Frontend Article Management for Joomla Users

If you want your users to enter articles onto your Joomla site without having them access the back end administrator, this is easily doable with Joomla and a 3rd part component. Here is how to do this on your Joomla website, and also using the User Article Manager.

Here's how User Article Manager works:

Step 1: Install User Article Manager

Step 2: Set the User Article Manager Options

  • Go to Components > User Article Manager.
  • Click the Options icon.
  • If you want users to be able to add content from the front end, Show the New article button.
  • You can also customize the button and customize the link to the new article entry form in case you are using another component (such as K2), that doesn't use the Joomla default entry form.
  • The component also adds an extra permission control feature:


Step 3: Add a menu item

  • If you have a User Menu that might be a good place to put it. You can put it on any menu, and control access by adjusting the ACL and viewing permissions.
  • Choose the Menu Item Type that is called User Article Manager.


  • After you've chosen the correct Menu Item Type, your menu link will look like the image below:
  • If you wish, you can restrict people to posting in only one category using the "Category Options".
  • The New Article, Filter Options and Table Layout Options are the same as the global options. Setting those options here will overwrite the global settings.

When you are finished with your menu link, access the link via the front end of the site and you will see the following:

  1. Menu Link
  2. Search Filter
  3. Add New Article button
  4. List of Articles.
  5. Editing Access.

One more thing...

Do you have friends or a Facebook group who you think would find this useful? Share this with them and then let me know what they think.

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