#4 - Customising the Joomla Frontpage (or the Featured Articles Component)

Audience: Joomla Newbies

This simple question is asked over and over again on the Joomla forums by newbies. The most popular question would be, how do I change from two columns to one column display. There are of course many many others, but in essence there is a lot of questions going on about how to customize the front page or landing page of your Joomla website.

First thing you need to understand that the Frontpage is powered by what is called the "Featured Articles" component. Essentially, this is a core Joomla component which allows you to feature specific articles in a specific format. Of course - it is completely up to you, the designer or webmaster of the Joomla website which articles you want to show.

Understanding the FrontPage component (or Featured Articles Component)

The Joomla frontpage is a component which allows you to control how your homepage looks. It is slightly different from standard components in the fact that its configuration is not done via the Components menu. Instead you need to find the Home link in your main menu. In a default installation the Home points to the frontpage component.

Joomla 3 Featured Articles

Customize the Joomla frontpage layout

As you can see the Home at DART Creations (or the frontpage) right now is customised through the Layout tab. Using the tab, we can specifically organize how the Joomla frontpage is going to look. We can decide how many Leading Articles we are going to show (i.e. fully featured articles), how many articles we are just going to show the introduction to - Intro Articles, how many Links to other articles we're going to show and how many Columns we're going to have.

#Leading - This parameter determines the number of full width articles to display. Articles displayed in the Leading will have the Intro text displayed. This setting overrides the columns parameter i.e. if you have decided to have 2 columns and 1 items in the leading intro you will have a layout as follows: 

Article 1 - Full Width (Row 1 - Leading)

Article 2 (Row 2, Column 1)       Article 3 (Row2, Column 2)

Article 4 (Row 3, Colum 1)         Article 5 (Row 3, Column 2)

Columns - the columns determines how many columns will feature in each row. If you want more than a single column, set the number of columns here. 

#Intro - the number of articles whose Intro text will be displayed (excludes the number of items in the Leading parameter).

#Links - the number of links to articles to display (excludes the number of items in the Leading and Intro parameters). Items showed in the Links section will feature just the title of the article (with no Intro text displayed).

Other versions of Joomla

The concept applies to all the versions of Joomla, in fact the parameters have not changed much since the earlier versions. It's just the naming of things and where to find them which might have changed a little bit, but as you can see it's mostly the same.

To customise the look and feel of the frontpage you need to edit the Parameters of the Home menu item link. Therefore go to Menu > mainmenu and click on the Home link. 

Joomla frontpage parameters 


Joomla 1.5 - Changing the Title (Welcome to the FrontPage)

The following article shows how to change the article title in Joomla 1.5

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