of the sites in pages before ours, have much less Joomla Tips than our sites. Our site has been given a lower ranking in the search results because of the domain name. 

So learn from our mistake, get a good domain name now. Spend good money on getting a good domain name.

Put your site on a Dedicated Hosting Server

The second mistakes you can do with your new website is to have a bad supporting infrastructure. Some people think that they will eventually change their hosting to a good server - once they start making money. But today's Internet is a very fast place. The Internet is viral ... an article can get hit millions of times in a very short span of time. Social bookmarking sites like Digg, may bring you massive volumes of traffic instantly. So again, let's say a particular page on your site, gets Dugg. It becomes more popular and before you know it, the page has hit the Digg front page resulting in massive amounts of traffic. And then what happens, your cheap hosting server buckles under the traffic ... and you loose all the traffic in an instant, just because you didn't spend a couple of extra dollars from the beginning.


One more thing...

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