TemplateToaster Review: would it work for me?

Any business owner or newbie website developer knows how difficult it is to create and maintain a website. It’s a good thing that we’re now living in a generation when several tools are available to help practically anyone in terms of website creation and Web design.

One such tool is TemplateToaster, which has been creating a buzz for making it easy for anyone to come up with the perfect website template for just about any intended purpose.

In this article, we will do a comprehensive TemplateToaster review and how useful it is in the field of web design.

TemplateToaster Review

What is TemplateToaster?

According to its official website, TemplateToaster is an application that enables you to create templates and themes quickly. The program is downloadable through the website, and works as soon as it is installed in the user’s computer.

This website template generator software has the ability to produce a wide array of designs for popular content management systems (CMS), including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and Magento. It also has an option to create a purely HTML design template, which is perfect for static pages.

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How To Use TemplateToaster

Using TemplateToaster involves three basic steps. You'll see from our TemplateToaster review that getting a template up and running with TemplateToaster takes very little effort.

1. Install

The first step is to download and install the TemplateToaster software onto your computer. Unlike most other pagebuilders we've seen recently, this is an actual installable program on your own desktop. From the Download page, you may enjoy the trial version of TemplateToaster. While Buying the license, you have the option to chose the Standard Edition ($49) or Professional Edition ($149).

TemplateToaster Review screenshot start template

2. Design

Once the program is installed, you may create a website design from any of these two options:

TemplateToaster choose CMS

  • Start from scratch: If you feel like going gung-ho, go ahead and create your own custom template. All you need is your imagination!
  • Go with sample templates: Your TemplateToaster installation comes with free sample templates, from which you can build your desired layout. You may modify the content, visual elements, and overall layout of existing TemplateToaster sample templates.

Creating a theme with templateToaster

3. Export and upload

When you’re satisfied with the website design template that you created, export the template or theme and upload it according to the instructions for your chosen CMS. If you opted for an HTML template, you may upload the TemplateToaster output as-is to your web hosting server.

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What we loved about TemplateToaster. (You will too!)

Our TemplateToaster review shows you how TemplateToaster brings a whole boatload of benefits, some of which include the following:

Compatibility with major and popular CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and Magento

Gone are the days when web developers relied on their programming skills to come up with visually stunning and structurally SEO-friendly websites. These days, CMS has become the default framework for creating any kind of website, whether it’s a simple personal blog or an online shop.

Fortunately, TemplateToaster has the ability to create design templates to fit the most popular CMS in the market. Check out this list of CMS and frameworks that TemplateToaster can cater to:

  • WordPress
  • Joomla
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Prestashop
  • Virtuemart
  • WooCommerce
  • Blogger
  • HTML5 / CSS3

Templates which already offer Compliance to Web standards

The templates and themes generated by the software are aligned with the latest standards in web development, particularly W3C and Bootstrap. Its templates contain concise and ultra-clean code that maintains smooth user interface and fantastic user experience (UX).

Many times you'll find that even many commerical themes are bound to have many W3C compliance issues and fixing these would be a nightmare.

This is of course a refreshing and welcome change! This is a great positive aspect of this TemplateToaster review.

Responsive web design ready template

Ever since Google announced mobile-friendliness as a search ranking signal, everyone has been scrambling to convert their websites to make them look good on mobile screens. You won’t need to worry about this issue when creating design templates on TemplateToaster, because all of the themes and templates generated by the software are responsive.

TemplateToaster Responsive

Drag and drop template builder and WYSIWYG editor

People who need a website ASAP generally don’t like to tinker with programming. That’s the beauty of TemplateToaster: it takes away any form of coding when creating your preferred design templates. This is made possible through a drag-and-drop interface for creating templates or themes, as well as a WYSIWYG editor that makes design modifications easy to do. This is another greate feature which we've found during our TemplateToaster review!

The interface will remind you of Microsoft Office 2010, especially its top menu and panels. That’s a huge advantage for long-time Windows users looking for an alternative to Microsoft Expression Web or Sharepoint Designer.

TemplateToaster Designer

Creation of new widgets and regions

TemplateToaster allows you to add as many widget areas or module positions / regions as you see fit for your website. This is very helpful for websites with lots of content and sub-sections for improved site navigation.

TemplateToaster Responsive Web Design

Convenient image editing

Whatever template design you have come up with, TemplateToaster has a built-in image editing feature that lets you customize your photos and images so that they fit well in the webpage.

Wide range of pre-defined color palettes

With pre-defined color schemes for backgrounds and fonts, you have power to customize how you want your site to look. Simply hover your mouse pointer to the Color Scheme Gallery to choose your desired colors.

TemplateToaster choosing a color scheme

Excellent customer support

Errors and issues are bound to happen even in the simplest of services, but TemplateToaster users need not worry about being left in the dark. Customer support for TemplateToaster is possible through its Support Ticket system, while a robust user forum is also available for those who want to connect with fellow TemplateToaster users.

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What we don't like (points for improvement)

Our TemplateToaster review shows you how it brings a lot of advantages on the table, but it has some kinks as well. Here are some of them:

  • No Mac / iOS version
  • At this point in time, TemplateToaster is available only for Windows computers. In other words, Mac users will have to wait for now.
  • Need for basic CMS or web development knowledge

Although the creation process is easy-peasy, the template still needs to be uploaded to the web host server or installed in the CMS platform. This requires some basic knowledge of CMS backend processes, which neophyte website owners may not be familiar with. Fortunately, all of the CMS platforms have their respective online help guides to assist users in installing themes and templates.


With the concluion of our TemplateToaster Review, we believe we can highly recommended if you’re looking for an easy way to create beautiful, industry-grade design templates for just about any site platform. Despite some limitations – especially for advance web development and complex e-commerce websites – TemplateToaster brings website design to more people who want to spend less time on making the website and more on running their online business or coming up with amazing content.

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