Jumerix – 7 ways you should use this Multipurpose Joomla Theme

Joomla has grown more than just a simple content management system that can help one get started with a blog. The technological progress doesn’t stand still. A host of new trends and innovations are being launched. The number of ready-made templates that we can choose from is constantly growing, as well as the possibilities that pre-designed solutions brings us. In this blog post, we would like to bring your attention to one of the latest and most popular Joomla themes that can be used for multiple purposes - Jumerix.


Niche-specific or Multipurpose?

When it comes to the choice of a pre-designed solution to launch a website, will you opt for a niche-specific of a multipurpose design?

The functionality that both of these options offer differs tremendously.

Multipurpose templates include a host of features that can be found in a number of niche-specific solutions. Multipurpose designs can be used for blogs, personal, business, and even eCommerce purposes.

Now, imagine the following – you are given an opportunity to acquire a multipurpose Joomla theme for the price of a niche specific one. I guess the choice of the best option for your online project will be evident. Jumerix is a multipurpose template that TemplateMonster sells at the cost of a regular niche-specific solution. What’s stored under the hood? What makes it better than other ready-made Joomla templates?

Let’s find it out in this review.


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General Facts about the Jumerix Multipurpose Joomla template

Jumerix multipurpose Joomla template is a ready-made design that can become a rock-solid starting point of web any web project of yours.

A rich functional filling and a number of smart customization options make Jumerix an optimal choice for the users with different backgrounds and level of experience. With its help, even a web design newbie can get started with a personal or business project without any extra help. There is no need to spend a fortune on ordering services from web design agencies or look for a freelancer who will get the job done for you.

Jumerix is simple and intuitive, thus making it possible to get started with a site with minimal investment.

Jumerix is a ready-made fit-it-all Joomla template that can be used for building blogs, portfolios, web stores, personal, and business web projects.

This is a universal pre-designed theme that is built with valid, semantic code compliant with the latest web standards. Every element of the template is fully editable. A host of plugins and extensions that are added to the theme’s pack provide web masters with the ease of getting web projects of different level of complexity live in a short run.

Jumerix features a mobile-friendly layout that will also rank high in search engines.

Enhanced with advanced Bootstrap functionality, Jumerix is SEO-friendly and crossbrowser compatible. With its help, webmasters can reach a wider audience and enhance the client base with international customers owing to the support of RTL languages. Multi-language and multi-currency support are also included. Whenever one needs assistance on the theme’s customization, a detailed documentation folder can be found in the theme’s pack.

Free 24/7 support team is always ready to provide answers to a variety of questions regarding the theme’s installation and modification.

1. Use Jumerix for Multiple Purposes / multiple niche sites

As has been already mentioned above, Jumerix is a powerful multipurpose template that is designed to fit any web project and business niche possible. It includes all functionality needed to get started with a blog, portfolio, business or personal page, etc. On the basis of this multipurpose design, one can even get started with a fully-featured eCommerce site.



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Jumerix comes with complete Virtuemart integration.

A set of pre-designed layouts for building web stores’ pages are also included in the pack. Thus, if a clean, minimalist design of the template meets your requirements, you can simply use any of the pre-designed pages, replace the default content with yours, and get started with your eCommerce site straight out-of-the-box.

You can see what an eCommerce site built on the theme’s basis will look by navigating to the “Shop” section in the theme’s live demo. Just like the rest of the template’s pages, the shop is quick and simple to navigate.

The pages are built with the focus on details. A slider is used to bring extra users’ attention to special deals. Featured items are organized in a carousel slider.

By means of product badges, you can highlight new and discounted deals.


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Category and product pages are quick-to-scan and highly informative. A grid-based content positioning allows you to organize plenty of items in a well-balanced style. Image sliders and photo galleries are included to showcase the store’s offering in the most favorable manner.

Detailed product descriptions, support of user reviews, video integration, the possibility to compare several items, take a closer look at a product with cloud zoom, and a whole lot of other options are included to boost conversions while providing the users with an enjoyable online shopping experience.

2. Easy to create a Jumerix Gallery and / or Portfolio

Juremix can be used for showcasing creative portfolios on your site. With the purpose to introduce the audience to your photo or video works, the template is pre-loaded with gallery and portfolio pages. Although from the first glance they may look similar, the functionality of both of them differs.

Thus, when you reach a gallery page, you will see nothing except images featuring a grid-based view. Each visual is enhanced with a functional hover effect, which can be used for introducing the users to additional information about a specific creative work or additional CTAs on the mouse-over.

Jumerix responsive Joomla template

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Portfolio page is designed differently. It offers more opportunities in terms of functionality. When reaching a portfolio page, the users are given an opportunity to filter the works showcased on the page by name/date/popularity, etc. Photo thumbnails are accompanied by brief explanatory texts.

In such a way, a person can look through the content on the preview page before they decide to navigate to a separate page representing a specific service, work or project.

3. Easy navigation using intuitive Navigation Patterns

The theme’s navigation is built in a way to lets even first-time visitors feel the ease of browsing the pages intuitively. The main navigation panel is presented by means of MegaMenu. This is a fully editable element that supports every type of content that one can think of. Not only text links to the site’s pages but also images/videos/GIFs/banners and other data can be added to the MegaMenu.

Additionally, the element can be made sticky, thus providing the web audience with quick access to the rest of the site’s content with a click.

Jumerix responsive Joomla template

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In addition to MegaMenu, Jumerix features an Ajax-based search bar. With its help, a person can reach the desired data by means of a keyword. As a user types a search request, he/she is introduced to a series of suggestions without the need to reload or navigate to a different page.

4. Multiple Social Options to easily integrate with your Social Media efforts

Jumerix comes with full social media integration. Thanks to the availability of a set of social media options, you can guide the audience to your official social media profiles right from the site. Every piece of content that you add to the site’s pages (both written and visual) can be accompanied with social media icons, thus letting people share their preferred data with followers and friends with a single click.

Jumerix includes Social Login functionality. This is a handy option, allowing the users to sign in to a site via their existing social media profiles.

There is no need to fill in any nasty registration forms. By simply using Facebook/Twitter/Google+ login details, people are taken to their personal profile page on your site.

Jumerix responsive Joomla template

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5. Plenty of Theme Customization Options to make it your own theme

A pack of pre-designed pages for multiple options is not the only advantage of the theme. Jumerix also includes a variety of advanced customization options, all of which can be reached via a user-friendly dashboard. All features are quick and easy to use. Intended to be used even by web design newbies, the admin panel is made simple and intuitive.

The availability of a selection of custom modules and extensions makes it possible to bring the desired look and feel to the site’s pages without the need to spend time on the search and installation of third-party solutions.

Jumerix also includes a number of Google web fonts and font icons, allowing webmasters to personalize texts and update their web resource with versatile styles in a matter of clicks.

Theme Options Configurator is a smart feature, allowing the users to take entire control of all pages and modules of the template within a single interface. Additionally, Jumerix includes a separate page featuring all UI Elements included in the theme’s pack. Thus, one can look through the entire selection of the theme’s functional and visual effects and pick the ones that match their brand image ideally.

Jumerix responsive Joomla template

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6. Your website will look beautiful - Jumerix has plenty of Visual Appeal

Despite its simple, minimalist design, Jumerix is pre-loaded with a number of smart visual and animation effects that are intended to enhance the visual appeal of any site built on its basis.

For example, whenever a person reaches a Jumerix-based site, he/she will see a preloader that is built in a style similar to the rest of the theme’s pages. If you run a content-rich web page, this element will be especially useful.

Instead of making them wait for a few seconds till the site’s content loads, you can introduce them to an animated preloader that will make the wait more fun.


Jumerix responsive Joomla template

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If you want to immerse the web audience into an interactive browsing of the site’s content, you can enhance its pages with the parallax scrolling effect. This is one of the trendiest web design elements that have been in demand over years. By making foreground and background layers of your site move at different speeds, you create the illusion of depth on the site.

Not only galleries and portfolios are supported to showcase your creative projects. Jumerix also includes video integration. This is one of the most effective conversion-boosters that will be of special use to the owners of web stores.

7. Get in touch with your visitors with Jumerix Working Forms

No matter what kind of a web project you plan to launch, you will need it to include opportunities to establish a long-lasting contact with the audience. Thus, Jumerix allows you to provide online assistance to customers by means on an integrated online chat. The functionality can be enabled/disabled whenever necessary.

Komento commenting system is also available. With its help, people can share their reflections about the content provided on the pages of you site or the products/services that you provide.

One of the most unexpected and revolutionary elements that Jumerix comes loaded with is an integrated Forum page. This is where people can participate in hot discussions, find out opinion of the fellow shoppers about you, share their recommendations/reflections with others, etc.

This is also a powerful keyword-generating tool that will result in a significant traffic boost to your web resource.

Joomerix responsive Joomla template

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To keep people always updated on your latest news and hot offers, Jumerix includes a newsletter subscription form. By simply entering an email address, the users get automatically subscribed to your email notifications.

To make your web project look more trustworthy in the eyes of the web users, you can notify them that your site uses Cookie Policy. A simple recognizable banner placed on your site will reveal that you care about your visitors’ privacy.

That’s the basic functionality included in the Jumerix multipurpose Joomla template. Every element from the theme’s pack is hand-picked with a user in mind. Use pre-designed pages to share posts and sell products on your site, communicate with your customers, establish a long-lasting contact with the users, captivate their attention with stunning UI elements and animation effects, and benefit from a whole lot of other options included into Jumerix download package. View all of the theme’s specs live on its live demo. Enjoyed this multipurpose Joomla template? Go ahead and download it to your own collection of cool web design stuff.

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