27+ Best Putlocker Alternatives To Watch Movies Online (2024)

Today we're going to take a look at the 27 best Putlocker alternatives in 2024.

Users love free streaming websites, but hosting companies and law enforcement agencies aren't so keen.

Due to copyright issues, a number of stream sites have found themselves in legal trouble. The most well-known example is Putlocker, which has become so popular among internet users that it has prompted the development of alternative platforms.

As a result, whenever Putlocker goes down for a short period of time, many users around the world become aware of it.

And once they realize Putlocker is no longer available, the next question on their minds is, "Where do I go from here?"

This article provides dozens of Putlocker alternatives to answer this question. As a result, you can now watch unlimited content even if your favorite free streaming site is unavailable.



Top 5 Putlocker Alternatives

This guide will provide you with a comprehensive list of sites that can be used as a substitute for Putlocker if you want to watch movies online.

If you're short on time and need to find a suitable alternative quickly, here are the top five Putlocker alternatives to try right now.

  1. 123Movies: With such a large catalog, you can find almost anything you want on this site.
  2. Tubi: It’s a website optimized for both desktop and mobile devices, with much content in high quality.
  3. Crackle: It’s a well-designed site with a wide selection of movies and TV series. You can choose to register here to receive a few extra benefits.
  4. Fmovies: This site has a large selection of international titles as well as a large selection of closed-captioned shows and movies.
  5. Peacock TV: It's smooth, clean, and incredibly well-designed, with an excellent search function that makes navigation a breeze.

What is Putlocker? How come its alternatives emerged?

While you may be familiar with Putlocker, let's take a quick look at why people continue to look for alternatives.

Putlocker is a website that constantly updates links to streaming video content like movies and TV shows.

While the site has a lot of content, it has gotten into a lot of trouble over the years for copyright infringement, security, and other issues.

Despite these legal issues, Putlocker has not been shut down globally. Instead, the site quickly resumed using various URLs to elude its attackers.

Despite this, it has intermittent availability due to the fact that it hides behind different domains to avoid being blocked.

Because of Putlocker's success over the years and its intermittent global availability, a slew of similar websites have sprung up, all of which offer various forms of streamed entertainment.

Even if Putlocker is not blocked in your country/ISP and you can watch it without restrictions, things can change at any time.

If you can't live without your web streams, videos, movies, or TV shows, it's a good idea to keep an ace up your sleeve and be aware of a few Putlocker alternatives that provide similar services.

Due to a legal process, the UK's High Court ordered it to close down in 2016. The Australian Federal Court followed suit about a year later, blocking it and other controversial websites.

Protect Your Internet Privacy

While we think that this is great as a product, one needs to be aware of the implications of using this service. This product is dodgy at best, and illegal at worst, though various countries will look at people making use of such a product differently.

However, these days, it is quite frequent that Internet Service Providers monitor traffic to certain services and are obliged to share such information with law enforcement agencies through court-issued warrants.

So what can you do as a user of such services to protect your online privacy?

There is a simple, but tried and tested solution.

You can use a VPN to encrypt (or scramble) your internet traffic from your ISP. By using a VPN, you will protect yourself from any legal implications that your internet surfing habits could get you into.

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In these digital times, whenever you come across a free service, you will eventually discover that the system's actual product is you.

This is true of free VPNs, free proxy servers, and free streaming services, among other things.

It will always cost you something to use a free movie streaming platform; most often, it will be your online privacy and security.

This isn't a flaw in the system; rather, it's a feature you didn't notice right away.

Here's the thing about a lot of free sites, not just video streaming sites: they're all put together by hacker teams.

They made them to help find users looking for the most up-to-date audiovisual content so they could practise their trade on them, stealing their money or data.

As a result, almost every single website on this list has security issues. Yes, they will provide you with the streams that you desire.

However, using them puts your privacy at risk, which you should be aware of ahead of time to minimize the risks.

Getting your entertainment from the wrong website can lead to disaster. No, we aren't being paranoid.

However, if you don't know what you're doing, you risk directing your browser toward the ideal security storm and paying the price.

But don't be too concerned. Even on free streaming websites, there are ways to stay safe, and it all starts with a good VPN.

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is an online security service that protects you in two ways.

To begin, it will hide your IP address so that no one knows where you are online. Second, it will encrypt all of your outgoing and incoming traffic, making it impossible for others to intercept it.

Similarly, the best VPN protects you from other types of digital threats, such as malware that infects your computer.

However, you must carefully select the right VPN. Unfortunately, some of the best VPNs in the industry are built with privacy in mind, so high transfer speeds capable of supporting a high-quality streaming video aren't their strong suit.

Other providers, on the other hand, strive to strike a balance by providing you with connections that allow you to stream videos without compromising your privacy. ExpressVPN is, in our opinion, the best option among the better-balanced services.

Our Top Picks for VPN when streaming Putlocker alternatives

If you want to use a premium VPN, you'll have to pay a monthly fee. While there are many free VPNs available, they share the same issue as free video content sites in that they treat you like a "product" and pose security risks.

In this case, using a free VPN to access a free streaming site will compound your security issues, and it will almost certainly be for naught because free VPNs rarely provide connections capable of supporting a video stream.

So save yourself a lot of trouble and remember this: to stay safe on free streaming sites, you'll need a VPN, and it shouldn't be a free one.

A word on Putlocker alternative sites availability and our selection criteria

What do free sports streaming sites, torrenting websites, and free movie and TV platforms have in common?

They are constantly appearing and disappearing. Even a well-known site like Putlocker isn't always available to help its users (which is probably why you're reading this). That's why we keep this article up to date so that the URLs are always working.

Even though the sites listed here are up and running as we write this, we can't guarantee that they will be available at all times because the teams in charge of those sites don't plan on it.

However, as previously stated, we test these on a regular basis (almost daily), so you will almost always find only working websites here.

The Putlocker alternatives were assessed using the following criteria:

  1. The user interface (UI)
  2. In terms of monthly visitors, we have a lot of traffic.
  3. How irritating are the advertisements? (10 being the worst kind, one the least annoying)
  4. VPN compatibility
  5. Registration is required.

Of course, you will be the final arbiter.

Best Putlocker Alternatives – Detailed list

To save you time, we've used, tested, and evaluated dozens of the world's most popular streaming sites. These platforms were compared based on their security, ease of use, speed, content, and overall quality.

So, keep your popcorn warm and handy because we've compiled a list of the best 27 Putlocker alternatives on the internet. Prepare to binge-watch all of your favorite shows every weekend for the rest of your life.

As of April 2022, the sites suggested as the best Putlocker alternatives are still operational. However, as previously stated, their status can be transitory. So, if the site you want isn't available, try again later. They always return, and we keep the links up to date.

But, before we go any further, keep in mind that free streaming hubs are not the most secure source of entertainment.

They can jeopardize your privacy in a variety of ways, so be cautious and use a high-quality premium VPN like ExpressVPN when browsing them – more on that later (right after the quick list below).

1. 123Movies

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 314K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 6

123Movies does not require registration and is considered one of the largest link-referral sites on the internet. Thousands of movies, TV shows, Asian dramas, and anime are available.

You can search for content by genre, country, release year, and type of content on the site. Ads are always present on this free site, but the streams are usually clean and don't require much buffering. The alternative URLs are 123-movies.com, 123movies-i.net, and www.123movie.date can all be used to access this website.

2. Tubi

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 728K
  • VPN compatible: Yes (but with split tunneling)
  • Ad annoyance: 4

Tubi is a company that has been around since 2014. It's a well-known streaming service that provides users with access to thousands of free movies and TV shows. Because of its extensive catalog, it has become a household name in the industry. The platform, in particular, does not require registration and is not particularly friendly to VPNs – though VPN split tunneling will work.

3. Crackle

  • Number of monthly visitors: 137K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

Crackle is a great alternative to Putlocker because it has thousands of new titles for users to watch – and the number is growing all the time. It also has an app that you can download. Every month, the platform serves 137k users, who are irritated by our ad annoying meter at a rate of five.

This site does not require registration, but every VPN will not allow you to view its content due to its aggressive VPN blocking system. If you ever need to unblock Crackle outside of the US, quality providers like ExpressVPN or Surfshark can help.

If you like Couchtuner, you'll be pleased to learn that it's also one of the best Couchtuner alternatives.

4. Fmovies

  • Number of monthly visitors: 1.6 million
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 7

Fmovies is one of the most popular websites among internet users because the most recent content is available here much faster than on most other sites. The collection is divided into genres, release dates, countries, and popularity.

You can even request that the site look for a specific movie and make it available. It also has a number of alternative URLs that will take you to the main site. It requires no registration and works well with VPNs, despite having a high add annoyance index. If you need more options, there are some good Fmovies sites that you can check out as alternatives.

5. PeacockTV

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 578K
  • VPN compatible: Yes.
  • Ad annoyance: 3

PeacockTV is a brand-new streaming service. It's distinct because it wasn't put together by a group of hackers or media experts. Instead, it's NBC's free streaming platform, which means it's backed by a major corporation.

As a result, it provides access to thousands of free titles, live channels, and other features. One would think that NBC's streaming platform wouldn't have to deal with the same copyright issues that other top Putlocker alternatives do, and thus would be available at all times, but don't take our word for it.

The availability of free video entertainment sites is sporadic. PeacockTV already has millions of subscribers thanks to the high quality of its free plan and its extensive library. It's available for Android, iOS, Chromecast, Roku, Firestick, and other platforms as an app. The annoyance level of the advertisement is 3, which is low for this market but high for a corporate site that requires registration.

The site, like some of the others on the list, allows restricted geolocation, specifically in the United States. Unblocking Peacock TV, on the other hand, is simple with a good VPN.

6. SolarMovie

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 486K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 6

Because of its accuracy, SolarMovie has the best search function among the top Putlocker alternatives in this list. It also accepts requests for titles that are currently unavailable.

The international section is particularly interesting because it contains a significant amount of Asian content. It does not require registration and is compatible with VPNs. This site can also be found at www.solarmovie.one and www2.solarmovie.to. If you want, you can also try its alternatives.

7. Vudu

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 450K
  • VPN compatible: No
  • Ad annoyance: 3

Vudu is a video-on-demand (VOD) streaming service that provides thousands of users with access to thousands of movies and TV shows.

The user interface and navigation are both excellent. The site receives 450k monthly visitors and requires you to create a free account. It is not VPN-compatible. However, if Vudu is blocked in your region, you can use a good VPN to quickly unblock it.

8. MoviesJoy

  • Number of monthly visitors: 79K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

MoviesJoy makes it a delight for its viewers to enjoy top TV shows and blockbusters, despite the fact that website names rarely describe the site's experience. Because HD is available, the stream quality is excellent. The amount of advertising is minimal, as is the frustration that comes with it.

For ad annoyance, we give it a five. It does not require registration and is compatible with VPNs.

9. IMDb TV

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 60K
  • VPN compatible: No
  • Ad annoyance: 5

Movies, TV shows, documentaries, and IMDb original shows are all available on IMDb TV. For the time being, Amazon is in charge of this website.

It is a spin-off of IMDb, which began as a movie database fansite. Unfortunately, its monthly viewership is only 60k people, its ads annoy five out of ten people, it requires an Amazon account, and accessing IMDb TV outside the US requires a VPN. Still, like Putlocker, it's a worthwhile option for allowing people to watch their favourite content.

10. Xumo

  • Number of monthly visitors: 184K
  • VPN compatible: No
  • Ad annoyance: 4

Xumo is a website that provides access to thousands of VOD titles as well as hundreds of live channels. The fact that the site is ad-supported doesn't mean you can't stream movies and TV shows with a single click and have them play smoothly.

Unfortunately, it is only available in the United States. To unblock and stream Xumo from anywhere in the world, all you need is a US IP address.

11. GoMovies

  • Number of monthly visitors: 500K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 2

GoMovies has a minimalist design, so those who prefer to keep things simple will feel right at home here. Minimalism extends to advertising, so it's not just a matter of aesthetics; it also improves your viewing experience, especially when switching from one movie to another.

Its ad annoyance rating is a perfect two. The platform has nearly half a million monthly users, requires no registration, and works flawlessly with VPNs.

12. Popcornflix

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 265K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 4

Popcornflix is yet another no-registration site with a wide range of movies ranging from biographies to musicals. The categorization includes release year and genre, making it simple to locate the film you're looking for. Unfortunately, while this is one of the best Putlocker alternatives for movies,

it does not provide any TV content. If binge-watching is your thing, you'll need to go to a different website.

13. AZMovies

  • Number of monthly visitors: 604K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 6

Because it is HD, AZMovies is the go-to site for many movie fans. It has a lot of hits in its back catalog.

The portal includes multiple mirror links for each title, greatly enhancing content accessibility. If the first link you clicked doesn't work, try the next one and keep an eye on your content.

Another appealing feature of AZMovies is the large number of rare films it has in its library. If you enjoy cult classics or fan favourites from the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, this website will be your favourite.

The site, which has over half a million monthly visitors, does not require registration and works with VPNs.

14. FilmRise 

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 97K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

FilmRise has over 20,000 titles in TV shows and films for you to watch, and the list is constantly growing. Featured, Reality, Classic, New Releases, and Documentaries are just a few of the categories on the site. The site has 97k monthly users, requires registration, and is VPN-friendly, so it's a five on the annoyance scale.

15. Primewire

  • Number of monthly visitors: 163K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

Primewire stands out among sites like Putlocker because of its extensive catalogue and careful genre selection, making it a potential favourite among movie buffs. This site's collection includes IMDb ratings as well as commonplace items (release date, addition date, country, etc.).

Primewire has nearly 163k monthly users, with a five-star ad annoyance rating. It is VPN compatible and does not require registration. Fortunately, some Primewire alternatives exist, so you can access the site via primewire.show, new-primewire.com, or primewire.li.

16. YouTube

  • Number of monthly visitors: 2.37 billion
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

You probably weren't expecting to see YouTube on this list, did you? The truth is that YouTube has hundreds of free movies from a variety of genres and countries.

While you probably don't need an introduction to YouTube, we'll just remind you that it's free to use (though you can get an account if you wish). Ads on YouTube can be as annoying as they are on any other streaming platform, but there are a number of ways to avoid them.

If you don't want to pay for YouTube Premium, there are plenty of online tutorials that explain how to remove YouTube ads. Add annoyance to the list at number five; it has over 2 billion monthly users (still a small number for the world's most popular video platform), doesn't require registration, and works with VPNs.

17. Megashare

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 45K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

Megashare is one of the best Putlocker alternatives because of its large library of TV shows and movies, which includes many international films. This website is very popular among fans. It automatically converts its lists to HD as soon as they become available.

The Top Movies and Top TV Series sections will provide you with plenty of entertainment over the weekend. It has a 45k monthly user base and a five ad annoyance rating. It does not require registration and works with VPNs.


The website is not HTTPS-enabled. When using this site, we recommend that you have a good antivirus installed on your device and that you are connected to a VPN. While we didn't find any malware or viruses on the site during our tests, the lack of HTTPS should be enough to make you take extra precautions.

18. 5movies

  • Number of monthly visitors: 28K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 2

On the surface, 5movies appears to be identical to any other of the best Putlocker alternatives. However, it stands out from the crowd due to its minimal ad policy, which is one of the most irritating issues for users. When you click here, you won't get a pop-up every time. As a result, instead of closing unwanted windows, your viewing experience is focused on the movie you want to see.

Another cool feature is the accurate categorization of titles, making it simple and quick to find what you're looking for. The annoyance factor is 2; it serves 28k users monthly, works with VPNs, and requires no registration. 5movies.run is a different URL for the site.

19. Yidio

  • Number of monthly visitors: 63K
  • VPN compatible: No, but VPNs’ split tunneling feature will do the trick for you.
  • Ad annoyance: 3

Yidio is probably the most unique of the Putlocker safe alternatives. This site compiles all of the content available on almost all of the major streaming platforms into a single centralized list.

It's more of a search engine than a viewing platform, so it'll help you find the website where you can watch the movie or TV show you want. It has 63k monthly viewers, requires an account, and is not VPN-friendly. Quality VPN providers, such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN, do not have any issues with it.

20. Afdah

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 234K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 3

You won't find the usual categorised content on Afdah. Instead, you'll receive a list of top picks organised as thumbnails. The site's search bar, however, still allows you to look for movies and TV shows. Alternatively, you can look through the sections for Most Viewed, Recent Movies, Years, and Genres.

Every stream on Afdah is at least 720p, and the platform automatically updates them to full HD as soon as possible.

21. Vumoo

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 538K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 4

Vumoo has a user-friendly interface, a user-friendly website, and fewer annoying pop-ups. As a result, it receives a four for ad annoyance. The website does not require registration and is compatible with VPNs. Vumoo.cc and vumoo.space are examples of alternative URLs.

22. MovieWatcher

  • Number of monthly visitors: 8.2K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 6

MovieWatcher's interface is so sleek and clean that finding content is a pleasurable experience. The Most Popular section will show you which films and television shows are currently popular. Add annoyance is ranked sixth; it has only 8.2k monthly users, requires no registration, and is VPN-friendly.

23. Movie4u

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 7K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 5

Movie4u neatly organises its film and television titles into excellent, clean thumbnails. The collection dates back to the 1970s. Surprisingly, only 7k people visit this site on a monthly basis. It receives a five for ad annoyance, requires no registration, and works well with VPNs.

24. WatchTVSeries

  • Number of monthly visitors: 20K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 6

If you don't like movies and would rather watch TV shows, WatchTVSeries is a great Putlocker alternative. You can search for a series based on the TV network it aired on and the most recent or upcoming episodes. Add annoyance gets a six because it receives 20k unique monthly visitors, requires no registration, and is VPN-friendly.

25. Movies123.top

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 153K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 2

This website has pop-ups, but not as many as similar sites. That is why it is the preferred Putlocker alternative for many couch potatoes around the world. The homepage has a larger selection of HD movies and more movie information than most other websites. For ad annoyance, Movies123.top receives an outstanding two. The website receives 153k monthly visitors, requires no registration, and works well with VPNs.

26. PopcornTime

PopcornTime appears to be out of place on this list because it has a solid user base and thus competes with Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. The site has a large selection of movies and TV shows, and you can even download your favorites to watch later.

The user interface is a little different than what you'd expect from Putlocker. However, it remains one of the best places to watch free movies and TV shows online. To get the full PopcornTime experience, you must first download the company's proprietary software.

On most devices, it's fairly simple to set up. After that, you can look for and watch the movie you wanted in the first place. Our annoyance index and other considerations do not apply because this is a different type of streaming platform.

27. YesMovies

See the source image

  • Number of monthly visitors: 233K
  • VPN compatible: Yes
  • Ad annoyance: 7

YesMovies is another excellent Putlocker alternative. It's ahead of the pack because it's usually the first portal to post the latest blockbusters. The interface is simple, intuitive, and easy to use, and you can get a lot done with just a few clicks on this website. However, be prepared to deal with a slew of obnoxious advertisements.

Best VPNs to use along with sites like Putlocker

As previously stated, free video streaming sites are rife with security risks. As a result, a good VPN service is your best friend when it comes to streaming from Putlocker alternative sites ensuring that your entertainment choices do not jeopardize your privacy, anonymity, or security.

Don't be concerned about the monthly fee that a VPN will ask you to pay. To begin with, free VPNs will not protect you; instead, they will introduce new privacy issues that you do not want. Second, most of the best-paid VPNs in the world will provide you with a full service for around ten dollars on average.

Finally, you will pay even less for your VPN bang if you choose more extended plans.

That being said, here are the best VPNs to use to stay safe while using any of the 27 Putlocker-like websites previously mentioned.

1. NordVPN

servers5,400+ servers in 59 locations

P2P optimized serversP2P sharing

encryptionAES-256-bit encryption

simultaneous connectionsAllows up to 6 simultaneous devices

Kill switchAutomatic kill switch

protectionDNS/IPv6 leak protection

live chat24/7 live chat

money-back guarantee30 days money-back guarantee


  • Unblocks many streaming platforms
  • Reliable security and privacy features
  • Does not keep logs


  • The desktop app is a little complicated

NordVPN is a popular choice among professionals. It has one of the largest server networks in the world, with top-notch privacy features and incredible speeds. You won't find a better VPN to use with your favorite Putlocker alternative or for any other purpose you might have.

It's also not prohibitively expensive. The service also comes with a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to put it to the test.

2. Surfshark

servers3,500+ servers in 65 countries

encryptionAES-256-bit encryption

P2P optimized serversP2P servers

MultiHop modeMultiHop mode

protectionDNS leak protection

Kill switchAutomatic kill switch

Camouflage modeCamouflage-mode

simultaneous connectionsAllows unlimited simultaneous connections

money-back guarantee30-day money-back guarantee


  • Unblocks streaming sites with excellent speed
  • 24/7 live chat
  • Anonymous payment options


  • Some servers are occasionally slow

Surfshark provides all of the features you'd expect from the industry's top providers, but at a much lower cost. All of this is backed by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

Surfshark's only flaw is that its transfer rates aren't as fast as those of NordVPN or ExpressVPN. However, it is sufficient to allow you to enjoy your stream-surfing without interruption.

3. ExpressVPN

servers3,300+ servers in 90+ countries

encryptionAES-256-bit encryption

protectionDNS/IPv6 leak protection

P2P optimized serversP2P optimized servers

network lock featureNetwork-lock feature

Trusted servers nordTrustedServer technology

simultaneous connectionsAllows up to 5 devices simultaneously

money-back guarantee30-day money back guarantee


  • Excellent speed
  • No-logs policy
  • 24/7 customer support


  • Higher in price

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest VPN networks on the planet, and it can easily handle HD video streams. The app is simple to use and is available on every major platform for desktop and mobile devices. Furthermore, because the VPN's network is so large, you'll be able to find plenty of servers in your area.

It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee and excellent customer service that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


It's natural for you, as a movie buff, to yearn for the unrestricted ability to watch your favourite films online. Putlocker has spoiled a lot of us by providing us with a lot of the content we want for free.

However, depending on where you live, Putlocker's legality may be questioned. Still, as you've seen in this article, there are plenty of good Putlocker alternatives that will get you the movies you want as soon as possible.

The issue of safety, on the other hand, is a different one.

A few of the websites on this list are legitimate in the sense that they were built and are managed by businesses. Many other sites, on the other hand, are run by private companies looking to profit from your traffic. They do this by placing cookies in your browsers, tracking your activities, and even putting malware on your devices.

Remember that nothing in life is free, and web streaming websites are no exception. They are monetizing you in some way if they give you the movies and TV shows you want without charging you, which could jeopardise your privacy.

The good news is that a good VPN service, such as any of the three mentioned above, will protect you from any suspicious behaviour you may encounter on the Putlocker alternatives and websites in question. Depending on the VPN provider you choose, you can get the content you want without jeopardising your anonymity and for only a few dollars.

So now you have everything you need to keep watching movies on the internet while staying safe.

In the immortal words of Douglas Adams: Enjoy and share!

Putlocker Alternative FAQs

Is Putlocker still live?

It's still difficult to tell what Putlocker's current status is. The original Putlocker.com has vanished, implying that the platform as a whole has died. However, the frequency with which new replica sites appear online demonstrates the official team behind Putlocker's ability to stay online. Despite this, none of these sites have been labelled as "official" by the Putlocker creators.

Is Putlocker safe to use?

When using Putlocker, the users are responsible for their own safety. Putlocker is, in general, a completely safe streaming platform. Users must be cautious when streaming and downloading content on Putlocker because no Putlocker site appears to be official.

Yes, alternative websites are perfectly legal as long as all of the content they provide is freely available to the public.

Do you need a VPN to watch Putlocker alternative websites?

In a strict sense, any Putlocker alternative can be viewed without the use of a VPN. The videos will play, and you will be able to see the movies, among other things. However, using most of these sites without a paid VPN is a bad idea. That's because many free streaming services make money by tracking your online activity, showing you ads, and, in some cases, installing malware on your devices. As a result, free streaming sites are almost always a security risk. As a result, if you insist on using these sites, the only tool that will keep you safe is a VPN.

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