[How to] Add an article title to the Read more... link

How can you add an article title to the “Read more...” link?

Ok, so you'd like something fancier than "Read More" - not exactly very descriptive is it? Using template overrides you can achieve a better looking "Read More" link . 

If they are not already there, in your template folder: create a new folder called 'html' in your template folder /templates/<yourtemplate> In that folder you create a folder called 'com_content' and in that folder you create the folders called "category", "frontpage", "section"

Find the following files 

  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/category/tmpl/blog_item.php
  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/frontpage/tmpl/default_item.php
  • (joomla)/components/com_content/views/section/tmpl/blog_item.php

 Copy the files to your template's html folders 

  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/category/blog_item.php
  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/frontpage/default_item.php
  • (yourtemplate)/html/com_content/section/blog_item.php

Open these files using a text editor:

Nearly at the bottom of these files you should be seeing something like:

<a href="<?php echo $this->item->readmore_link; ?>" class="readon<?php echo $this->item->params->get('pageclass_sfx'); ?>">
<?php if ($this->item->readmore_register) :
echo JText::_('Register to read more...');
elseif ($readmore = $this->item->params->get('readmore')) :
echo $readmore;
else :
echo JText::sprintf('Read more...');
endif; ?></a> 

Change the line

echo JText::sprintf('Read more...'); 


echo JText::sprintf('Read more', $this->item->title); 

 And there you have it ... you have a nice edit without actually hacking your core code. This edit will survive a Joomla upgrade :) 

One more thing...

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