Linkody Review - A Good (and Cheap) Backlink Monitor? (2024)

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As a webmaster, you probably already know that the process of checking backlinks can be a painfully time-consuming task.

Countless hours lost reviewing backlinks manually, when you could instead focus on writing, building your business or growing your network, so you can get even more links pointing to your domain.

 Well, we come with good news. In these modern times of technological development, you don’t have to rely only on manual work anymore!

That’s right - there are plenty of tools on the market designed to help you manage your links and find new opportunities without losing a whole day on it.

In this review, we will focus on the one that we found is worth sharing with you - Linkody. 



Linkody is a digital tool focused entirely on discovering and building backlinks. Without spending a ton of money, we were able to relieve our workload and finally catch a breath. 

Sounds good right? 

From a detailed backlink profile overview to already analyzed metrics, Linkody makes tasks easier and faster to complete. 

Let’s take a look at some of the key features to get a better idea of how it works. 

Building backlinks is still the most important tactic when it comes to off-page SEO. Once you grow your backlink profile, your website naturally grows with it.  

And, with eventual growth, it is crucial to keep track of any changes in your backlink profile. A large amount of backlinks simply doesn’t cut it anymore. 

In 2019, the quality of your backlinks is more important than the quantity.

This is why we choose Linkody. It lets you set up alerts and daily notifications about recent backlink changes. It also helps you understand the nature of the links you receive, their strength as well as links that suddenly disappear.

Learning about a lost backlink as soon as possible gives you an “unfair” advantage. From experience, you have a greater chance of success when negotiating a removed backlink immediately after it got removed.

The tool’s system performs its 24-hour cycle reporting, so you can be sure that you will get notified within a short time frame and are able to take action immediately. 

Keep an eye on your competitors

The ability to spy on your competitors is the number 1 reason why this tool will remain in my toolbox. 

Once you recognize and add your competitors to Linkody, you will gain valuable data about the source of your competitors’ backlinks.

An opportunity like that can generate new ideas for your backlink strategy as you can learn from those who did things successfully before you.

We will share with you how we actually use this data proactively. We are stealing our competitors' backlinks. 

Yes. That’s correct. There is no shame in admitting that, it's actually quite a great tactic.  

If you can provide better value, then why not use it by suggesting a competitors’ link replacement with your URL instead? It is a very simple strategy that has been proven to work.

Disavow Rule Generator

Another feature on Linkody that we found really helpful is the disavow tool. 

If you want your website to keep growing and increase in domain authority, you need to stay proactive and keep your backlink profile spam-free.

Linkody will let you identify such “bad backlinks” with ease and allows you to remove them within the tool.

SEO Metrics

SEO metrics show you everything you need to know about your backlink profile.

Unsurprisingly, Linkody provides a great number of metrics that will give you a good idea about your link performance.

By combining industry-standard rank metrics from the two biggest market players - Moz and Majestic, Linkody created a wide technical overview of your links in an easily perceivable way. 

By the way - the interface of this tool is another great thing about it. 

The clean design of Linkody lets data to be overseen with ease. You will get access to:

  • Mozrank, Domain Authority and Spam Score
  • Backlinks that currently link to your site
  • Social shares on other platforms
  • Your domain’s credibility and social flow
  • Alexa ranking
  • And much more...

 Let's see how that looks in real life.

Getting Started

 To get Linkody started, the first thing you need to do is add your domain to the tool. This will allow the software to find relevant backlinks.

To do that, go to the Domains page and click on +Add Domain. Now, enter the URL of your website.

 add your domain

The whole process shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes and it will give you an overview of all your current backlinks. 

Dashboard Page

Once the software has analyzed your domain, it will be shown in the Domains page. Click on it and you will see this dash

dashboard domain metricsEverything you will need to inspect your link-building performance is right on the dashboard page.  

On the top of the page, you can see a well-organized tabs section (1) that allows you to navigate easily. We will briefly introduce you with each of these sections and their functions in the next chapters. 

Below the tabs section, you will see the Domain Metrics (2). There, you will find valuable data like Domain Authority with its historical data, number of backlinks, etc. 

In the competitor's area, you can manually Add Competitors (3) to get an idea about the strategy of your competitors. 

At the Latest Discovered Links (4) area you will find all the latest backlinks the tool has discovered for your domain.

To keep you up to date with the latest changes, you will see a list of recently changed links on the bottom of your dashboard. 

latest link changes

Now that you have an idea about how a dashboard looks, lets move on to the next tab and its functions. 

The links tab gives you 12 different columns that display detailed metrics of every backlink. 

links page


To check the health of your backlinks, see the “Status” (1) column. Each status will display a brief explanation when you hover your mouse over it. Pretty neat, huh?

In case you notice that there is a missing link, you can add it by clicking “+ADD LINKS” (2).  

Besides showing all the backlinks and their metrics, this page offers you more. 

Hover your mouse over any URL and click on the spyglass next to it to open an overlay window.  

What you will see here are handy metrics and statistics that will help you inspect the quality of a link. 

This small hidden gem gives you a good idea about the value of the link you are checking. 

Competitors Page

As mentioned before, here you can keep track of your competitors and keep an eye on their backlink strategy. 

By clicking on a particular domain, you will see all of their backlinks with relevant data just as you can see yours. Hover your mouse over each metric to see even more information.

competitors page


Linkody allows you to set up an alert for every time when your competitor gets a backlink. 

Armed with this data, you can build similar backlinks and spy on your competitors’ backlink strategy. 

Tags page

 This page helps you add tags to your backlinks. I found this feature to be useful to sort and categorize my backlinks in a way that lets me find information fast.

add link tags 

To add a tag, navigate to the Links page and check the boxes of each domain you want to tag. A drop-down menu with “Add Tags” option will appear on the top of the site. 

Select “Add Tags” and add a descriptive tag. When you return to the Tags page you will be able to see the newly created tags with the link count right next to it.  

Analytics Page

This is the place where you get a good overview of your link building strategy. 

Key statistics are displayed in an easily perceivable way. Here is how it will look.

analytics page


Sometimes, you get an undesired backlink such as those from spammy sites. This might happen when your competitors are trying to trash your site with bad backlinks.  

It's crazy that somebody does it, right? We always find it frustrating as it is a waste of everybody’s time. 

To deal with this situation, you can move those backlinks manually to the disavow file by clicking “ + ADD RULES”. Linkody enables submitting this disavow file correctly formatted to Google.  

disavow rules


Landing Pages

Here you can view the actual URLs on your site that your backlinks refer to. 

landing pages


By hovering your mouse under “Focus Keyword”, you will get a “Set Focus Keyword” option.  

Use this to organize your backlinks by importance and learn which topics are getting the most links. 


And last but not least comes changelog. Here you can see a chronological record of all changes made to monitored links. 

Together with the alerts, this feature lets you understand your current backlink strategy better. 

Linkody Pricing

Linkody is quite cheap when it comes to checking backlinks, especially when compared to some of the other alternatives such as ahrefs, who have recently implemented a drasting pricing increase.

As you can see below, if you only have a few domains and links to monitor, the price starts at just €13.90/month which is very reasonable. Even if you own an agency and have a lot of domains, their highest tier pricing comes in at only €134.90 per month, which when compared to something like ahrefs is very cheap, whose bottom tier starts at almost this price.

linkody prices

Linkody Frequently Asked Questions

Backlinks help your website by giving it "authority" in the eyes of search engines. Each backlink that your website receives is seen as vote of confidence from the donor website to the recipient website. So the more back links your website has, the more trusted in the eyes of search engines it becomes. There are other complexities to this, but this is the basic jist of it.

To check if a backlink is indexed, run the following query in Google, site:<url of backlink>. If this search returns the URL of the backlink as a result, it means the backlink is indexed. If the URL of the backlink is not returned, then the backlink is not currently indexed and might need some more time to get indexed.

Linkody Summary

If you are in need of an easy to use, inexpensive backlinks checker, consider Linkody.  This tool is a great choice when it comes to inexpensive backlink checkers and monitoring tools. 

Linkody presents strengths where others don’t - each piece of information is well thought of and presented in an easily perceivable way.

On top of that, their pricing model is appealing. Starting from less than 14 euros ($15) per month for 2 domains, Linkody can become a valuable asset in your toolbox.

If you think that Linkody could help you as well, try their 30-day free trial and see whether it matches your own needs.  


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