Fix - Android Phone Won't Download MMS Messages, Videos & Photos

You receive pictures in text messages or Whatsapp and attempt to download them, but your Android phone refuses to do so. So why is that the Android phone won't download pictures in text messages, Whatsapp or your MMS messages on Android? 

Here are the top 5 ways to resolve this problem with the Google Messages app, Messages, MMS or Whatsapp.

It's possible that the network is causing the problem, or that the file is corrupt, which is usually the reason why pictures, Whatsapp and MMS messages are not downloading Android.

Although sending videos and images via MMS or Whatsapp is convenient, it can be very frustrating when your Android phone refuses to download them.

Here are some of the ways we have fixed this problem.


My Phone Can’t Download Photos and Videos on WhatsApp

WhatsApp, the messaging app acquired by Meta or Facebook, is one of the most popular messaging apps these days. Both the Messenger and Business versions have great features that make it simple to use and the fact that everyone has it installed makes it great to use as your general texting app. However, some people have issues when using WhatsApp, especially to download photos and videos.

When you receive pictures from another user, you can usually view them in your Gallery app. However, not everyone can download media on their phones due to some possible problems or settings.

Here are the ways we fixed this problem, when the phone can't download photos and videos from WhatsApp into the gallery.

1. Check that You’re Connected to the Internet

The easiest options to check your internet. Your phone needs an internet connection before doing anything on WhatsApp.

If you're having issues, you need to troubleshoot your network connection, by trying to access any webpage.

Also, try toggling your mobile data off and back on. 

2. Grant the Required App Permissions on Android

Like other Android applications, WhatsApp needs access to some of your device's features and permissions to work correctly.

These include Camera, Microphone, Storage, and possibly other permissions.

Make sure you have granted the application access to your device storage to download media. Then, your shared media will show up in the phone gallery.

In Android, go to Settings > Apps > WhatsApp > Permissions. Click on Storage and select the Allow option.

3. Check if Your Phone has enough Unused Storage Space

WhatsApp stores images and videos on your phone’s internal and external storage. If you don't have enough space, Whatsapp cannot download pictures or video content from the app.

You can use a File Manager app or via its Settings to check if you have enough space. If the storage space is running low, delete unwanted or old files to make room on the device for Whatsapp or other apps to download images and videos.

4. Check whether Media Auto-Download is enabled

WhatsApp has an option to enable media auto-download. In other words, pictures and videos are downloaded automatically. In our experience, if you are on slow mobile data, you can use this setting to only download certain types of videos when you are on WiFi.

But this means that your phone won't download pictures or videos all the time.

Check on the Settings of the Whatsapp app to see whether this option is enabled.

As we mentioned earlier in this article, your Android phone may occasionally fail to download pictures in text messages or MMS. If your MMS failed to download, or your pic messages not downloading, please check some of the fixes below.

5. Check the Attachment Size

The MMS file size is frequently limited by your carrier. File size limits differ between carriers.

For example, Verizon limits images to 1.2 MB and videos to 3.5 MB, while T-Mobile limits sending to 1 MB (3 MB for receiving). Furthermore, the file size can be limited by the recipient's carrier. Even if your carrier supports larger file sizes, if the recipient's carrier does not, the file will be rejected or compressed.

To ensure maximum compatibility, keep your attachment under 1 MB in size and try sending or receiving it again.

Android Phone Won’t Download MMS or Pictures In Text Messages? Best Fixes

If your Google Messages won't download, or your messages app is not isn't working as it should, you might want to try our these fixes. 

1. Restart your mobile device

Try rebooting your Android phone if it won't download pictures in text messages. We know, it's like a complete reboot! It may appear simple, but this is the most simple action you can take.

"Have you tried turning it off on again" - Roy, The IT Crowd

While this solution might seem trivial (and is in fact a recurring joke on the TV series, The IT Crowd), in fact, for many IT and phone related problems, a simple restart fixes things. This is because during a reboot a large number of services get refreshed, restarted and this flushes out a lot of problems.

Whatever problem you're having with your phone, restarting it will probably fix it.

Putting your phone on and off, like the majority of electronic devices, solves a variety of problems. It also allows the operating system to fix any bugs that may be causing the issue.

So press the power button and choose Restart/Reboot from the menu that appears. Check to see if the problem persists once the phone is turned on.

Verify the Network Connection of Your Phone

2. Verify the Network Connection of Your Phone

A stable internet connection is required to send pictures via text message and especially to download them. Your Android phone will not download pictures in text messages and MMS if you do not have an internet connection.

  • Navigate to your notification center.
  • If you haven't done so already, turn on your Wi-Fi or mobile data.
  • You could also try turning on and off airplane mode to see if that helps.

After that, try to download your image.

3. Enable MMS Auto-Download

Enabling MMS auto-download is another way to solve the "android phone not downloading pictures in text messages" problem. This allows you to send and receive multimedia messages using the standard messaging app on your Android phone. You might also see this download mms messages problem if tap to download not working Android, in particular if normally you download mms messages automatically in the default messages app.

 You can also set this software to automatically download MMS as soon as they arrive.

  • Open your default messaging application.
  • Select the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Open Advanced, then Settings.
  • After that, turn on the button next to auto-download MMS.

4. Delete Previous Messages

Some phones and carriers allow a limited amount of MMS messages to be downloaded. If you have used up your limit of MMS messages, you won't be able to download.

So go back to your default messenger's settings if you can't download pictures or videos. Delete your old messages to clear up space on your phone. After clearing the memory of older MMS messages, some phone numbers will start downloading MMS files again.

Change to a Different Application

5. Change to a Different Messaging App

There are several popular apps that allow you to send photos at any time, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and Telegram, and they are all free. You could also change your default messaging app to Facebook Messenger.

By doing this, you will remove the problem with the native messaging app and your "Android phone won't download pictures in text messages" problem will be solved.

In most of these cases, all you'll need is a stable internet connection rather than standard texting services that charge extra for MMS.

6. Try Factory Resetting your Phone

This should only be used as a last resort. If none of the options above seem to work—for example, your Android phone still won't download pictures in text messages—the only option left is to factory reset your phone.

Keep in mind that this will erase all of your data, apps, and settings, restoring your phone to its factory settings. In other words, your Android phone will return to a brand new statae.

However, make sure you back up all of your data first. Most phones will prompt you to back up your data, so restoring them won't be a problem.

So go to the Setting page.

  • Select Reset from the System menu.
  • Select Data Reset/Erase.
  • Your phone will be wiped clean if you click OK.

Reasons why Android Phone Won’t Download Pictures In Text Messages or MMS

Few things could cause your Android phone to stop downloading pictures in text messages and MMS.

  • Your messaging app's default setting
  • Apps interfering with the messenger on your phone
  • Unreliable internet access
  • Data saving mode on your phone

The only way to figure out what the problem is is to try one solution first, then the other if that doesn't work.

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MMS is one of the standard features included with every phone's messaging system. So, if your Android phone won't download pictures in text messages, it could be for a variety of reasons, all of which I've listed in this article.

To get your phone back to normal, try any of the solutions listed above.

Android Phone Won’t Download Pictures or MMS FAQs

What is MMS?

MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) is a network-based feature on all mobile phones that allows multimedia files to be sent and received. It's a great way to send photos or other media via text messag

Why can't I get picture messages to download on my Samsung phone?

You may be unable to download picture messages on your Samsung phone due to a problem with your mobile data or APN settings. To resolve the problem, enable mobile data and reset your APN settings. If you still run into issues, get in touch with your carrier.

How can I send pictures via text on my Android phone?

Follow these simple steps to fix the problem if you can't send pictures through text on your Android phone: Step 1: Open your computer and download and install the Android repair tool. To continue, run it and click Start in the main window. Step 2: To begin the download, enter the correct device information and click "Download Firmware."

How do I get my phone to download pictures again?

The last fix is to factory reset your phone, but before you that may we recommend backing up your phone on a regular basis. You never know what might happen to it or when, and you certainly don't want to lose any of your vital information. This should restore functionality to the phone, allowing you to download and send picture messages once more.

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