[How to] Get Paid for File Downloads on Joomla

As we have always maintained, Joomla is one of the greatest ways in which to develop a quick and easy website. Once you've got yuor content, and your traffic, the next step is to monetize your site. And what better way than charging people for downloads of files / software or other "soft" downloads?

As we've said in other areas, one of the most popular fuctions of any website, is to have a number of soft downloads. There are a number of extensions which allow you to this easily using Joomla. Our favourite download manager, or document management is DOCMan. It allows you to organize your document downloads whilst keeping statistics, and possibly restricting access as necessary. Very comprehensive tool, and very easy to manage, we highly recommend it.

Paid Downloads for files

So what will be the greatest thing to monetize your site? Well, getting paid for downloads of course. Docman also have a module which allows you to get instant paypal payments. You can see the extension here: http://extensions.joomla.org/extensions/extension-specific/docman-extensions/11194 ... we've been using this component for a long time on our site and can't give nothing but praise for it! 

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