[How to] Manage and restore Joomla trash and deleted items

trash-binIn Joomla 3, it might take you some time to actually find stuff such as content or menu items which you have already deleted - essentially joomla trashed items are just like a recycle bin, which keeps your items safe in case of any accidents. However, sometimes you just want to republish or completely get rid of items which you thought you had deleted. The concept of a Recycle Bin is great, but what if I can't actually find the stuff I deleted? It's easy to find them actually :)


Articles, menu items, and other contects in Joomla which can be deleted all have what is called a "Status". Really and truly, the difference between an item which is Published, Unpublished, Trashed, or Archived is simply this Status field in the database. When we delete an item we are simply changing this status from "Published" to "Trashed".

Joomla delete trashed items

If you want to find your Trashed items, simply find the filtering options and select the "Trashed" status. Once you have selected the "Trashed" status you will find all the items which you have previously deleted. You can then decide what you want to do with these, whether you want to republish or permanently delete these joomla trashed items! You won't find a 2nd recycle bin if you actually delete them again so be careful ;)

Select Trashed Items In Joomla Status DropDown

And that ladies and gents is what you can do with Joomla trashed items.


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