WordPress Keyboard Shortcuts cheatsheet - The Ultimate List

One of the best ways to improve your productivity as a blogger is to learn WordPress keyboard shortcuts that can speed up your writing and editing process while working from the WordPress dashboard. After all, we all are busy people with lots of different tasks to work on each day.

In this article, let’s take a look at various WordPress keyboard shortcuts that can save you precious time while working from the WordPress dashboard.



WP shortcusts Cheatsheet

WordPress Keyboard shortcuts for writing and editing

Speed up your writing and editing phases of blogging by using the below shortcuts. If you are on Mac, you’ll need to use the command key instead of the Ctrl key.

  1. Ctrl + c = Copy
  2. Ctrl + v = Paste
  3. Ctrl + a = Select all
  4. Ctrl + z = Undo
  5. Ctrl + y = Redo
  6. Ctrl + b = Bold
  7. Ctrl + i = Italic
  8. Ctrl + u = Underline
  9. Ctrl + 1 = Heading 1
  10. Ctrl + 2 = Heading 2
  11. Ctrl + 3 = Heading 3
  12. Ctrl + 4 = Heading 4
  13. Ctrl + 5 = Heading 5
  14. Ctrl + 6 = Heading 6
  15. Ctrl + 9 = Address

Styling your writings

Follow the below shortcuts for styling your writings.

  1. Alt + Shift + n = Check spelling
  2. Alt + Shift + l = Align left
  3. Alt + Shift + j = Justify text
  4. Alt + Shift + c = Align center
  5. Alt + Shift + d = Strikethrough
  6. Alt + Shift + r = Align right
  7. Alt + Shift + u = Unordered list
  8. Alt + Shift + a = Insert link
  9. Alt + Shift + o = Ordered list
  10. Alt + Shift + s = Remove link
  11. Alt + Shift + q = Quote
  12. Alt + Shift + m = Insert image
  13. Alt + Shift + w = Distraction free writing mode
  14. Alt + Shift + t = Insert more tag
  15. Alt + Shift + p = Insert page break
  16. Alt + Shift + h = Help

Moderating comments

After crafting the content and editing the content, comment moderation is the most laborious task you’ll have to work on as a blogger.

There are a lot of shortcuts that can help speed up your comments moderation process. Here are some of them.

Before proceeding with this step, make sure you enable WordPress keyboard shortcuts for comments moderation from your profile page.

enable keyboard shortcuts

Select a comment and follow the below shortcuts.

  1. A – Approve the comment
  2. S – Mark the comment as spam
  3. D – Delete the comment
  4. Z – Restore the comment
  5. U – Approved comment returns to moderation
  6. R – Reply to the comment
  7. Q – Activates quick edit for inline editing of the comment

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Do you know any other more WordPress keyboard shortcuts that are not being shared on this post? Let us know… 


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