[How to] Get Google Search Console updates of new Joomla versions

Get Google Search Console notifications of new Joomla Updates

Google brings a lot of benefit to your site ... mostly through traffic, AdSense and the submission of your sitemap to Google WebMasters. Now Google WebMasters brings with it an added benefit - notifications that your Joomla version is not up to date.

An out of date Joomla website is a very big risk to your website being hacked. You must always make sure that you are running the latest version of Joomla, otherwise your website could end up sending out malicious software without your knowledge. If Google detects this, it will have a huge warning when users try to visit your site, and this could mean that traffic to your website becomes very low.

Now, Google WebMasters though is doing something about this. When you submit your Joomla website to Google WebMasters, it will keep you informed that your Joomla version is out of date and that you need to update it. This is a great tool, which makes sure your website it kept safe and up to date. Therefore make sure your site has beenGoogle Webmasters Joomla Update Warningso you can make use of this benefit.

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