15 Important Things to do before launching your Joomla website

A checklist 15 Things you need to do before launching your website

The following article is about a number of things you should do before launching a new website (whether it is Joomla or otherwise). This also applies to those who have already launched their site, to keep your website in tip top shape :)  

15 essential checks before launching your website

  1. Create a Favicon
  2. Check your titles and metadata (great for SEF)
  3. Make sure your site works fine across ALL browsers to ensure a great experience to all users
  4. Proofread your articles - ideally have someone else proofread them for you
  5. Make sure all your links are working fine - test them!
  6. Test everything, all your functionality - don't just assume everything works
  7. Do you use Javascript / Flash and other non standard tools? Check what happens if they are disabled, does your website fall flat on its face, or does it give friendly error messages and suggestions on how to fix?
  8. Use the W3C Validator. It will help your site to load faster, resulting in a better end user experience.
  9. Create an RSS feed - to keep your regular users updated and coming back ;)
  10. Use Analytics  to monitor your site's traffic
  11. Create a sitemap, will help your site's content be indexed by search engines faster
  12. Create a 404 page, and check that your forms validate correctly
  13. Optimize your site's performance - remember spend money on good Joomla website hosting
  14. Backup, backup backup
  15. Create a print only version of your site - some people may want to use your information "offline"
Funnily enough we have articles on how to do most of these things for your Joomla website :) So go through the article, and then come back to see how to do it in Joomla ;)


One more thing...

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