How to hire (GREAT) Javascript developers - Top 5 sites

Hiring a great Javascript developer is the cornerstone of building a proficient web development team today

It is difficult to overstate how important is to find an excellent JavaScript developer for hire, to build an excellent web development team.

Javascript, is in the world of tech today has become fundamental. It's importance in today's web is unparalled. JavaScript is the central scripting language of the World Wide Web. Your web development team should not just have a good number of Javascript developers, you need to make sure there is a good percentage of excellent, top-talent Javascript developers.

Javscript developer

Why do you need to find and hire top Javascript developers?

Let's start a little bit from the beginning. Up to about 10 years ago, the key to a great web development team was having a great set of backend developers. Javascript was considered to be a nice-to-have tool for front-end developers. There were tweaks, validations and quite a few nice effects you could create using Javascripts but the real work was done at the back-end. Javascript was not a crucial part of web developemt, therefore you could afford not having dedicated Javascripts developers.

However, websites and web software developed in those days lacked a fundamental piece of functionality. Refreshing a page could not be done asyncronously. 

AJAX changed all of that. Suddenly web development took a whole new direction. Web pages become much more responsive to user input - you could build web applications which felt like desktop applications and responded like desktop applications. Websites become FAST.

This took web development into a whole new paradigm - and at the center of the web development revolution is Javascript. Instead of Javascript being solely used at the front-end, it become also a key part of the server-side programming.

This is of course the reason why Javascript developers are key to a great development team.  

Of course, Javascript support is built into all major web browsers including Chrome, Internet Explorer, FireFox and Safari, and virtually all websites incorporate some aspect of JavaScript to enhance their front-end. You'll typically also see browsers competing to developer faster and faster Javascript engines.

As we have also just highlighted, in today’s tech landscape, JavaScript has even evolved to become a server-side programming language through languages such as Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Express.js and plenty of other Javascript programming languages. It’s entirely possible to develop web applications entirely with JavaScript through the MEAN stack. You'll also find today, that Javascript developers are also likely to be fully proficient in back-end and server-side programming paradigms. Such stuff as MongoDB, Express 

However, JavaScript is mostly known as a front-end language and has become synonymous with client-side web development.

Let's a few uses of languages which can be used by a Javascript developer

Javascript - front end development

There is still plenty of need of using Javascript to work on the front-end. This was the forefront of Javascript and is still a strength of the language. Javascript together with newer features of CSS have given lots of strength and room for creativity to Javascript developers.

Node.js -  a Javascript developer can use the power of JS for server-side programming

nodejsNode.js was one of the very first languages which started to push the boundaries of Javascript by creating a framework to allow Javascript to be used for server-side programming. Using the same syntax of Javascript front-end development, Javascript developers could actually perform all tasks which ar necessary at the backend such as interfacing with databases, performing necessary computations, tasks and logic, deal with logins and all of the other functions and features typically associated with server-side programming.

 In the words of Node.js itself: "As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications."

Most hired Javascript developers can easily transition to working with Node.js applications.

React.js - The Facebook developed Javascript library

reactWhen Facebook start to develop a certain level of complex forms for their user interfaces, they started to find a number of stumbling blocks. The languages and technology available at their disposal were not able to reach the demands and needs of the Facebook teams. So what the developers at Facebook do? They developed a new, more powerful programming library for Javascript developers. This is how React.js was born.

The results they started to achieve were so amazing, that they felt that it would be a pity that the only Javascripts developer to be enabled by this new technology would be Facebook developers. So they decided to completely open-source the project. Suddenly, all Javascripts developers were able to take advantage of this new language. 

Using the raw technology developed at Facebook, Javascript developers are now able to create highly responsive, complex user interfaces which are able to quickly and efficiently react to user events. Again in the words of React: A JAVASCRIPT LIBRARY FOR BUILDING USER INTERFACES.

AngularJS - superheroic Javscript MVW framework

AngularJS large

Another framework which is very powerful in the hands of top Javascript developers is AngularJS. Once again, AngularJS is a bit of a hybrid between HTML, Javascript and server-side programming paradigms. In essence, AngularJS takes HTML and gives it some oomph for creating dynamic web applications. By allowing certain concepts such as variables, calculation of results on the fly, looping mechanisms, data-binding etc, it made up for all of the shortcoming of HTML. Again, a very powerful combination was suddenly created, which has as it's core Javascript. For Javascript developers you hire who are already familiar with the fundamentals of web design and development, Angular is an excellent enabler.

Other languages and libraries and Javascript development tools

There is no shortage today of languages, off-shoots, mixes and merges of languages, frameworks and libraries all working through the raw power of Javascript. Even if you have a quick look at Github, you'll see that the sheer amount of Javascripts code is enormous. 

You should have been convinced about the power that a great Javascript developer can bring to your team.

JavaScript continues to be one of the world’s most popular and powerful programming languages as companies and individuals use it to spice up their web pages by making them much more interactive. Given how ubiquitous JavaScript is, finding top JavaScript developer talent for hire can be a real challenge in our specialist economy. Most developer resumes will list some degree of JavaScript experience which makes locating these Javascripts developers fairly easy, but sifting through them to find top talent that much more challenging. The huge amount of Javascript developer jobs available makes the task of finding great developer talent even more difficult.

But - what happens if you screw up whilst hiring Javascript developers?

You might think that finding Javascript developers for hire is fairly easy. The huge demand for Javascript developer skills has brought about the jackals and the hyenas. Those who want to get an easy meal by fooling you into thinking they have enough know-how.

We've had a few very bad experiences hiring developers who claimed to know more than they actually did. We've seen plagiarized code (pilfered straight from open-source code) given to us as their own work, we've seen buggy code which was developed very haphazardly, creating severe code maintenance issues and we've seen plain old developers who claim they can code when they can't. This is even more so when you start looking at the tens of sites proclaiming to have the best freelancers around.

How to hire a great Javascript developer

There are two ways of hiring a great Javascript developer. 

1. Find vetted developers

These are developers who have been passed through strict and rigorous tests to make sure they are extremely skilled. We'll talk about this further in a moment.

2. Hire a Javascript developer in ever-increasing phases

If you are not going to opt for vetted developers, you will have to go through the time-consuming process of vetting the developers yourself. Essentially, you'll need to have a small task at hand (which does not impact larger projects or deadlines if it fails), which you can give to the Javascript programmers under probation. When they complete the Javascript developer jobs, you need to have other great developers at hand who can verify that the solution is fine and the developer has passed the initial test. You then need to do this 3 or 4 times to make sure that the Javascript developers you are hiring actually knows what they are doing.

This of-course a very time and energy consuming process and you need to make sure you have the resources to do this. Not going through this process is highly risky. Reviews of developers on freelancer sites can be manipulated (some sites highly encourage positive reviews or none at all), so don't count too much on the excellent, 5-star reviews you see. Many of these are biased towards the coders and are NOT an indication of good talent. Some sites may indicate such stuff as Top 3% of talent - which may typically be good indicators.

Whether you are looking to hire high-quality firms to meet your JavaScript developer needs or gifted freelancers, there is no need to waste time looking in the wrong places for top talent. Use these 5 sites to go straight to the source for the best JavaScript developers in the field:

Top 5 sites to hire a Javascript developer

  1. Toptal

 Toptal hire Javascript developer

If you’re looking for the top 3% of JavaScript developers for your mission-critical projects, then look no further than Toptal. Their rigorous screening process ensures that you have the strongest possible pipeline for your project. In the Javascript developer interview questions, they ask candidates to pass through a number of gates (including an in-depth skills review, a live screening, and test projects) that ensure that only the best talent is available for your project. Toptal’s screening process assesses a developer’s grasp of JavaScript fundamentals while getting at more subtle nuances as well.

Toptal has an unprecedented network of freelancers that is entirely remote and spans 100+ countries worldwide. They offer a risk free trial period of up to two weeks for companies to see if Toptal is the right fit for their needs. Whether you’re a new firm just getting started or a major business building a new product, this white-glove service is well worth the investment.


  1. Clutch

If you’d rather go the firm route, then check out Clutch. They provide research and reviews of top development companies where you can find and source your JavaScript developer talent. Take time to read through their profiles and ratings for various companies as you decide which one will best meet your needs. Clutch also shares testimonials from previous clients and general cost ranges for the firms, so you can get an understanding of what firms can deliver what they promise, whether they are easy to work with, and on a fundamental level, whether you can even afford their business. With so many different development firms to choose from, Clutch is a valuable tool to help you identify which one will best meet your needs.

 Clutch firms that deliver

  1. Freelancer


With nearly 20 million registered users, you can cast a wide net to find the right JavaScript developer talent through Freelancer. They offer helpful candidate reviews (with ratings) and a “Hire me” link that connects you directly to each candidate for a real-time conversation. You can also use the site to get free quotes on the work that you need done. This site is good for cheap, easy projects and offers no vetting process for its network, so it’s up to clients to find out if the freelancers are capable of the job. offers a unique bidding system for freelancers to bid on projects with various clients, allowing your company to consider multiple bids for the same project as they assess the various factors important to the project such as time, price, and experience level needed. This is a great tool for a company looking to find strong freelance talent quickly and on their own as projects come and go.


  1. Extract


So you’d prefer to work with a company that specializes in JavaScript development, but want them screened for you first? Check out Extract. They pre-screen JavaScript development companies for you by verifying client feedback and technical skills andshortlist the top 10% of companies among 2500+ firms. With Extract, you can even get a cost estimate with a single click and contact the development firms directly, no middle man. A service like this is great if you are looking for support on a longer term, high value project or a short-term fix, both of which could make the difference between success and failure for your company.


  1. Stack Overflow

stack overflow 

Another great service to help you find and source developer talent is Stack Overflow. Initially created as a platform for programmers to find answers to technical questions (a Q&A site to a large degree), the site has now evolved into a platform for top programmer talent. With 40 million monthly visitors, it makes complete sense for this fountain of software development knowledge to turn its sights on recruiting as well, and they’ve done so quite successfully. One attractive feature here is that Stack Overflow gets their job listings in front of freelancers who are both actively looking for new work and those who are not (but still meet the client’s criteria), allowing you to access a wider pool of talent to meet your company’s needs. Lastly, Stack Overflow uses job targeting technology will help your company better leverage key data (e.g. skills needed, location, experience levels, etc.) about their talent network as you search for the right developers for your project.

There is an excellent Javascript developer community at StackOverflow, something which you can use to your advantage during your hiring process.


The top JavaScript developer talent is out there, and you can vary your approach to finding them through the resources above. It’s a competitive market, but going to the right sources and building a strong pipeline from the start can make a huge difference for your company. Use the sites above to meet your JavaScript developer needs whether it’s a full-time hire or a quick freelance project. Invest in the right resources early, and the results will speak for themselves. You won’t regret going to the best sources for the top talent.

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