What Makes Joomla One of the Most Popular CMS Platforms

According to Joomla website, it is downloaded at least once every 2.5 seconds. There are about 1 millions downloads per month.


The growing number of cloud hosted content management systems has improved virtual designing and management and made it quite easy for the content managers. While we have a lot of other options to choose from, Joomla is one of the most popular CMS platforms. Apart from meeting the basic needs of time management, flexibility, cost, control and quality, this award-winning CMS also comes with a number of other benefits.

From the number of reasons which makes Joomla the most popular CMS in the virtual world, here we have compiled a list of the most important ones.


  1. More than 6000 Extensions

The beautiful Joomla templates do not require any further customization but the developers may make changes to the templates using more than 6000 extensions of Joomla. It also wins over other content management systems in terms of plugin or extension functionality. Installation is not required to start an extension. Some favorite Joomla extensions include Akeeba Backup, K2, Zoo, XMap, Gantry, Easy Blog, Watchful, Community Builder, JComments and countless others. The Joomal extensions are distributed over the CMS as administrator, utilities, CCK, media, Joomla SEO, forms, templating, social and Ecommerce.

Joomla Extensions

  1. Easy Installation, Usage and Update

After establishing an online business, you may need to add pages at any time to improve your social media presence, expand Ecommerce and to inform the people more about your goods and services. Joomla allows you to conveniently add pages, add new text or media to the pages and edit the existing feeds, create attractive forms for the customers and control user-friendliness with flexible control and administrative panels. You can also add polls not only for the news section but also to get the feedback of visitors and customers.

The intuitive user interface is one of the prime reasons that many world renowned business giants and famous brands use Joomla for their websites including the High Court of Australia, Pizza Hut, UK Ministry of Defence, Arabian Peninsula and MTV in Greece. Do you know that Leonardo Di Caprio also uses Joomla?

When it comes to usability and convenience in operating the admin area, no content management system other than Joomla offers better administration. The attractive but very simple to use admin panel offers easy navigation and countless options to choose the operations from. It also allows you to schedule the content for posting. For example, if you are expecting a visit out of station and want to post new or follow-up content in the similar timeframe, then you can simply write the post and schedule it to post on specific time and date.

Joomla admin is specifically customized to not only operate a website or blog but also to control interwebs. From logging in to editing and customization, attractive icons will keep you motivated. Joomla admin panel brings life to the boring numbers and symbols of content management systems.

  1. Minimal Technical Learning

Joomla is one of the easiest content management systems which can be learnt even by the basic web managers. You may ask a professional web designer to create a website for you on Joomla and learn formatting, customization and other operations within a few hours to restrict the website control.

Some of the Best Professional Web Designing Firms to develop Joomla are:

Instead of paying high salaries to the web managers, big businesses now hand over the web operations to a loyal employee after minor technical training.

  1. Security and Protection

The entrepreneurs need security certificates to rest assure the customers about the safety and protection of their personal data. With Joomla developed websites, the content and data is viewable to selective people only. There are basically two categories of the content. The first one is the basic content category which is viewable to all types of people. The premium category requires registration for viewership, which is different from ordinary subscription. The content managers and support staff approves registrations of applicants to allow them to view the premium content.


  1. Consistency and Automation in Design

Once you create a design for your website, all the new pages will be automatically adjusted according to your design. The article page can be created by installing a template or customizing the installed Joomla template according to your choice. You may also customize a specific article page if desired. In other words, Joomla allows you to fully control the appearance of every page of your website without any hassle or wastage of time.

  1. SEO Features

Search engine optimization features in Joomla 3.4 and older versions are blessing for the fresh SEO entrepreneurs or people who lack expertise in web and content management. The new Joomla version has built-in SEO features including the Options of Metadata in Article Manager, Options of SEO and SME in Global Configuration and some SEO options in Page Display tab on the main menu.

When you create your website on Joomla, it automatically sets on the journey of search engine optimization. With exclusive SEO tabs on Joomla, you may easily get a good position on first 2 pages of search engines. Even an average SEO planner can pair up the SEO tactics with Joomla SEO tabs to get first page ranking on the search engines.

Joomla SEO

  1. Technical Support for Web Developers

For advance technical web developers, Joomla brings amazing features to ease the technical control and improved content management at the backend. Some of the technical support features include integrated Ecommerce system, inventory control, social media communication tools, custom product catalogs, application bridges, data reporting tools, complex business directories, and reservation systems. Joomla websites are developed on MySQL and PHP which make social media integration, sharing and backend support far convenient and easier.


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