If you are thinking about how great and how much work Javascript developers are able to find right now or if you’ve been one for a while now, there are some important things that you need to know. There are some really important skills that every single developer in the world should have in order to be successful. Now these skills don’t just stop with Javascript – they extend to any kind of developer who is writing code.

Everything from knowing how to communicate properly to keep up with the industry is incredibly important for developers. Continue reading to learn more about the top five essential skills every single JavaScript developer should have in their arsenal.

1. The ability to keep up with what’s happening in the industry

This is a skill that’s not only important for JavaScript developers, but every single person in the world who has a job. The world is changing at an incredible pace, which means that industry trends are coming and going faster than ever. This is especially true when it comes to the world of development. There are new programs, new coding languages, new applications, and new devices that you’ve got to know about if you want to be a successful developer.

It’s important for you to know how and where to get the latest information about JavaScript development in order to stay up to date. You can set alerts onto your phone and get emails from the top development communities to stay aware of what’s going on in the world of coding. When you know the latest trends, then you are going to be more ready and prepared to stay ahead of the competition and keep your clients happy.

2. A pretty great knowledge of different platforms/browsers and how each work

When new technologies come to the forefront of the digital world, then this raises a big question. How are these technologies going to work across various platforms and browsers? Do things need to be tweaked a little bit to ensure everything works across browsers, platforms, and devices?

This is a big reason why every single developer needs to know a lot about various platforms and browsers. That way, whenever a new technology arises, then you are going to be ready and able to replicate your work across browsers. This skill gets more and more important to have as technology intensifies and diversifies in the future.

3. React & Redux

Next up on the list is a skill that every single JavaScript developer should be learning about in 2017. React (a Javascript framework / library open-sourced by Facebook) has been growing in popularity and in demand since 2015 when the AngularJS framework started having some issues, which was super popular at the time. This helped for React to start to gain traction among the JavaScript development community, which is why you should definitely be spending some time learning about it.

However, in addition to React, Redux was announced in 2015 by Dan Abramov. Because of the easy flux implementation, so many developers decided it was time to make the switch to React. Redux made the testing of your applications so much easier than before and helped with getting rid of bugs in applications. That’s why these tools are the ones you’ve got to get into your toolbox to be a successful JavaScript developer.

4. Make sure that you know about Meteor if you’re just starting out

Over the past few years, Meteor has been slowly, but steadily growing in traction and popularity among the JavaScript developers of the world. Meteor works perfectly well with Angular and React, which means that you’re not going to have any issues. It’s a pretty lightweight and easy-to-use framework. That means if you’re just starting out with JavaScript development or you want to prototype something easily, then this is the framework you need to know how to use.

5. Excellent communication skills when speaking with clients or customers

One of the most crucial skills that every single developer has got to have is one that you might not think about at first. You might think that developers are just going to be sitting behind their computer all day and barely speaking to any human beings. However, developers are going to have to know how to properly communicate with everyone from their own clients to their boss. In addition, if you are going to be working on a team of developers, team communication and collaboration is crucial for success.

Conclusion: have you acquired these 5 essential Javascript skills?

JavaScript developers are some of the most talented people in the world. However, if they don’t have the above skills, then they can only go so far with their knowledge and experience. Make sure to get these skills in your toolbox if you want to go far in the world of JavaScript developing.

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Website Image Optimization Checklist

Whether you use photos you’ve shot yourself, images that you’ve designed from scratch or if you download free photos from stock image providers, it’s also important that your images do more than simply illustrate your point.

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Toptal vs Upwork

Want to outsource your development? How does  Toptal fare against Upwork?

If you've ever been in the position to hire developers, you've probably been faced with the decision of which outsourcing company to choose, particularly when looking at the most popular sites - Toptal vs Upwork?

These two major sites both offer development resources for hiring - but what is the difference between them? Which ones makes most sense for you?

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Protect Your Online Business Domain by trademarking your domain name

What if I told you that your business runs a (not small) risk of getting into a trademark infringement dispute? Getting a trademark domain name is one of the things which is often overlooked, but very important for your business.

Legal protection in general is something which most online small businesses forget about.

Most people creating a web based business consider what they should do to protect their website content, but commonly overlook another risk, one that may be greater and is increasing as online markets become more crowded -- the risk of trademark infringement.  

But what steps can I, a small business owner take, to protect and trademark a domain name?

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7 best free ways to find web design clients

If you are a web studio owner or an individual web developer, perhaps, you have already faced the problem of a lack of clients.

Don't worry if this is the case.

Between us, it happens to the 70% of those who are involved in web design business.


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web design trends 2017

2016 is coming to an end. That means it's time to revisit this year's web design trends and see what's coming up for next year! It's the time web designers can start getting ready for upgrading their online projects with latest web design trends for the upcoming year. What will be in demand in 2017? What web design trends in 2017 will be more popular than others? Which ones will be more appreciated by the highly demanding web community?

Only time will tell.

Still, we want to leap ahead and suggest several web design trends that might penetrate even deeper in the contemporary web designs.

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There are many reasons to switch career later in life: to pursue a neglected passion, to adapt to a changing job market, or to learn a new skill set, to name but three. In a changing world of work, there are always exciting new areas to explore, but it can be intimidating as a new entrant in a sector seemingly dominated by younger workers – especially those that can claim that dreaded title, the ‘digital native’.

But if you’ve worked thousands of hours at a job or jobs that required you to be deeply logical and scientific, or you have an engineer’s mind for an elegant solution, learning to code may feel relatively natural to you.

This Infographic, originally published by Varooma explains how to become a developer later on in life. We've also been quoted as a web developer in an upcoming article by Varooma.

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Hire Javascript developer

Hiring a great Javascript developer is the cornerstone of building a proficient web development team today

It is difficult to overstate how important is to find an excellent JavaScript developer for hire, to build an excellent web development team.

Javascript, is in the world of tech today has become fundamental. It's importance in today's web is unparalled. JavaScript is the central scripting language of the World Wide Web. Your web development team should not just have a good number of Javascript developers, you need to make sure there is a good percentage of excellent, top-talent Javascript developers.

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Find the Best App Developer for hire

Once, twice, thrice, we have been through it quite a few times. Find a good (let alone a great) app developer for hire and getting them to come onboard your project understanding is in itself, an ordeal. We've had plenty of bad experiences with hiring an app developer which greatly inflated their capabilities. Untested pages, broken functionalities, coding glitches, blah blah blah! Lots of things that you really really never want in your…well, whatever app you dreamt of building.

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Color Psychology for ecommerce sites

As a designer, color psychology may not be something you think about regularly, but you’re likely aware that something red can make you feel hungry and that a bright, sunny yellow room can make you feel lighthearted and happy. Applying the psychology of color to eCommerce sites web design can also have an emotional impact on site visitors. Which colors you choose for the design can help with brand recognition and even how likely a customer is to trust your brand.

Color psychology is basically the way color impacts the emotions and behaviors of people. Does it make them want to purchase an item? Does it make them happy, or does it show a serious side?

However, color psychology isn’t as simple as red makes you hungry, and blue makes you feel calm. There is a lot more that goes into color psychology, and it has many layered facets. More so, if you are doing this for eCommerce sites, color psychology is all the more important.

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TemplateToaster Review

Any business owner or newbie website developer knows how difficult it is to create and maintain a website. It’s a good thing that we’re now living in a generation when several tools are available to help practically anyone in terms of website creation and Web design.

One such tool is TemplateToaster, which has been creating a buzz for making it easy for anyone to come up with the perfect website template for just about any intended purpose.

In this article, we will do a comprehensive TemplateToaster review and how useful it is in the field of web design.

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101 Awesome Web design blogs you need to follow in 2016

 If you're a web designer, a design agency, or somebody who works with websites, you know that you must keep yourself always up to date with the latest goings on in the world of web design.

To that extent, what better way than following established web design blogs , which produce a constant stream of content. Yes, you may "use" a lot of time if you had to read all of that content - but it would be much more expensive for you if you had to fall behind.

Here's a list of the web design blogs you should follow.

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Top 30 New Themes Released in Spring 2016 by TemplateMonster

Whether you need a website for your private needs or for a small business with 10+ employees, it is necessary to run a good looking and responsive website that reflects your professionalism. Of course it must be intuitive and highly customizable in order to save your money and time while managing it. Here we’ve gathered a collection of Top 30 New Themes Released in Spring 2016 by TemplateMonster. All these are premium themes with an extensive functionality built by professionals to be used to set up any kind of a website you need.

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Are you part of an amazing programming community?

because you WILL mature as a coder when engaging with a programming community

It’s no secret that the life of a developer, especially that of a freelance developer, can be pretty isolating. Truth is, the more into the code we get, the more we don’t get out. We spend all of our time eagerly plugging away at our keyboards, looking for that pesky bug or learning a new way to build an app so that it stands out from all the rest. Because we’re so focused on the screen in front of us, we tend to forget to think of our networks as a programming community when in fact, that is exactly what they are.

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Introduction to Responsive Web Design (RWD)

Nowadays, your website will be visited by a wide variety of devices: desktops with large monitors, mid-sized laptops, tablets, smartphones, and more.

To achieve an optimal user experience as a front-end engineer, your site should adjust its layout in response to these varied devices (i.e., to their varied screen resolutions and dimensions). The process of responding to the form of the user’s device is referred to as (you guessed it) responsive web design (RWD).

Why is it worth your time to study responsive web design examples and shift your focus to RWD? Some web designers, for example, instead make it their life’s work to ensure a stable user experience across all browsers, often spending days on end addressing small issues with Internet Explorer.

This is a foolish approach.

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Join the online shopping revolution and setup your eCommerce store

Creating your own Ecommerce platform today is something that can be filled with adventure as well as trepidation. With so many different competitors out there, it is hard to stand out from the crowd.

Furthermore, what tools are the best to help you navigate the best course for your business. That is why we created the Ultimate Ecommerce Guide - we want to give you some ecommerce tips to get you started on the right footing.

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Dark Website Design has always been a very controversial topic of discussion among web designers. While many designers, who believe in pushing the normal boundaries, seem to adopt the concept of Dark Web Design, there are some others who are still not in favor of using it in their designs. This is mostly because they think it’s not good for a website from a readability point of view.

But actually, this is not so. Done properly, Dark Web Design can convey a very creative, elegant and professional look and feel to users.However, creating a dark website design is quite a challenging job that requires a web designer to be an expert in web usability. This article focuses mainly on different scenarios when you may use Dark Web Design and several things to keep in mind while working on a dark-themed website.

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It’s no secret that the user experience (UX) design market is teeming with non-professionals claiming to be masters of the trade. Probably, it’s because UX design, being unrecognized for years is currently enjoying a lot of airplay following proven success as an internet marketing strategy.

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