Wegy: Meet the Latest Update of This Legendary Joomla Template

Do you remember Wegy? We featured this multipurpose Joomla template earlier in one of our previous posts. With the last update it has acquired a number of new features and improved some of the old ones. If you are already using this template, you’ll be glad to know that it can now become a full-featured online store. If you are just getting acquainted with Joomla, Wegy could become a great starting point for your future website. As it is a flagship template from the Joomla collection by TemplateMonster, you can be sure that other features are made at the highest level too.


Wegy Joomla template

This major update, consisting of the smaller fixes and revamps, introduces several new page types, alternative page layouts, eCommerce integration and plethora of minor improvements. Now let’s proceed to the recently added functions, offered by Wegy:

New features

Besides the improvements in existing features, this version of Wegy introduces a series of new ones. You, undoubtedly, will find them handy,

Ecommerce integration

Perhaps the most massive and significant innovation of the update is full eCommerce compatibility of Wegy-based websites. Joomla, as an old stager among content management systems, has surrounded itself with lots of extensions, including full-featured eCommerce solutions such as VirtueMart. With premade online store pages available in the recent update of Wegy you can use all the power of this extension to sell stuff online.

Right-To-Left Languages Support

Wegy now supports languages with right-to-left script. We know that Joomla is especially popular in Arabic countries. So, guys, it’s your chance to raise your Joomla website to a new level. After all, there are over a billion of people using languages with right-to-left script – a community to be reckoned with.

Multilingual Support

With support of multiple languages you can now translate your website’s interface into as many languages as you need to make it truly international.

Multiple Currencies

Now, when you are capable of building an online store with Wegy, you will also need some functional improvements. Multicurrency support is one of them. With this feature you can accept payments in several currencies, thus increasing the number of your potential customers and, as a consequence - your income.


This tool with zero requirements to coding skills will allow you to connect with your readers/customers with the help of customizable contact forms.

Image optimization

All the images coming with Wegy have been compressed without any quality loss. So your visitors will be able to enjoy high-quality imagery and high loading speed.


This modern design trend, indispensable for a modern online store, will be also useful for spicing up business pages. When used with high-definition photos, it is able to deliver an unmatched user experience.

New page layouts

eCommerce nature of the update is reflected in several new page layouts. Most of them have been designed specifically for online stores, though business website owners have something to look at too. Here is a short overview of them:

Home Page version 2

wegy new home version

The alternative version of a Wegy homepage, created for business websites and landing pages. It contains more monochromatic flat elements and is, therefore, more saturated. Some crucial elements such as titles in the price tables use larger font. It will come in handy if you are using you homepage as a landing page. Numeric stats are presented as pre-loaders, while in the first version there were counters.

Contact us page version 2

wegy new contact version

The new homepage itself includes more contact info than the original one: it has an additional header line with your address and phone number. The contact page has been improved too. Now it features a page-width Google Maps widget, where you can mark the location of your office. The icons and links are larger and much more visible. Their position is much better optimized compared to the original contact page design. The contact form is also duplicated in the footer of the homepage.

Shop home page

wegy home shop page

This page offers an eCommerce-oriented layout with product previews, while retaining the familiar design and navigation of a Wegy website. It is equipped with a slider, an Ajax-powered shopping cart, a currency switcher and a set of product labels (“New”, “Sales” etc.)

Single product page

wegy product page

A conversion-optimized product page is a necessary attribute of any e-store. In this page type Wegy offers various filters (by size, price, and manufacturer), product rating and reviews. Regarding images, there is a cloud zoom effect, allowing your customers to see the product in details; and also a preview image slider to showcase a product in different colors, styles and from different angles.

Catalog Home Page

wegy catalog page

Wegy’s shop listing page is not just a rip-off of the store homepage. It is designed to showcase a large number of products effectively. Here you can see spectacular category banners, smaller category previews and single items, showing up with a lazy load effect. Powerful sorting options are also available on this page.

Shipping & delivery page

wegy shipping delivery page

This page type is extremely important in terms of shopping experience. It clarifies the terms of delivery and is one of the hallmarks of a successful store. In Wegy it is quite simple, yet informative: the terms are spiced up with descriptive icons for better understanding.

“About Shop” page

wegy about shop page

An alternative “About shop” store page provides a summary of your online shop. Here is situated the information about the number of your products, site members, customer retention and so on. You can customize this page to add your own parameters.

Revised features

Some of the old functions have been remade for better look and usability. The changes are minor, so we’ll just provide a checklist of them to keep you informed.

  • Responsive option
  • Header resize option
  • Progress bars
  • Newsletter block on the About page
  • Blog styling
  • Portfolio filters
  • Color schemes
  • Menu search in the header
  • History, Pricing and Site Map pages
  • Tabs on the Forum page
  • Login form styling in the right sidebar.


Being a highly customizable Joomla template, Wegy is really flexible. Its neutral layout allows you to apply it to a website of any type and topic. And, most important, it is regularly updated. If you are looking for a professional skin for your Joomla website, don’t pass by this amazing template. Click here to see it in the work: View Live Demo / Get More Info

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