How To Increase Blog Traffic with these 101 Awesome Plugins

101 wordpress plugins for traffic

WordPress plugins have come a long way in the past few years. We remember the time about 5 years ago when only a few plugins existed to help businesses increase their traffic and we used to spend hours or days trying to find a good plugin which worked the way it was supposed to AND give us the results we needed. Today the story is very different. The number of plugins available has exploded and more and more sophisticated plugins flood the market.


Now, WordPress is not only your content marketing hub, but with the WordPress plugins for increasing website traffic that we discuss in this article, you now have the ability to rapidly expand the influence. From social media and search engine optimization plugins to email and cross promotional plugins, WordPress has it all. Take a look to determine which WordPress Plugins for traffic you find best for your site. Take a look at this insane list, install the ones you like best and start seeing repeaing the benefits of your increased website traffic TODAY.

101 WordPress Plugins for Increasing Website Traffic 

We'll start our list with plugins to increase website traffic through Social Sharing

Having Social share buttons is of course a must. This reduces the friction a user has to share a great article. However, having share buttons where they aren't easily accessible is nearly as bad as having no share buttons at all. These plugins provide your readers with an easy way to share your content - enabling your great content to go viral.

1. Sharebar - easily accessible share buttons

This great little plugin gives you a vertical share box on the left of each blog post for your popular social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Email, Stumbleupon, and Reddit). They do not have LinkedIn or Google+ - so if you are focused on these networks, you might want to look beyond this one.

 The cool thing is that this plugin is responsive, and adapts if the page shrinks below 1000px (default). This is a free plugin available on WordPress.




A popular sharing button that is used on over 1 million websites. The free plugin has 7 display types with over 120 social channels you can use to encourage shares on your site. They have a hovering bar, so readers can share wherever they are on the page. Additionally, they have social analytics. 




3. WP to Twitter - small tweet-sized quotes bring traffic

Posts your blog posts directly to your Twitter account. The plugin also displays recent tweets, tweets based on search, and shortens urls to track clicks.


4. Bookmark Me - bookmarks are still a way of getting return traffic

Allow users to bookmark your content on social bookmarking sites like Digg, Reddit, and StumbleUpon.

5. Twitter Tools 

Connect multiple Twitter accounts to your WordPress blogs. It can also archive tweets onto your blog, then create blogs posts for each tweet. The process works in reverse, so when you post on your blog it goes out to Twitter.



6. Onlywire - because social should be 30% of your traffic

Automatic submission tool that goes to the top social networks. Works with any RSS feed and also WordPress blog. This is a free and premium tool.



7. Add to Any Share 

Unlike the other share buttons above, this one is more of a pop up menu. Users click on the share/save button and then have the option to share the content to countless social networks. Additionally, you can favorite the page from the plugin as well. Finally, you can email the content on common email platforms. 




8. Shareaholic 

Do you want sharing to be sexy? Then use the shareaholic button. You have the option to choose from over 86 social buttons that can be placed on your home page, pages, posts, categories, and RSS feed. Like the other social share buttons, this also has a social counter. They also have a new related content feature.


9. Social Toolbar

If you want a toolbar at the bottom of your site, and not your posts then this is your plugin. You can also display recent tweets about your site in the footer toolbar as well.



10. Social Media Widget 

Another way to get users to connect with you on social media. This plugin sits in the widget area, so you can ask users to join a variety of different social networks you are looking to grow.


11. Digg Digg 

One of the long standing social share buttons with many of the top social networks. You can position this at various points on your posts and pages. You can either choose between floating or fixed. It also has lazy loading to increase website performance.



12. Flare

I know we keep adding options, but the right social sharing bar should catch your readers attention. It should, pardon the pun, flare up their attention.



13. Floating Social Media Icon 

Great social media shares with animation and a variety of different icons themes.



14. Socia Media Feather 

A newer social share button that is lightweight and great for your users to share content across the social networks.


15. Sticklr WP- Sticky Side Panel - No longer  

Premium social sharing buttom from VestaThemes.




16. OnePress Social Locker 

Have visitors pay to see specific content on your site with a tweet, plus one, or like. Great for social traffic.


17. Facebook Social Plugins

While this is not a WordPress plugin, Facebook has a number of plugins to connect your social sharing on Facebook with your WordPress site. Their generators provide easy to use code for almost any sharing or following action on WordPress.



Subscribers - increase subscribers on your newsletter

18. Subscribe Button by AddToAny 

Another social plugin that allows users to subscribe to your feed via Feedly, My Yahoo, and other feed services. Great for regular visitors to your site.

19. WP MashSocial Widget 

Allow visitors to subscribe to your different social channels and feeds.  Has the abilityto include subscriptions to Pinterest, G+, Twitter, Facebook, RSS feeds, and more.




Social Metrics - because you want to now where the increased traffic is coming from


20. Google Analyticator

Connect your WordPress site with Google Analytics. See your Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard as well.



21. Google Analytics Dashboard for WP

Another plugin for Google Analytics. This one shows complete Google Analytics on your dashboard. It also inserts Google tracking code on each page of your WordPress site.




22. Jetpack 

This is the grand daddy of plugins from WordPress. They created a plugin within plugins. Somewhere between 30-50 plugins in here. The only thing with Jetpack is that it has been known to slow down websites without a lot of bandwidth. It is improved, but can be a bit slow.




23. GetSocial 

Which reminds me. If you want a lightweight plugin that is not constrictive on your website speed (a factor in search engine optimization), then consider GetSocial for your sharing.



24. WebReport 

A great analytics plugin that checks over 15 “Web-presence indicators.” Great for beginners.




 25Visitors Traffic Real Time Statistics 

A counter and statistics plugins to show you traffic, visits, search engine traffic, top referring sites, and GEOIP location by country.




26. XML Sitemaps 

Automatically generates an XML sitemap for Google search, so they know when your site has been updated.

27. SocialBox for WordPress - No longer available

Add a sleek social widget to your WordPress site that contains social proof for your website. You can enter in default numbers if the API does not connect to the specific social networks. This is a premium plugin.



Blogging - content marketing is an essential tool too increase traffic


28. Autoblog

Distribute content faster by posting on your site from RSS feeds. Track the feeds pulling into your site with the analytics.




29. Microblog Poster 

Push your content out to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and a number of social bookmarking sites.




Triberr is a community of bloggers that share each other’s content. The Triberr plugin automates this process by sending every post you write straight to Triberr to be shared by fellow bloggers.


Auto-Poster - why do it manually when you increase traffic automagically

31. NextScripts: Social Networks Auto-Poster

Another automatic tool that posts blog posts across social networks. Can also post to Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Google+ pages.





 32. SmartPosts Tagger - No longer available

Add smart tags into the metabox to improve SEO. This premium plugin also has an auto and bulk tag generator to improve tagging throughout your blog. It can also work with multiple languages for international traffic.




 33. SEO Redirection Pro

If you need to redirect 404 errors, this is good. You do not want Google indexing broken links. Additionally, it can also do 301 redirects for pages that are listed twice. Redirects work best for sites that might have a recent shift in the url taxonomy. You can also monitor potential problems with this premium plugin.



34. WordPress Title Generator Plugin

The biggest way to attract traffic from search and social is to have a great title. This premium plugin helps you create a magical title your prospective readers will love so you stand out from the crowd.




35. WordPress SEO Bot

Any website that gets traffic from search engines needs to optimize their pages first to ensure that they get the most from SEO. To do that, the pro WordPress SEO Bot will do things like bold, italicize, and underline keywords on your site. They also link those keyword to other pages on your website, auto-update tags, alt/title tags for images, and other tasks that can slow down your seo efforts.




36. News SEO - No longer available

A great premium plugin that indexes your news articles for search traffic. If you want to be displayed on Google news, then you need to have an index for your news. Additionally, you also receive opengraphy news metatags, Twitter summary card meta tags, multiple sitemaps in addition to the news SEO sitemap.



37. Keyword Suggestion Tools for WordPress - No longer available

Search engine traffic is no longer just about good keyword research. However, targeted keywords can still help you receive more traffic. That is why a good keyword suggestion tool is useful for additional traffic. This plugin analyzes the content on the page to come up with relevant keywords. Therefore, you write content for humans (a big plus for search traffic) and then you add targeted keywords for additional traffic. Bonus!



38. SEO Friendly Images

This free plugin automatically adds all tags and alt titles to your images to improve your image search on Google and Bing.




39. Web Tracker for WordPress

If you want more traffic, you need to understand how you receive your current traffic. Therefore, the pro web tracker helps you accurately track your WordPress website traffic.




40. SEO Keyword Competition  - No longer available

Check out your SEO competition via DMOZ, keyword occurrences, Alexa and Page rank, backlinks, and more. Understand your search competition.


41. All in One SEO Pack 

One of the largest WordPress SEO tools ever built. The purpose of this tool is to help you with all the things you need to optimize your site on Google.




42. SEO Ultimate 

Get 20+ modules and hundreds of features to optimize your site for search engines.



43. WordPress SEO Comments 

This plugin turns comments into search engine optimized free content for your blog to attract more traffic to your site. In essence, the plugin indexes comments for Google. Check out the difference in traffic it provided with this example below.



44. SEO Extended 

This is your chance to view and edit SEO titles and meta descriptions you created on Yoast SEO all in one place.



45. Simple Tags 

Add tools to suggest tags for search purposes. Can also create tag clouds on your site to give people a better understanding of your sites purpose.




46. SEO Plus - No longer available

A simple solution to optimize your site. The plugin has everything including WooCommerce integration, 301 redirects, Google Analytics, Visual Sitemap builder, SEO reporting Page Speed Insights, Easy Link Building, Directory and Sitemap submission, and more. 




47. SemanticWP SEO 

Ensure your content has the right search parameters to be found.



48. Social SEO Facebook Responsive Timeline Feed 

Turn your WordPress site into a Facebook newsfeed. Users can share your posts on Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn. Additionally, they can follow you on Facebook.  




49. Delucks SEO Plugin for WordPress 

A great premium SEO plugin that can help you with not only traditional SEO, but also local SEO as well for mom and pop websites.




50. SEOPressor

One of the best premium WordPress SEO tools for content marketers. You can ensure every blog post you write has the best keyword frequency, and usage in your website. Also, prevent over-optimization and ensure your images match your text keywords.




51. WordPress SEO By Yoast 

The most popular WordPress SEO plugin in the world. It has all the basics to create a fully optimized site.




52. Google Sitemap 

Create a sitemap that connects to Google Webmaster Tools. This is where you index your site on Google.




53. WP Social SEO Booster 

A few years ago, many of the largest search engines instituted microdata to increase relevant search traffic. This plugin improves the content you put in the Google Rich Snippets (the information that you see directly on Google search). It also optimizes your search for Facebook open graph and Twitter metatags. 




Miscellaneous plugins to increase website traffic


54. Pay Per View

Sometimes you just want to qualify your traffic. A pay per view provides you with an easy method to monetize your traffic and get people to commit to your information. The more committed, the more they will be an asset to your long-term traffic strategy.




55. Live Stream Widget 

Slick feed of posts and comments from a single, multiple, or network of sites in one location. If you have multiple sites, help them bring traffic to each other.




56. WordPress Ultimate Redirect Plugin 

Redirects 404 errors to the nearest match. It also can redirect to mobile sites and other devices.




57. Ultimate Social Media Pro 

Automatically grab social media data, so it can work better on Google+ snippets, Facebook open graph, and Twitter cards.




Did you know that images now account for 75% of the shares on Facebook. Therefore, it only makes sense to have more images on your own WordPress site. NextGEN Gallery allows you to have an image rich site that is shareable. 

If you'd like to see what we think about this gallery in detail, check out the following:




WordPress blogs are notorious for their high bounce rate. This means people check out a post and then leave the site. However, high bounce rates can decrease your search traffic. Popular posts can help.



60. Cross-Promotion Content Recommendations by Engageya

Have a section at the bottom of your posts where you share engaging reads of other blogs. In return, a network of bloggers will share your posts to their audience. A great way to get cross-promotion.




61. CommentLuv 

A great community and also a way to reward readers who comment on your site by automatically placing a link to their latest blog post on your comments. This has free and pro features. Both are great value.




62. WP Super Cache 

A caching program that turns some of your WordPress files into static html files. These static files load faster than javascript and php files. Faster loading=happier Google=more search traffic.




 63. Multilingual Press 

Connect a number of sites that are the same, but in different languages into one network in a widget.



64. Redirection

Manage 301 redirections and track your 404 errors without knowing how Apache .htaccess files work.




65. Free Tools to Grow Your email List, Social Sharing, and Analytics 

It might not be the pretties title in the world, but it is definitely the most descriptive. A great Sumome plugin to help you with traffic generation. 




66. Pop Up Domination

This premium plugin is one of the best at getting additional subscribers to your email list. Proven time and time again, pop ups increase your subscription rate on your blog and website. Get one of the best plugins to help you do this more effectively.




67. Facebook Conversion Pixel 

If you plan on marketing your blog through Facebook, you will probably at some point start using Facebook ads. Long before you do that, add a Facebook conversion pixel, so you remarket your ads to previous website visitors. The results from this strategy beat out regular Facebook ads consistently.




68. WP Smush 

Smush your images file sizes, so you can improve your performance and boost your SEO.



69. Google Maps 

Local search is becoming a vital part of search engine optimization. That means Google Plus Local pages and Google Maps indicating where businesses are locating. Embed your map to increase views to your page.




Do not get penalized by Google for using affiliate links. This plugin allows you to cloak your affiliate links, and you can add more money links to your page. Just make sure you are not violating any advertising laws.




When you start writing content things happen. Monitor the links coming into your site to make sure commenters links are not broken. Then check your own internal link structure to fix those links.





 72Revive Old Post Pro

Automatically tweets out your old posts to Twitter to increase traffic. Shares content to Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. There is a pro version that can send out images on Twitter.





73. 99 Robots Content Resharer 

Like Revive Old Post Pro, but you can reshare content automatically on a schedule you create. The free version is for Twitter only. However, there is a pro version that does this on LinkedIn and Facebook as well. (No longer available)




Email Marketing - another effective way to increase traffic

74. WP Email Template

Create beautiful html email templates to generate emails to your website audience. This works in conjunction with SMTP, Gmail, Mandrill, and Godaddy Hosting email options. This is not for mass emails.




75. Remarkety-Email Marketing for WooCommerce

Remember two things about traffic. You do not just want new traffic and traffic must lead to conversions. When you come to that conclusion, then Remarkety is a gift from god type tool for WordPress. Send targeted emails and recover abandoned shopping carts orders with this email reminder plugin.




76. Newsletter 

Create a newsletter system on your blog with unlimited newsletters and subscribers.




77. MailMunch

Create beautiful optin forms for MailChimp, Constant Contact, and AWeber. Great forms with the right copy help increase your subscriber list. The more subscribers you have, the more repeat traffic you receive.


 78. Gogiplus

Automatically generate newsletters to your subscribers with the latest blog posts. Schedule these daily, weekly, or monthly.




79. Email Blaster Newsletter Signup Form

A great plugin to add a newsletter sign up form in your widget or to your contact forms. Easy set up.




80. MailPoet Newsletters 

Have your own newletter or autoresponder go out to your email subscribers directly from WordPress. Also capture new subscribers with the widget optin form.



81. MailChimp for WordPress

Integrate your Mailchimp account with these attractive sign up forms to receive more email subscribers. They also have checkboxes in the comment section, so blog commenters can join your email list.




82. Contact Form to Email 

Automatically have any contact forms' information sent to your email and added to your database and CSV file.




83. WP-Email 

Allows people to email their friends about a post or page they like.




84. AWeber Web Form Plugin

Install all of your AWeber forms on your website and subscribe users to your AWeber lists when they comment or register for your blog. Integrate AWeber and WordPress together.






85. Wordfence Security

No, this is not a traffic plugin. However, if your site is not secure it will scare away visitors. The gigantic infection sign from McAfee or Norton will probably not attract a lot of visits. Protect your site to make sure it is secure. This plugin can also speed up your site.


86. Password Protect WordPress - PPWP Pro

Password Protect WordPress - PPWP Pro plugin helps provide the first line of defense for your valuable WordPress site and content against unauthorized access, with one or unlimited passwords. 

ppwp pro wordpress plugin

Having full control over the password usage limit and expiry, you can prevent password abuse and sharing as well as tracking who has used a specific password to access the protected content with ease.

PPWP Pro integrates well with the top page builders and themes/plugins, allowing you to password protect the entire WordPress site, partial content or individual content effortlessly. The password forms can also be styled as much as you want via WordPress Customizer.

Master passwords provide users with a shortcut to unlock all protected content under Posts, Pages, and Custom Post Types including but not limited to WooCommerce products.  

You can bypass password protection using Quick Access Links (QAL) to prevent password leaks. QAL enables users to unlock and access protected content directly without having to remember and enter passwords. These links can be set to automatically expire by date or clicks as well. 



87. WooCommerce Product Keyword Suggest

Just as kewords are important with blog posts, so are they with ecommerce sites. Get the right keywords and improve your search traffic to your ecommerce site.





Another plugin that may not exactly fit in the driving traffic arena. However, if you do not have a way to monetize your website then you will quickly run out of money to pay for hosting, domains, email newsletter, premium plugins, etc. Monetize your site to ensure you can deliver more value and have cash to drive more traffic. If you're wondering whether this is the right tool for you, check out this article on CollectiveRay.




89. WP eCommerce 

Another great ecommerce plugin to help you sell your goods online. Also keep in mind that the more products you sell, the more content you create for your site. That can add to your search traffic.






90. Mobile Friendly Testing Tool

We mentioned before that mobile is an important factor in search. With over 50% of traffic now on mobile and tablets, it is important to test your website to ensure it continually works on mobile devices.




91. WPtouch Mobile Plugin

Google announced a few months ago that sites need to be mobile ready if they want mobile traffic. WPtouch creates a mobile solution for your WordPress site.







92. WP Optimize

Cleans up your WordPress site by optimizing the database, removing spam and un-approved comments, and clearing up trash posts and comments. The plugin can be set up on a schedule to do this at specific intervals to keep your site running smoothly.




93. Contest Hopper for WordPress

Create powerful, viral social sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways on your WordPress site. Note: Make sure you are in compliance with local and federal law with this plugin.





94. Blubrry PowerPress Podcasting Plugin

Share your podcasts to iTunes, and have the podcasts play on Web audio/video media players. The plugin also has podcast SEO and subscriber capabilities.





95. Facebook Comments

Integrate Facebook comments into your blog commenting system. That way whenever someone comments on your blog, the comments get shared on the persons timeline and newsfeed.




96.WordPress Google Plus Comments

Have Google Plus comments go straight to your commenters Google Plus feed to be seen by their network. Great for social shares on the search engine social network. 

97. Top Commentators Widget

Want to get people interested in commenting on your site repeatedly? Then show with pride who your top commentators are on your site. Those who are competitive will keep coming back to see if they are on the list. Have it go on a 30 day revolving list, so people have to keep coming back month after month.


98. Disqus Comment System

The better you monitor your comments on your blog, the more traffic you can receive from search engines and also commenters who share your post. Disqus is one of the best comment systems around on WordPress.





99. Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator 

Add HTML-5 compliant videos on your site. Then add thumbnails if you want to create a video gallery. Remember that the 2nd largest search engine is YouTube.


100.YouTube Embed Plugin

Surprisingly enough, this plugin helps you embed YouTube videos and playlists straight to your blog. Comes with a full suite of video thumbnails, analytics, caching, and video SEO. The plugin has free and pro versions.




101. Post video players, slideshow albums, photo galleries and music / podcast

I always love it when a WordPress plugin title is so simple that you do not have to describe what it does. playlist


Final Thoughts

With so many plugins to choose from, you now have the opportunity to create traffic from multiple sources. Let us know in the comments what the best WordPress traffic plugins are for your website.  

All free images courtesy of plugin websites. Primarily WordPress and CodeCanyon.

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