Discord Mod - How To Find Great Moderators For Your Server

How to find a great Discord mod

Starting your own Discord server enables you to create an enduring community that extends well beyond the material at its core. However, it's crucial to actively moderate on any social platform in order to support your community. Let's examine how a Discord mod can assist you in running your community. In this article, we'll go over what a Discord mod does, what makes a great mod, and where to find mods for your Discord server.



What is a Discord mod or Moderator?

Any moderator's responsibility is to maintain a positive community. Mods communicate information, settle disputes, and enforce rules.

Your Discord moderators are your first line of defense against trolls because they have the authority to delete posts and kick or ban accounts.

Your Discord community will likely experience more conflict as it expands. When a dispute becomes out of control or when your community rules aren't being followed, a well-respected mod can use their authority to restore peace.

A good moderation team will also hold one another responsible for adhering to server policies and performing duties.

Finally, your Discord mod team can act as your community's point of contact. Mods can notify community members of upcoming events and share updates.

They can announce new uploads and assist with poll management. And if you ever need a break, your moderators can take over to maintain the health of your community while you are gone.

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What makes a great Discord moderator?

When you're looking for one, choose a moderator who is active in your community. They ought to be someone you feel comfortable entrusting with responsibility.

Last but not least, choose someone who shares your objectives for the community as a whole. These characteristics will make moderators more successful at building a solid, positive community on Discord.

A good moderator can be differentiated from a bad one using the table below:

Good Mod

  • A good moderator is involved and helpful, always willing to assist other community members. While moderators are not required to log in every day, they should frequently participate in chat. Look for someone who is consistently involved in the community and who gets along well with other people.
  • Moderators must possess maturity and responsibility. That implies that they are aware of the justification for and methods for applying certain laws. To effectively maintain the community's safety and prosperity, moderators must take their responsibility seriously.
  • Your moderator team needs to be on board with your goals for the Discord community. When it comes to what is and isn't acceptable and the kind of activity you want to promote, everyone needs to be on the same page.

Bad Mod

  • A bad moderator might skip days between log-ins or ignore mentions and messages. Or else, they might monopolize the conversation and foster a hostile atmosphere that discourages community involvement.
  • Unreliable moderators might avoid conflict and only get involved when it's convenient. They might misuse their influence to favor certain people or to silence opinions they don't agree with. These unhelpful mods frequently forget about significant neighborhood gatherings, break promises, and fail to enforce server rules.
  • A bad moderator will act in accordance with their own sense of justice, disregarding the well-being of the community. When it comes to policy changes and enforcement, they'll argue with you and the other mods, always favouring their own priorities.

Where to look for new moderators

You can start looking for candidates now that you are aware of the qualities a good Discord moderator should possess. Ideally, you should pick a candidate with previous community management experience, even on other similar communities such as on Reddit.

Another reputable creator, for instance, might be a great fit because they are accustomed to dealing with a wide range of fans. However, they might not have the time to serve as moderators for another creator.

Fortunately, experienced community members are frequently the most effective moderators. People who have spent a lot of time on your Discord server will naturally understand your particular community, including its common interests, customs, and sense of humor.

Often, community members will show themselves to be natural leaders. They might step in to defuse a situation or offer their assistance with server events. In essence, they'll behave like mods even before they have the title.

They are definitely mod material if they do that.

You can post an open call to your Discord server or to a larger group of your social media followers if you still don't have specific candidates in mind for the position.

To assist you in limiting your options, have potential mods complete an application for the position. Just make sure the application's questions are suited to the demands of your neighborhood.

A final note on choosing a Discord moderator

It can be difficult to hire a new Discord mod. Create a trial period for new moderators to ease some of the pressure.

Because of this, you have more time to get to know your moderators before entrusting them with greater responsibility.

Also, be aware that moderators don't always remain active. It's acceptable to rotate in new moderators when necessary because other commitments might conflict with their commitment to the community.

Make sure your community is well cared for whoever you decide to put on your Discord moderation team.

Video Explainer

Check out the following YT video to see each of these explained in more details.

Discord Mod FAQs

What does it mean to be a Discord moderator?

Managing Discord channels. Anyone can create and manage a community on Discord for the things they are passionate about, whether it be playing their favorite game, making incredible art, or just hanging out with friends and making new ones. The creation of environments where people can feel safe and be a part of is spearheaded by moderators.

Is it possible to be banned for modding on Discord?

Modifying Discord is against the terms of service of the company and could theoretically result in the suspension of your account. This risk seems to increase if you participate in partnered Discord servers where moderators are required to flag users who have installed modifications.

What is the Moderator Academy for Discord?

The Discord Moderator Academy is an all-inclusive learning platform for anyone, from novice moderators to seasoned veterans of sizable online communities, to find resources to learn about moderation, community management, and more.

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