CIDManager - What Is It On Android and How To Stop It?


Did you come across CIDManager on your Android phone and not sure what it is?

You might have received the 'New Service Provider' notification on your Samsung device and wondered what the message meant a couple of times.

The notification is delivered by CIDManager, a built-in Android app similar to Rootpa on Samsung devices.

Many people and forums believe that the Cid manager app contains your device's network carrier number. The app has many functions, and understanding them will help you appreciate it even more, rather than trying to remove it.

You must also understand how to deal with the pop-up notification message, including what causes it and what it means. This article will show you how to disable the CIDManager app and determine whether it is malware or spyware.


CIDManager process

What Is The Android App CIDManager?

Before we go into detail about the CIDManager Android app's function, it's important to first understand what it is. The CIDManager is an Android app that comes pre-installed on Samsung devices.

It allows the phone to match the network providers of the devices with their countries of origin in order for the device to receive updates.

This type of update is essential because it is firmware-related, and the device would not function properly without it. Furthermore, they are country-specific, necessitating the use of matching codes to gain access to them.

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PErson using android device

What Is The Function Of The CIDManager?

CIDManager's working mechanism is somewhat complicated. Every device has a design country, also known as the original design manufacturing country (ODM). It will have a specific carrier network or service provider depending on the country in which it is used.

To obtain firmware updates, specific codes must be exchanged between the service provider and the ODM country. The codes are known as CSCs (Country Specific Codes) (CSC).

The CIDManager Android app contains the service provider's phone number and acts as a link between the carrier network and the ODM country, detecting and accessing country-specific firmware updates.

What is the meaning of

For entry and marketing in the Play Store or Apple Store, each Android app has its own unique identification extension. When downloading the app, the same extension is required.

Although built-in apps are not typically available in stores, programmers install them on a device. They also have their own unique identification extension, which is used to distinguish the app from others.

The identification extension for the CIDManager Android app is

How do I know if the CID Manager app is installed on my device?

The CIDManager app has been described in detail in the previous section, and you may be wondering if your device has it. Of course, if you have a Samsung device, you almost certainly have the app, even if you can't see it.

Other devices from various companies also have an app that connects their carrier networks to the country of origin, but they are referred to by different names.

The CIDManager is a built-in Android app that acquires updated information in the background. Because it runs in the background, you won't see it among other apps.

What permissions does the CIDManager require in order to function?

Unlike some other apps that require multiple permissions to run, the CIDManager is a little more straightforward. It only needs one permission to work, which is the Phone permission.

By allowing the phone to be used. The Cid manager can obtain all of the information about the phone that it requires in order to function.

Is CIDManager a secure Android application

Is CIDManager a secure Android application?

We appreciate technological advancements that make our jobs easier. It enables us to communicate in real-time with our loved ones. Unfortunately, the downside of these advancements is that they have resulted in a lot of data security compromises.

Every user is concerned about his or her personal information being taken without his or her permission.

As a result, people are wary of new apps and have doubts about some of their most useful system apps, such as the, or CIDManager.

Some reports have argued, for example, that the app is spyware that checks on the phone's activities.

The good news is that while the app has access to your phone and network provider, it does not have access to your personal information. It does not track your movements.

Furthermore, some users have claimed that the app is a program that the device does not require and that it wastes resources. The CIDManager, admittedly, takes up a small amount space and memory on Samsung devices.

BUT, the CID Manager app is essential to the phone's operation and allows it to receive country-specific firmware updates, which would otherwise be impossible.

Also, claims that the Cid manager is a virus are untrue because it is protected by Play Protect policies. As a result, you can rest assured that the app will not cause any problems with your device.

It will also not corrupt personal data because it is secure. 

You should not attempt to remove this app or freeze it.

Are There Any Drawbacks to Installing the App on Your Phone?

The CIDManager is unquestionably an important app for your device and firmware updates. Nonetheless, there are drawbacks to having it on any device. The 'New Service Provider' notification issue is the most common.

What Is The Problem With New Provider Notification?

Regrettably, the reason for the new service provider notification is unknown. However, if the device's Open Market Customization (OMC) features aren't supported, an problem will appear when the CIDManager Android app tries to match the ODM and CSC codes, resulting in a back-and-forth problem, resulting in a loop.

The best way to solve the problem is to force stop the CIDManager app, which is covered in the following section.

How Can The CIDManager App Be Disabled?

The new service provider is inconvenient and denies you the use of your beloved Samsung device. The best course of action is to force the app to close and end the loop.

Clear CIDManager App Cache

The procedure is simple, and all that is required of the user is to follow the instructions below:

  1. Select 'Apps' from the 'Settings' menu on the main menu.
  2. Select 'Show System Apps' from the three vertical dots that appear.
  3. Look for the CIDManager application.
  4. The notification will disappear after you click 'Clear Cache' and then 'Force Stop.'

Disabling the app with Root Explorer or Package Disabler Pro, flashing a stock ROM, or uninstalling it with ADB installation or Titanium Backup are some other options.

Clearing cache, on the other hand, is the quickest way to fix CIDManager and other apps like or com android incallui without losing any data.

Wrapping Up

The CIDManager is a pre-installed application on Samsung devices. Detects and downloads country-specific firmware updates.

Despite claims that it is a virus, spyware, or malware like OMACP, the app is safe. However, when the 'New Service Provider' error appears and creates an unnecessary loop, it can be aggravating.

Force-stopping the app is the best way to solve the problem. Clearing the cache and gaining access to it through Settings. You can also use ADB uninstallation or Titanium Backup to disable or uninstall the app.

CIDManager FAQs

What is the Android CSC code?

CSC stands for Country Specific Code, and it's associated with Samsung Galaxy devices in the Android community. Since the company creates different firmware for different countries, we'll need to know which one we have if we ever want to manually download the firmware images for our smartphone.

Is it possible to uninstall CIDManager?

Yes, you can use the Android Debug Bridge (ADB) software or the Titanium Backup application to uninstall the CIDManager app. The annoying notification messages can be removed by uninstalling the app. The device's performance is unaffected by uninstalling the app.

CIDManager Requires What Permissions?

The CIDManager app only needs the Phone's permission to modify phone state, read phone status, and determine identity. Go to Settings > Apps > Show System Apps > CIDManager > Permissions to see all of this app's permissions.

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