Build an Online Store with Joomla and Wegy Template

We have already reviewed Wegy – a multipurpose template for Joomla crafted by TemplateMonster. Earlier we were focusing on its capabilities as a business template for corporate websites and landing pages.

 Wegy template for Joomla online store

But since the last update, Wegy is equipped with full-featured eCommerce functionality. It comes with a wide range of pre-designed pages for online sellers (Shop home page, Single product, Listing, Shipping & Delivery pages, and so on); it supports product image cloud zoom, multiple currencies, and many other eCommerce-oriented features.  With VirtueMart as its eCommerce solution, Wegy is simple, flexible and effective in terms of selling online.



$75 but you can get it with 10% OFF with our offer

  What We Liked

 Sliced PSD - With the PSD files you can customize it to your required brand designs


  – The theme uses custom widgets to support various niches and functions


 MOTOCMS Drag and Drop Builder support - you can use the MotoCMS Visual Editor with the theme


 Popular and Excellent ratings - Wegy has very good ratings


 VirtueMart support – can use this template for eCommerce using Virtuemart

  What We Didn't Like

 Other native Joomla pagebuilders - it would be great if the template would support other native Joomla pagebuilders



  Customization and Ease of Use






  Value for money



  Download theme now 

Today we will help you with customizing your Wegy-based online store, so you could set up your eCommerce business in almost no time. Here is what’s on our list:

  • How to install Wegy;
  • How to implement your own logo;
  • How to change the template’s color scheme;
  • How to make VirtueMart your front page;
  • How to customize static text blocks;
  • How to work with menus;
  • How to set up sliders.

Let’s get started.

Installation of Wegy Template

There are two ways of installing Wegy. You can either install everything at once or just the template. In this guide, we will use imply installation via uploading the content of

  1. Unzip the, which contains Joomla, Wegy and all the extensions, and upload it to the root folder of your hosting account.
  2. Go to your website, and you will see the installation message.
  3. Proceed through the standard Joomla installation process. ! Export sample data on the third step to get access to the premade pages, articles, and VirtueMart products. It is way easier to modify them than to create everything from scratch!
  4. Don’t forget to delete the installation folder.

Congratulations, the installation is over! Now you can browse your website or log in to the Joomla Control Panel to customize your template.

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Initial customization

Let’s start with the basics. To personalize your Wegy store you will need to replace its logos, static text blocks such as contact data and “About us”, and, perhaps, change the website’s color scheme.

Sign in to the Control Panel and go to Templates > theme3092 – Shop.

  1. Go to the ‘Layout’ tab and find the ‘Logo settings’ item;

  2. Upload your new logo image;

  3. Click ‘Insert’;

  4. And save the changes.

Implementing your own logo in Wegy

Choose your own logo

Insert custom logo

Note that the file name should contain only alphanumeric characters – no spaces allowed.

Changing the meta-information

  1. Go to VirtueMart > Shop in your Control Panel;

  2. Here you can change your shop name, vendor name, shop description, terms of service, legal information, and various meta-information: keywords, description, and many more.

Change the shop meta information

Setting up contact info

There are 2 positions that need to be customized in the first place – ‘sup-top’ (a narrow panel over the header) and ‘copyright’ (the footer). To browse and modify modules that belong to these positions do the next:

  1. Go to Extensions > Modules;

  2. Find ‘Select position’ on the sidebar. Select ‘sup-top’. Now you need to edit the modules ‘Location’ and ‘info’. Just click on them, replace the information with your own and click ‘Save’.

Setting up contact info

6 Edit location information

Same thing with the footer.

  1. In Extensions > Modules > Filter > Select position choose ‘copyright’;

  2. Find all the modules with the ‘Custom HTML’ type, and edit them in the WYSIWYG editor. When editing the ‘About’ module replace the original Wegy logo with your own – and it will appear in the footer.

7 Change the footer

Customizing features

There are three blocks with your company features named ‘Free Shipping’, ‘Support’, and ‘Order Return’.

If you are logged in as admin, you can change them right from the frontend. Just click the tiny icon above the module – and you will be redirected to the WYSIWYG editor.

Customizing features

Editing a color scheme

  1. Go to Users > User Manager > Add New User and fill all the forms necessary to create a new user;

  2. Assign it to the ‘Super users’ group in the second tab, and save;

  3. Sign in as this newly created user in the pullout menu on the front-end;

  4. You will see a Style Switcher panel on the left. Choose one of 4 styles and press ‘Save’.

Editing a color scheme

Create new super user account

Switch the color

Wegy utilizes LESS pre-processor to enhance its CSS code. Thanks to variables introduced in LESS you can change the color scheme of your entire website with one click. To edit these schemes you have to dig in the CSS files of the template, though.

Live Demo More info


It’s time to take care of your store’s navigation. Many elements of this template belong to menus - even social media buttons in the footer.

You can rearrange menu positions and their hierarchy in a simple drag-and-drop way.

  1. Go to Control Panel > Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item;

  2. Give it a name and specify its type. As an example, let’s place a link to the Kunena Forum board here. Pick Kunena Forum > Category List.

  3. Save the menu. It should appear on your homepage.

Add new menu item

Select Kunena Category List

New Menu Item

New menu result


  1. To manage your social media buttons open Control Panel > Menus > Social media;

  2. Open any menu item and paste the URL of the respective social media account. Save the menu.

Social media menus

16 Change Twitter menu

Link to social profile

Now icons in the footer link to your social profiles.

Live Demo More info

Mega menu

The mega menu functionality of Wegy is powered by the Ice Mega Menu plugin.

When you edit or create any menu item, you can go to the ‘IceMegaMenu’ tab and set the number of columns. If it’s more than 1, it will turn into a mega menu. Yes, it’s that simple. All you need to do is to arrange columns properly and define their widths in percentages. Properly. Like this:

IceMegaMenu Parameters

Wegy’s sample data includes two readymade mega menus that you can practice on. In our example, we added the ‘Accessories’ column and changed the banner and its position.

Accessories shop example

Setting your store as homepage

If you want to build a store-first website, you will probably want to set the shop as your website’s homepage. Here is how it can be done:

  1. Go to Menus > Main Menu > Add New Menu Item  in your Control Panel;
  2. Give it a unique name. Next to the Menu Item Type click the Select button. Click VirtueMart from the list, then click Front page;
  3. Click ‘Save’.

  4. Now go to Menus > Main Menu, find your new menu, and click the star next to it.

Add store menu item homepage

Choose frontpage menu item type

Set the menu item as home

Now check the front page of your website (e.g. If you’ve done everything correctly, you will see your store’s homepage.


The slider under the header uses your articles as slides. For a better result, you need to use large images with high resolution, which will still look good when stretched across the page.

  1. Go to Extensions > Modules in the Control panel;
  2. Find the Sequence Slider Shop module;
  3. In the first tab choose an article category to be displayed or unpublish the module if you don’t need a slider.

Create new module for sliders

Find the sequence slider

Slider parameters

There are many more ways to enhance your Joomla store with Wegy; we mentioned only the most important ones. For deep customization check the Documentation folder from your Wegy package.

Get Wegy here

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Live Demo More info

The full details of what's in Wegy


Wegy is a kind of revolutionary theme for TM, as it unites all the best ideas of the company and is created with the latest IT trends and concepts.

It also comes loaded with 14 pre-designed pages that are a must for any up-to-date website, and, because of this, you don’t need to design them yourself. In addition, it includes 4 color schemes that allow you to change the palette of your website with a single click.

Wegy Screen main 

So, let’s take a closer look at some of the features that make Wegy unique.

SEO Optimization

The theme is SEO optimized by default, so it will be ranked by all search engines, thereby delivering more traffic to your website.

Fixed Mega Menu

fixed mega menu

The next is a fixed mega menu. This ensures better navigation and allows you to organize the content into logical groups. In this way, users will be able to find the products in which they are interested, much faster.

Full-Width Slider

Full width slider

As is the latest trend, a full-width slider at the top of the homepage is a sort of trademark for your business and also a great way to showcase the products and services you offer. The Image Swoop Module allows you to create an appealing slider in only a few minutes.

Google Fonts

Google fonts allow you to bring more individuality to the site and to improve the web browsing experience of your visitors.

Scalable vector icons

Scalable vector icons

With the help of scalable vector icons, you can add some style to your website with a couple of clicks. The icons are fully customizable. You are free to change their color, shadows, and size.

Lazy Load

Lazy load effect - one of the most effective features of Wegy. It ensures the out of sight elements are not loaded until scrolled down. In other words, it helps the pages load faster and greatly reduces server load.

Bootstrap enabled + Responsive

Bootstrap enabled

Bootstrap - this framework offers a powerful set of functions that will help you enhance the performance of the site and make the website responsive on various devices. It offers a collection of ready-made pieces of code that you can use for making the site more personalized.


Responsive design allows your website and its content to adapt to any screen resolution, so it will perform well on all devices including desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

GoogleMap Support

Show your audience the location of your company on GoogleMap and let them know how to get to your office.


10+ Media modules

10+ media modules will enhance your website functionality and ensure optimum navigation. With this theme you get:

  • Joomla
  • Social Login,
  • Live Chat with Olark Add Counters,
  • Social Networks Integration with Addthis,
  • and a variety of other media modules.

Newsletter support

With the help of a powerful newsletter form, you can convert your visitors into subscribers, and eventually, into customers

Parallax effect

Parallax Effect

One of the most striking features about Wegy is the use of Parallax. This effect allows the background to move at a slower rate to the foreground as you scroll the page down. In this way, you get a 3D effect that adds some extra style to the page.

These are only a few of the Wegy features as the list is quite long, and it would take some time to look at each of them individually. You can install the theme and check all the benefits by yourself.

Originally, this theme was designed for business and financial websites, but thanks to advanced options, it can be adapted to any other kind of business. You can easily adapt it for a personal blog, portfolio, corporate site, etc. Check the Live Demo and More info on Wegy.

Wegy has had a number of updates, where a number of new features and improved some of the old ones. If you are already using this template, you’ll be glad to know that it can now become a full-featured online store. If you are just getting acquainted with Joomla, Wegy could become a great starting point for your future website.

As it is a flagship template from the Joomla collection by TemplateMonster, you can be sure that other features are made at the highest level too.


This major update, consisting of the smaller fixes and revamps, introduces several new page types, alternative page layouts, eCommerce integration and a plethora of minor improvements. Now let’s proceed to the recently added functions, offered by Wegy:

New features

Besides the improvements in existing features, this version of Wegy introduces a series of new ones. You, undoubtedly, will find them handy,

E-commerce integration

Perhaps the most massive and significant innovation of the update is the full eCommerce compatibility of Wegy-based websites. Joomla is one of the established content management systems, and has many extensions, including full-featured eCommerce solutions such as VirtueMart.

Wegy now has premade online store pages available in the recent update of Wegy you can use all the power of this extension to sell stuff online.

Right-To-Left Languages Support

Wegy now supports languages with right-to-left script. We know that Joomla is especially popular in Arabic countries and there are over a billion of people using languages with right-to-left script.

Multilingual Support

With the support of multiple languages, you can now translate your website’s interface into as many languages as you need to make it truly international.

Multiple Currencies

Now that you can build an online store with Wegy, the theme also supports multi-currencies. With this feature, you can accept payments in several different currencies, thus increasing the number of your potential customers and, as a consequence - your income.


This tool with zero requirements of coding skills will allow you to connect with your readers/customers with the help of customizable contact forms.

Image optimization

All the images coming with Wegy have been compressed without any quality loss. So your visitors will be able to enjoy high-quality imagery and high loading speed.


This modern design trend, indispensable for a modern online store, will be also useful for spicing up business pages. When used with high-definition photos, it is able to deliver an unmatched user experience.

New page layouts

The eCommerce nature of the update is reflected in several new page layouts. Most of them have been designed specifically for online stores, though business website owners have something to look at too. Here is a short overview of them:

Home Page version 2

wegy new home version

The alternative version of a Wegy homepage, created for business websites and landing pages. It contains more monochromatic flat elements and is, therefore, more saturated.

Some crucial elements such as titles in the price tables use a larger font. It will come in handy if you are using your homepage as a landing page. Numeric stats are presented as pre-loaders, while in the first version there were counters.

Contact us page version 2

wegy new contact version

The new homepage itself includes more contact info than the original one: it has an additional header line with your address and phone number.

The contact page has been improved too. Now it features a page-width Google Maps widget, where you can mark the location of your office. The icons and links are larger and much more visible. Their position is much better optimized compared to the original contact page design. The contact form is also duplicated in the footer of the homepage.

Shop home page

wegy home shop page

This page offers an eCommerce-oriented layout with product previews while retaining the familiar design and navigation of a Wegy website. It is equipped with a slider, an Ajax-powered shopping cart, a currency switcher and a set of product labels (“New”, “Sales” etc.)

Single product page

wegy product page

A conversion-optimized product page is a necessary attribute of any e-store.

In this page type Wegy offers various filters (by size, price, and manufacturer), product rating and reviews. Regarding images, there is a cloud zoom effect, allowing your customers to see the product in details; and also a preview image slider to showcase a product in different colors, styles and from different angles.

Catalog Home Page

wegy catalog page

Wegy’s shop listing page is not just a rip-off of the store homepage. It is designed to showcase a large number of products effectively. Here you can see spectacular category banners, smaller category previews, and single items, showing up with a lazy load effect. Powerful sorting options are also available on this page.

Shipping & Delivery page

wegy shipping delivery page

This page type is extremely important in terms of shopping experience. It clarifies the terms of delivery and is one of the hallmarks of a successful store. In Wegy it is quite simple, yet informative: the terms are spiced up with descriptive icons for better understanding.

“About Shop” page

wegy about shop page

An alternative “About shop” store page provides a summary of your online shop. Here is situated the information about the number of your products, site members, customer retention and so on. You can customize this page to add your own parameters.

Revised features

Some of the old functions have been remade for better look and usability. The changes are minor, so we’ll just provide a checklist of them to keep you informed.

  • Responsive option
  • Header resize option
  • Progress bars
  • Newsletter block on the About page
  • Blog styling
  • Portfolio filters
  • Color schemes
  • Menu search in the header
  • History, Pricing and Site Map pages
  • Tabs on the Forum page
  • Login form styling in the right sidebar.



Wegy is priced as most templates and products at TemplateMonster: the good price of $75. 

As part of the price, you get the theme, 14 pre-defined pages, full access to the PSD files, 10+ social modules and plenty more. 

As with most templates, you can also get a number of additional services:

  • $199 - to get a fully setup website with all the customizations necessary for your company
  • $49 - installation on the hosting of your choice
  • $59 - set up of GDPR compliance services
  • $79 - the inclusion of a number of premium Joomla products such as Advanced Content Editor, backup component, SEO plugin, backend search, speed optimization plugin etc.


Because we have worked with TemplateMonster for many years, they have offered us a special offer for the visitors of CollectiveRay. If you click via the button below and use the coupon code collectiveraytm10 you can get this template with 10% OFF

But hurry, this offer is only valid until September 2023.

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Wegy has been sold 747 times and has a 5-star rating from 34 reviews. Here are a few of the things its users have said about the template:

Paul Large 



So having paid for and downloaded many templates from various template sites before - I was really impressed with Wegy. Each section was easily modified from the front end. (a feature lacking on many templates). So it was easier for my customers to make their own changes. From a provider's perspective the support offered by Templatemonster - to me was the biggest advantage. 24/7 lifetime support for the template is really the biggest selling point for me. Let's see some more great Joomla templates like Wegy, please !!

Ronald Rodriguez




Easy to configure, multiple options for the homepage. It comes with images, dump.sql, plugins and template. AMAZING website!

Guarav Pratap




Very practical, easy to customize. Very good Support and Help from Template Monster. 


Being a highly customizable Joomla template, Wegy is very flexible for various types of niche shops and eCommerce templates. Its neutral layout allows you to apply it to a website of any type and topic. And, most important, it is regularly updated - since it comes from one of the most established vendors on TemplateMonster (Zemez).

So if you are looking for a professional template for your Joomla website, Wegy is an excellent choice. Click here to see it in the work: 

View Live Demo  Download Wegy Template Now

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