10 great things about Joomla 3.2 - What's new in Joomla 3.2?

As you have probably seen, Joomla 3.2 BETA 1 has just been released. Here's a few key new features which will (hopefully) make it to the actual Joomla 3.2 release. These have been picked up from Brian Teeman's keynote in the Joomla Day Switzerland.


What's new in Joomla 3.21. Installing extensions direction from the UI Admistration (aka the App Store) 

This is an absolutely great new feature, one of the best features probably! Basically you can see all the extensions from the JED and install them directly from the Extension Manager, directly from the back end of Joomla. This is quite a nice improvement, because you can do all the searching etc which you usually do in the JED but they are literally inside Joomla. You don’t have to download it to your computer, but install directly to Joomla! With extensions being one of biggest plus points of Joomla, this is an absolutely great idea. Need a gallery? Just go to the App Store, find one and install it. If you don’t like it, just find a new one! This is one of the fantastic new features of Joomla! 3.2

2. Versioning in article content

Versioning in Joomla 3.2 now allows you to know who has changed and specific article, what change they made, when did they actually do it (Who did it? What did they do? When did they do it?) The new versioning feature allows you to see, the original version of, the current version of the article, and the changes which have been done between the original and the current article. And from those changes you can actually revert to previous versions. This will allow you to keep a track of all the changes which have been done. This is especially important when you have multiple authors working on the same site, and who are prone to make changes to each other’s content.

3. Multi-language support

by default there is much better support for multi-languages. Basically, as part of the default installation, your website will already be multi-language enabled, you don’t have to do the complex procedures previously necessary to setup Joomla as a multi-lingual website. It builds various things necessary for multi-language such as multiple menu items for each language, creates default categories for each language, puts the language switch and basically just ensures that the site is setup for multi-language support from the get-go

4. Improvements to Templates

Most libraries have been updated to the latest versions. Icons have also been updated and increased, and JLayouts. The Template Manager, has been much improved. You can edit ALL the templates files now, you can create new files necessary for your template, it’s not necessary to upload new files via ftp, it can all be done via the template manager. If you want to create overrides, the process is much simpler. You just click on the component you need to override, and the necessary changes for the override to work correctly is done and created for you and then you just need to edit the override files. Basically, any template customisation can now all be done via the Template Manager making the whole process much simpler and all within Joomla.

5. More Access control

Besides the access control for articles etc, you can now use ACL on modules, for example give various editing controls to modules i.e. give a specific user the ability to edit modules as necessary

6. Improvements in the User Interface

Basically the idea is to make the UI simpler, faster and more accessible. For example, only the specific actions on the toolbar which can be used are shown. If you can’t do a delete, you won’t get the Delete buttons in the toolbar. The search filters are only shown when you need them so that you can make use of the screen real-estate as necessary. A lot of changes have been done in this regard to make the UI cleaner overall especially at the back-end.

7. Security

There are a few changes which will improve the security of Joomla by several factors

1) the passwords format has been changed from MD5 to Bcrypt making them much more secure than before.

2) Two factor authentication – this is basically that you will need more than just a username and password to be able to login to the website, but you’ll need to have a unique code which will expire after a minute. This makes the login process much more secure. This can be enabled on a per user basis, so you can enable it for administrator but not for your regular users.

3) Another secure login option is support for Yubikey during the login process.

8. Article Editor

This has been updated to TinyMCE version 4. It’s much faster and much improved. The article edit window is also much larger than it used to be so you can create an article comfortably

Features for Joomla Developers

9. Rapid Application Development using Framework on Framework

One of the greatest strengths of Joomla has always been the multitude of extensions available for anything you would want to do on a website, so developers will be very happy with this improvement. The Framework on Framework is something developed by Nicholas from Akeeba, to help him write the extensions faster. This will not be a default part of Joomla which developers will be able to use to be able to develop their own applications much faster with a lot less actual code necessary (and implicitly – less bugs!).

10. Additional debugging

The call stack now also shows up in the debug information, the timeline, what queries are taking place and in what order, and much more great debug information for developers. This information can be shown to the Super User only, so even if your website is live, you can see the debug information, without the rest of your users seeing this information.



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