#79 - Joomla and Facebook Like Button

How to increase fans with the Joomla Facebook Like Button

One of the massive boosts in traffic that your website can get is if you get massive amounts of traffic coming from Social Networks. To this end, Facebook Like buttons are the best thing you can get, besides Twitter and other Social Networks. However, for your Joomla, the Facebook like button should be a god send of traffic.


Joomla Increase Facebook Engagement

So how to go about implementing this? Essentially the easiest way to do this is by creating a link to a Like button for every article in your website. You never know which article has hit the right spots, so as a general rule, put a Facebook Like button on every Joomla article you publish. 

Besides a like button there are a few other things which we highly recommend

1. Using our Facebook Like popup to increase Facebook likes

2. Using our tips and tricks to increase Facebook likes and fans

3. Integrating your Joomla website with Facebook for increased enagement

Have you got any trick up your sleeve which you would care to share with us? Tell us in the comments below!

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One more thing...

Do you have friends or a Facebook group who you think would find this useful? Share this with them and then let me know what they think.

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