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SiteGround has just introduced a great new tool developed to make your Joomla and WordPress experience easier and better - these tools will help you manage your sites more easily.

You've probably seen our Reset your Joomla Admin Password. From the analysis of support tickets, chats and emails it is obvious that certain inquiries come up frequently. The set of tools was developed based on this analysis - a set of tools designed to help with some of the most common requests from Joomla and WordPress users.

The new set of tools can do for you in just 1 click:

  • Reset your Joomla and Admin Passwords
  • Password protect your admin panel
  • Fix Website’s Permissions
  • Change Primary Domain of your site
  • Move your application from one folder to another
  • Configure your application to work with an SSL through https://
  • Completely remove an application’s files + database.

Until now, if you had to perform any of those procedures, you would have used many different tools like FTP, phpMyAdmin, etc. In addition to that, the chances that you misconfigure or even break your site completely trying to reconfigure it were quite substantial. This is SiteGround have created a fast and most importantly safe way to manage your WordPress and Joomla websites!

One more thing...

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