#65 - Using Gmail to send Joomla emails

Did you know that you could use Gmail and Joomla together such that Joomla sends emails via Gmail? With the popularity of both Gmail and Joomla, we're sure you'll find the following tip extremely useful!

Every Joomla is going to have to send emails. Whether for registration purposes, for the Contact Us functions, forget password functions, notifications to administrators, or for many other reasons, Joomla websites will need to send emails. Now if for some reason you do not want your website to use the PHPMailer function and you want to send emails via SMTP, Joomla allows you to do this. Typically SMTP is used to send emails over external servers, such as Gmail, Mandrill, MailChimp or similar mailing servers.


You need to use the following settings to use gmail as the Joomla email server.

1. Go to Global configuration > Server

You need to change some options in the "Mail Settings" section.

2. Set "Mailer" to SMTP  

3. "From email" will be <username@gmail.com>
4. Set "From Name" to whatever you want. E.g. DART Creations, or whatever
(5. "Sendmail Path" requires no changes) - old Joomla versions only
6. Set "SMTP Authentication" to Yes

Set SMTP Security to:


SMTP Security is SSL

SMTP Port is 465


SMTP Security is TLS

SMTP Port is 587


7. "SMTP Username" will again be username@gmail.com.
8. "SMTP Password" will be <yourpassword>
9. "SMTP Host" is smtp.gmail.com


Below is a screenshot of how the settings should look after you have configured everything.


With these settings you should be able to successfully send emails via your gmail account. We hope you find this tip helpful! 

Joomla Gmail Smtp Settings








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