Joomla GZip Compression: How to check, enable or disable it

One of the things you must do to make your Joomla website faster to is to enable Joomla Gzip compression. Essentially what this does is, is asks the server compress all the files before sending them to the user. Since the files are smaller, they take much less time to get delivered to the user, resulting in an overall faster experience for your user.

Let's take you through the whole process of checking whether Joomla GZip compression is enabled, and enabling or disabling it. We will also show you how to enable it via your hosting server CPanel.

Check whether Joomla already has GZip compression

Before you actually go and do any changes, you probably want to check whether your site gzip page compression Joomla is enabled. This Gzip Compression test will give you some good statistics of the results of the compression. There are a few other sites which such as HTTP Compression test. Run your site through the gzip compression test.

Check Joomla gzip compression enabled

If you already have GZip Compression enabled, you don't have to do anything. You'll get a nice results such as the below which shows you that your website. If not, read on.

 Joomla gzip compression enabled

How to Enable Joomla GZip Compression

It is very very simple to enable Joomla GZip compression, since this is just a setting in the Joomla Global Configuration options. 

Go to System > Global Configuration > Server - here you'll find an option Gzip Page Compression. Simply click on the Yes option and click on the Save button.

Enable Joomla gzip page compression

Once again, once you are done, run the test again, to make sure that now you now compressing files and components with GZip for Joomla

Disable Joomla GZip page compression

Disabling page compression is of course the reverse of what we just did at the top. Go to System > Global Configuration > Server and switch to No, then Save. Run the gzip compression test again to verify that page compression has been disabled.

Enabling GZIP Page Compressions for all Joomla and other sites on your hosting server

Besides enabling GZip page compression at Joomla level, you can choose to do this at the server level - if available. This means that all websites hosted on your server would now be fully gzip enabled. 

Look for the "Optimize website" icon on your Cpanel and click on it.

Gzip compression server level - Optimize website icon in Cpanel

Once you are in the Optimize Website on CPanel, you can choose to "Compress All content". This asks your server to gzip compress the content before sending it to the visitor. Of course, if your Joomla is hosted here, you can rest assured that your content is also Joomla gzip compressed.

Gzip compress all content

You can easily achieve incredible saving using Joomla gzip compression, as you can see we achieved up to 81% compression. This is a great way to make your Joomla website much faster.

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