The official WordPress theme directory is so huge that you can find themes that fit any kind of business. In fact, not everyone wants to pay for a premium theme when a similar theme can be easily available from the theme directory. In the case that you need to further customize a theme you can either tweak it yourself or hire an expert in theme customization.

That being said, many of us fall in the trap of choosing a gorgeous looking theme rather than choosing a theme that fits for our business goals. In this post, we’ll give you a step by step guide to choose a theme that fits your business. 


Choose the right wordpress theme

Step 1: Brainstorm your business goals

Before choosing a theme, write down the goals and monetization strategy of your website. This gives you a better idea about what the theme should be and what it should contain. For instance, if you are building a personal portfolio blog, you might want to have a customized homepage that shows your portfolio possibly with sliders. On the other hand, sliders wouldn’t be a good fit for call to action driven sites.

Another example, if you are building a blog to make money primarily by AdSense, you might need to consider a site that is well optimized for inserting Adsense ads.

The essential idea is to choose a theme that fits around your business goals rather than fitting your business goals around the theme.

Avada Preview


Check out our review of the Avada by clicking on the picture above.

Step 2: Browse through the official directory

Free WordPress themes are everywhere. Since most free themes available on the web could be vulnerable to malicious hack attacks, you should consider choosing a free theme only from the WordPress official theme directory. Before searching a free theme, make sure you choose the feature filter button, so you can filter the search in terms of color, layout, features and subject.

Tip-choose responsive layout: In April 2015,Google has officially rolled out mobile friendly update and announced that the update will affect websites that are not well optimized for tablets and mobile phones. So while choosing a theme make sure it is responsive.

Step 3: Check the theme before installing

Make sure you check the features of your theme before installing it on your live WordPress host. Installing a theme with some random free stock photos saying something which is not relevant to your business is not a good image to project of your business.

If you did a lot of customization on your previous theme, you will need to copy those tweaks to your new theme as well. So make sure you install the theme on your local WordPress host and customize the theme before installing it on the live host.

X Wordpress theme preview

Step 4: Customization requirements

If you’re not a developer, chances are you will not be able to make every theme customization a developer could. In fact, hiring a theme developer for simple customization would not cost you much more. From freelancing sites like, you can easily hire a theme developer who offers theme customization services for $10 to $60 per hour.

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Does your WordPress theme actually fit to your business goals? Do you consider switching it? Share your comments below.


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