Best Shopify Themes : 30+ Free / Premium Options (2024)

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Shopify is one of those innovations that is truly worth the moniker ‘game-changer’ which is why free Shopify themes are so popular. The company took the huge task of creating an online store and simplified it into a straightforward hosted platform with drag and drop configuration. Add freedom of designs few other hosted applications offer and you have all the ingredients for a successful online store.

If you think Shopify is a niche product, think again. Some big brands host their stores on the platform. Some include Budweiser, The Economist, Bulletproof, New York Times, WaterAid, Penguin Books, Tesla Motors, Red Bull and HarperCollins.

There are thousands of stores underpinned by Shopify and we are one of them. We have used the platform for many projects and have come to know it well. So we've chosen our preferred list of free Shopify themes and premium Shopify themes so you can decide which one you like and want to use for your own Shopify store.

Summary of Free Shopify themes 2024

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Fleur de Lis



Sports Store









Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme





16 Free Shopify Themes

The following list of free Shopify themes represents some of the best quality designs we have seen. Each is free to use within the platform and offers the opportunity to customise and personalise your store so you really stand out.

We often share many great, informative articles like this one, so do visit some of them and get more great reviews.

Narrative - free shopify themes

1. Narrative - Most Flexible of free Shopify themes

Narrative is designed to work best with smaller stores and includes three different styles, warm, light, and cold. The design is built around storytelling which is a very effective method of selling without making it obvious you’re selling. We like this quite a lot which is why it's the first in our list of free Shopify themes.

  • Designed for visual storytelling
  • Uses a wide layout format
  • Includes product video features
  • Has vertical slideshow options for product images
  • Uses fixed navigation for a consistent user experience
  • Mobile-friendly version included

Check out the Demo of Narrative

Debut - shopify themes free

2. Debut

Debut is a minimal design that builds on our love of heritage and includes some excellent design touches. Like Narrative, there are storytelling elements within the theme that can help you paint a picture of a lifestyle with your product to help boost sales.

  • Designed for visual storytelling
  • Includes slideshow options for product images
  • Has a testimonials feature for social proof
  • Uses product filtering for ease of navigation
  • Designed for smaller stores
  • Configurable featured product elements to highlight specific offers

Find out more about Debut

Venture - free shopify theme

3. Venture

The Venture free Shopify theme is designed to work well with larger stores with outdoor products. It can cope easily with larger catalogues and scales well. With some neat features like product filtering, it balances the requirement to sell a range of items with ease of use.

  • Three styles, Snowboards, Outdoors and Boxing
  • Designed for larger online stores
  • Includes effective product filtering for usability
  • Has a fullscreen slideshow option for showcasing
  • Includes promotional banners for special offers or upselling
  • Has feature product features for further product showcasing

Visit The Venture SnowBoard Preview

free theme for shopify - Boundless

4. Boundless

Boundless has a striking main image section that puts features products front and centre. There are two styles, Black and White and Vibrant to suit different looks and different product types. The theme also includes highlighters, featured products, rich media, and social media. Another great option from our list of free Shopify themes.

  • Two different styles to suit different stores or product types
  • Lots of image handling features including galleries and full width
  • Slideshow with effects and video options
  • Sticky navigation for ease of use
  • Minimalist layout so products take centre stage
  • Responsive design that works on any device

Check out the Black and White Boundless Style


Simple shopify theme

5. Simple

The Simple free Shopify theme is anything but. It is minimalist and easy to use but is full of features and can work very well for multiple store types. The use of white space on this design makes it stand out and makes it ideal for fashion stores or those with niche products.

  • Two available styles, light and beauty
  • Minimalist design that lets the products speak for themselves
  • Sidebar navigation for ease of use
  • Image zoom for more product detail
  • Related products feature for upselling opportunities
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Visit the Simple Theme Demo


6. Brooklyn

Brooklyn is very distinctive for all the right reasons. The two styles, Classic and Playful play to the strengths of each. Classic works for vintage or more mainstream stores while Playful offers almost unlimited opportunities for niche or more fun stores. A great choice free shopify themes list.

  • Two very distinct and different styles
  • Designed for apparel but could work with anything
  • Slide-out cart function for continuous shopping
  • Grid and header slideshow for product showcasing
  • Powerful image and video features
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Check the Playful Style of Brooklyn Free Shopify Theme 


7. Supply

Supply is another free Shopify theme suitable for larger stores. It manages large galleries, multiple navigation options and larger product portfolios with ease and includes product filtering, simple navigation and creating collections. It does away with rich media and instead allows your products to steal the show.

  • Two designs, Blue and Light
  • Designed for larger stores with multiple product lines
  • Includes featured collections for organisation
  • Product filtering option for easy navigation
  • Image slideshows for product showcasing
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Visit The Supply Theme Demo


8. Minimal

The Minimal theme is just that. Minimalist yet attractive at the same time. It allows products to shine and ensures visitors get to where they want to go quickly. It includes three styles, Vintage, Fashion and Modern providing scope for a multitude of product types. That makes this a very flexible options when it comes to free Shopify themes.

  • Minimalist design with good use of white space
  • Product filtering for ease of navigation
  • Image zoom to help buying decisions
  • Video and slideshow features for supplementary information
  • Recommendations feature to help upselling
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

See the Minimal Demo


9. Fashe - Minimalist free Shopify themes design

Fashe is a free Shopify theme from Colorlib. Their very first one in fact. It was a great start with a very attractive storefront, simple navigation, strong design elements, blog feature, product showcasing and an attractive design that could be tweaked to work with almost any product type, another great free shopify themes choice.

  • Minimalist design with excellent spacing
  • Excellent use of images to make products shine
  • Straightforward navigation for ease of use
  • Sliding cart for easy purchase and seamless shopping
  • Blog function for additional SEO and outreach potential
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Visit Fashe


10. Star

Star is a top quality option when it comes to free Shopify themes that looks premium. It has two styles, Polaris and Sirius that provide different looks for the widest scope. The theme includes a wide range of colour options and customisations as well as a selection of quality of life features for your visitors.

  • l Distinctive design with two design options
  • l Slide out cart for continuous shopping
  • l Product filtering and related product sections for ease of use
  • l Product review feature for social proof
  • l Flexible homepage, map, parallax and other advanced features
  • l Fully responsive for any screen size as it was designed initially for mobile only

Check out the Star Theme and Other Shopify Bundles


11. Annabelle

Annabelle is a stylish free Shopify theme that would suit a younger demographic or a fashion oriented one. While it serves no particular niche, the design elements do lend themselves to fashion or similar stores. The design is slick, well put together and offers a wealth of features to highlight products and help you sell.

  • Three styles, each different enough to serve different markets
  • Feature product banners and highlighting elements
  • Advanced image handling including overflow display, carousels, full width
  • Product zoom to further showcase products
  • Related products, reviews, and social media support
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Visit Annabelle

Fleur de lis

12. Fleur de lis

The Fleur de lis Shopify template is from TemplateMonster and really delivers in terms of design and functionality. It’s a minimalist design that could be tweaked to suit many store types. There is a good use of white space, a flowing layout and logical navigation that helps create an impression of a quality online store. Just what you need when competing online!

  • Quality minimalist design with good use of space and placement
  • Can be configured to suit a range of store or product types
  • Product zoom and animation features
  • Featured products and galleries for upselling
  • Simple navigation
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Check out the Fleur de lis demo

Sports Store

13. Sports Store

Sports Store is the free Shopify theme version of a premium template on TemplateMonster. It is designed around a sports theme but could be tweaked to suit any niche. The layout is purposely simple, includes top and side navigation, highlight banners, search and a range of features to help sell your products with the minimum of effort.

  • Designed for sports but could be configured for any product range
  • Straightforward design with minimal interruption to product browsing
  • Multiple navigation options with search
  • Product banner with optional special offer timer
  • Special offer and hot deal slider
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Check out Sports Store



14. Bootstrapify

Bootstrapify is something a little different, a Bootstrap theme for Shopify. It’s an open source theme that uses Bootstrap to deliver a fully responsive store design suitable for multiple products or store types. It will need a little more work than these others to install and set up but the results make it well worth the effort.

  • Uses well-supported open source Bootstrap
  • Well supported with good documentation
  • Simple but effective page layout
  • Straightforward navigation and search
  • Advanced image handling and product showcasing
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Bootstrapify 4


15. Focus

Focus is a great free Shopify theme that combines minimalist design with enough interest to engage a visitor. There are three designs, Eco, focus and Craftman and all look similar but also different. They could easily be configured for a huge range of store types with minimal effort.

  • Three theme presets with scope to expand
  • Easy to configure and customise
  • Advanced image handling with large image support
  • Product zoom feature to enhance engagement
  • Custom features such as testimonials and featured products
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Focus Theme

Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme

16. Alcoholic Beverage Store Shopify Theme

While this theme highlights alcoholic products, you could easily turn this into something else. The dark design could work with all manner of products from clothing to tech. There is an abundance of product highlighting options to use within the design to accentuate products or offers and it works very well overall.

  • Dark modern design that could be configured to suit most product types
  • Numerous highlighting elements for showcasing
  • Configurable navigation with side menus
  • Attractive rounded element design for extra appeal
  • Dynamic add to cart function that keeps visitors in store
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Check this theme from TemplateMonster

Now that we've seen a number of free Shopify themes, let's have a look at a number of premium Shopify themes.

24 Premium Shopify themes

There is a lot of food for thought with those free Shopify themes but if you’re in the market for something else, perhaps one of these premium themes might deliver. In some cases they offer more polished designs and in others, extra features.

One big advantage of using a premium Shopify theme is exclusivity. While not unique, there will be fewer versions of these themes around than free themes as there is a barrier to entry. All of the Shopify themes in this list can be fully personalised and made to look your own, but with a premium Shopify theme it takes a lot less effort to get to that point.

All of the premium themes in the first part of this list come from the same design studio, Out of the Sandbox. They create some seriously good eCommerce store designs and manage to make each one distinct. Take a look and see for yourself!

Portland shopify theme

1. Portland

The Portland Shopify theme is an image-centric design that looks premium and delivers a professional-looking online store. It includes advanced image handling, testimonials, FAQs, mini carts and infinite scrolling to name just a few features. It works flawlessly with Shopify and would take minimal configuration to make it your own.

  • Image-rich design with lots of picture handling options
  • Attractive navigation with advanced menus and search
  • Great performance despite the number of images
  • Product filtering and highlighting
  • Works with large or small inventories
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Check out the Portland demo

Florence - premium shopify theme

2. Florence

Florence is a simpler design that also provides a very polished look. It includes images but also more white space and product highlighting and showcasing options. Navigation is straightforward with menu images and search while the theme works quickly and smoothly, offering huge potential for your store.

  • Polished minimalist design ideal for contemporary stores
  • Mega menu support with images
  • Interactive mini cart for a seamless experience
  • Extra features such as Google Maps, FAQs and image sliders
  • Predictive search feature for faster response
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Click here to see Florence

Seoul - paid shopify themes

3. Seoul

Seoul is a very classy design that could work amazingly well for a wide range of products. It is well balanced with good use of empty space, images and copy and is very pleasing to the eye. Menu images add an extra element of engagement and space speed seems very impressive too.

  • Classy and very well balanced design suitable for multiple product types
  • Mega menu with optional images
  • Image sliders and row sliders
  • Two speed modes to help usability and SEO
  • Dynamic mini cart to streamline the path to purchase
  • Optimised for mobile

Visit Seoul


4. Chicago

Chicago is a dark and moody theme with a very contemporary design. It could be ideal for a range of product lines from technology to clothing and offers huge scope for customisation. It comes with interactive menus, predictive search, product sliders and a range of page templates for you to personalise.

  • Contemporary dark theme suitable for a range of stores
  • Mega menu with advanced features and images
  • Real-time product search
  • Product highlights, slideshows and promotion options
  • Tuned for performance on all devices
  • Optimised for mobile

See a demo of Chicago Dark Shopify Theme

Dubai - shopify theme premium

5. Dubai

Dubai is a premium Shopify theme that would lend itself well to big ticket items but could work equally well for any kind of store with a hint of luxury. It’s a sleek design that is well balanced, offers product highlighting, slideshows and white space to help deliver that elegant user experience.

  • Sleek store design with a well balanced feel
  • Mega menu with imagery and responsive design
  • Interactive shopping cart
  • Extra page features such as FAQs, reviews, team pages and more
  • Optimised for performance while still offering attractive features
  • Fully responsive for any screen size

Dubai Theme Demo


6. Barcelona

Barcelona is a clean light design that offers a more homely storefront. It’s a relaxed design that makes you feel comfortable and connected to the store. It would be useful for all manner of store types, from small craft stores to larger eCommerce operations and has the features and options to make it work ideally for any of them.

  • Attractive light theme suitable for many store or product types
  • Simple navigation with unfussy menus
  • Customisable product tables with images
  • Extra page features such as contact forms, calendars, testimonials and more
  • Advanced image handling and gallery options
  • Optimised for mobile

Check out Barcelona Shopify theme


7. Victoria

The Victoria Shopify theme is similar in character to Barcelona but has been tweaked to be more contemporary in its design. It could be ideal for any number of store types and offers a wealth of customisation options to make it much more unique. It’s a well balanced design with lots of white space and opportunities to promote your products.

  • Well balanced Shopify theme with attractive features
  • Advance image handing, carousels, slideshows and background images
  • Quick Shop compatibility for better engagement
  • l Product table feature for faster page building
  • l Extra page features such as FAQs, testimonials, contact and more
  • l Optimised for mobile

See Victoria demoVictoria demo


8. Phoenix

Phoenix shares similar features as Barcelona and brings the design back to arts and crafts. It’s a flexible design so could be tweaked to match any product type. It has excellent image handling capabilities, great use of white space and a flowing layout that lends itself well to scrolling.

  • Clean, elegant page layout with good use of white space
  • Attractive fonts and design elements
  • Product tables for fast page creation and easy management
  • Interactive shopping cart with quick buy
  • Custom contact forms and page elements
  • Optimised for mobile

Click here to see Phoenix


9. Aspen

Aspen is a modern Shopify theme with a balance of contemporary features and simplicity. It uses images very well yet reserves enough white space to keep the page feeling balanced. It works fast, uses parallax scrolling and almost invites you to explore the store. It’s a very engaging design that could fit many product types.

  • Image and media rich design with flowing layouts
  • Full width images, slideshows and video support
  • Simple responsive navigation
  • Product search and quick navigation options
  • Google Map support
  • Optimised for mobile

Check out Aspen

Los Angeles

10. Los Angeles

Los Angeles is another parallax design but this time combines elegance and vintage looks to great effect. Ideally suited to clothing or luxury products, you are immediately engaged and want to scroll through the attractive layout exploring products and categories.

  • Combination of vintage and contemporary design.
  • Ideal for clothing or accessories
  • Smooth scrolling and longform pages make for very attractive storefronts
  • Product and category highlighting elements within pages
  • Extra features like reviews, contact form, Instagram and social media
  • Works well on mobile

Visit Los Angeles Demo


11. Madrid

The Madrid Shopify theme is based around premium or big ticket items. It has a luxurious feel ideal for luxury products or higher tier categories. It uses smooth parallax scrolling to draw you down the page and gives you the opportunity to showcase products or categories along the length of the page. It’s a responsive design that works well on any device which just adds to the appeal.

  • Premium design suitable for big ticket items
  • Smooth parallax scrolling
  • Excellent image handling
  • Full width images and video support
  • Extra features like promotions, FAQs, reviews and social media
  • Optimised for mobile

Madrid Demo


12. Vienna

Vienna offers a similar aesthetic to Los Angeles but without the vintage. It’s a simple design that speaks volumes about its quality. It can be configured to be image-heavy or include more white space and would be suitable for all kinds of store types. It is a very flexible design that really could be tuned to fit any niche you operate in with the minimum of configuration.

  • Attractive modern design with built-in flexibility
  • Advanced image handling including parallax and full width images
  • Slideshow and video support
  • Page features such as reviews, testimonials, logos, social media and more
  • Feature promotions and product highlighting options
  • Optimised for mobile

Visit Vienna Demo


13. Austin

The Austin Shopify theme has a distinct western or vintage vibe that works amazingly well. It would be ideal for clothing, leather products or accessories. It has multiple image options, uses parallax scrolling, offers extra page features like reviews, featured products, promotions and galleries as well as a blog function for extra outreach.

Speaking of Austin, you might want to check the top tech companies in Austin for great jobs.

  • Characterful design with vintage elements
  • Excellent image handling with full width, slideshow and video support
  • Extra page elements including product highlighting and promotions
  • Alternative page layout templates within the theme
  • Smooth scrolling with long page potential.
  • Optimised for mobile

See Austin here


14. Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a Retina theme that provides a flowing product showcase through a scrolling page. While it could be configured for multiple products, this works best for single flagship products through evolving storytelling. It’s a clean, modern design with some neat touches.

  • Recently updated Retina Shopify theme
  • Product storytelling with a clear, flowing layout
  • Excellent page layout with multiple feature options
  • Extra page elements like maps, contact forms, store information, FAQs and reviews
  • A selection of page layout templates to suit multiple uses
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Amsterdam Demo


15. Melbourne

Melbourne is a clean, flat Shopify theme that has a friendly, welcoming feel. It offers a very simple, yet elegant layout that allows products to stand on their own but offers lots of opportunity for supporting content and extra features. There are a selection of page templates included for an extra element of freedom.

  • Flexible Retina Shopify theme
  • Smooth scrolling layout that can support longform pages
  • Excellent image support with video and full-width slideshows
  • Extra page features such as reviews, testimonials, FAQs and custom contact forms
  • Attractive flat design that is of the moment
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Melbournce Preview


16. Montreal

Montreal is an elegant Retina theme for Shopify ideal for brands with natural colours or relaxed design. This design uses white space exceedingly well while offering lots of space for product images, highlights and supporting content. It comes with a selection of extra page features including support for videos, slideshows and reviews which makes it ideal for an online store.

  • Very elegant Retina theme
  • Flexible design suitable for many store types
  • Configurable page elements covering most eCommerce needs
  • Great use of earthy colours that create a relaxed feel
  • Simple navigation and search functions
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Click to see Montreal


17. Milan

The Milan Shopify theme is ideal for fashion or young brands wanting to attract a certain demographic. It’s very stylish, has great use of white space and image placement and delivers a visual impact within a pared back design. It is very well balanced and could be configured to fit any product range where elegance helps sell.

  • Stylish modern Shopify theme suitable for a young demographic
  • Excellent balance and use of white space
  • Strong graphical elements that highlight images and products
  • Support for reviews, blog posts, contact pages, FAQs and other elements
  • Custom contact page for extra engagement
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Visit Milan Shopify theme


18. Tokyo

Tokyo is another Shopify theme that is young at heart. It’s lively, colourful and energetic and would work wherever these characteristics would attract an audience. It’s a bold design that allows you to showcase products through imagery and allows supporting content all down the page. The use of strong colours makes this theme really stand out.

  • Strong, vibrant store design that works amazingly well
  • Suitable for all manner of store types where bold colours work
  • Part of the larger Mobilia theme that offers excellent flexibility
  • Mega menu support for stylish navigation
  • Extra page elements for true customisation including maps, reviews and FAQs
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Tokyo Demo


19. Sydney

The Sydney Shopify theme has a more relaxed vibe. The demo showcases children’s wear and beachwear which suits the style very well. It could be used in any store where that laid back, surfer vibe would attract your target market. The theme is well designed with excellent use of space and page content, giving a premium effect from the second it loads.

  • Relaxed but engaging Shopify design
  • Great balance and use of page elements and white space
  • Very usable mega menu for attractive yet simple navigation
  • Custom page elements for true personalisation
  • Relaxed font and colour scheme works well within the overall design
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

See Sydney here


20. Napa

Napa is similar in design and feel as Sydney but is also different enough to stand out on its own merits. It’s a clean store design with strong page elements offering product showcasing and logical flow down the pages. Like Tokyo, this is an extension of the Mobilia theme which is very accomplished and used widely across Shopify.

  • Stylish design that is flexible enough for widespread use
  • Smooth flow and scrolling ideal for longer pages
  • Strong image placement options with extra content features
  • Attractive product pages with simple navigation
  • Support for extra page elements for a fuller shopping experience
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Napa Demo

New York

21. New York

The New York theme is aptly named thanks to its cool urban aesthetic. Based on the Responsive theme, the best-reviewed theme for Shopify, you’re in good hands with this. The design is composed and well done and offers the flexibility to work with multiple store types. It has all the ingredients you need to deliver a slick, upmarket online store.

  • Achingly stylish Shopify theme
  • Flexible enough to be tweaked for any store type
  • Strong image placement and good use of space
  • Logical page flow inviting you to enjoy the content
  • Clear navigation and search functionality
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

See the New York theme


22. London

London is another well-named theme that continues the urban vibe but with added panache. Ideal for fashion or cutting edge stores, this design has been configured to sell through storytelling without getting in the way. Alongside strong imagery, logical layout and real ease of use, this is a definite contender for modern stores.

  • Simple yet very stylish store design
  • Straightforward navigation and search
  • Based on the highly regarded Responsive Theme
  • Customisable layouts and design options to fit many store types
  • Modern typography and flat design
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Click here to see London in action


23. Paris

The Paris theme has a light and airy feel like you would expect from a Parisian apartment. It’s sleek and chic and offers a very attractive storefront that would work in almost any niche. The design is very accomplished and lets the products speak for themselves. Optional and customisable page elements means you really can make it your own.

  • Based on the highly rated Responsive Shopify theme
  • Light, airy and welcoming storefront
  • Strong image placement and use of white space
  • Flexible page layouts with optional elements
  • Smooth scrolling and logical navigation
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Paris Theme Demo

San Francisco

24. San Francisco

The San Francisco Shopify theme is another light and airy theme with fantastic use of earthy colours, modern typography and good layout. It provides a little more space for copy as well as images and is flexible enough that it could be transformed for different store types with minimal effort. It is a very smooth store theme that is well worth the money.Friendly, colourful design that welcomes you in

  • Fantastic page balance with white space, page elements and images
  • Can be personalised to suit any type of store without taking anything away
  • Flexible page elements with social media integration
  • Attractive menus with seamless navigation
  • Fully responsive and mobile-ready

Check out San Francisco

What is Shopify

Frequently Asked Questions on Free Shopify Themes

What is Shopify?

Shopify is a hosted website platform that enables business owners to sell their products from an online store. It is based in the cloud and requires no hardware, no complicated installation or setup and very little in the way of configuration. Setting up your store will still take a while but only because there are so many options! Shopify works similarly to WordPress. It provides a framework within which you have the freedom to express yourself in your own way. To sell whatever products you like in whatever manner you like. There are practical limitations to this freedom of course but they don’t get in the way of your creativity. The entire premise of Shopify is to make setting up and running an eCommerce store as straightforward as possible.

If you'd like to read more and understand whether this platform is right for you, check out the full review on Collectiveray in our article: What is Shopify? How To Use it To Build a Business.

Why choose Shopify as your eCommerce platform?

Combined with the benefits above, Shopify hides all the code and configuration behind a polished site builder. You can use the platform to design your store or use one of the many free templates we highlight here. There are also premium templates if you prefer too. Shopify is a market leader for good reason. The dashboard and setup process is polished, fees are very reasonable and the initial store setup is very straightforward. This allows you to spend as little time on the mechanics of your store as necessary and more on marketing and selling those products. It’s the perfect balance for eCommerce! Shopify also has great integration. It has apps for point of sale systems and even offers its own POS system. It works with popular payment providers such as Stripe and PayPal, plays nicely with most credit cards and integrates with some leading shipping and courier providers. If that wasn’t enough, there is also a huge app store that provides addon applications specific to your industry and business. Finally, Shopify can take care of the fundamentals too. Business names, logos, domain names, slogans, business cards and all those little things that make a dynamic business work.

Where can I download free Shopify themes?

The best place to download free Shopify themes is either from the Shopify website, where there is a specific subfolder for themes. Otherwise, you may look at some trusted themes vendors which offer free versions of premium themes to get you started.

What free theme is best for Shopify?

The best free theme for Shopify is Narrative according to us. However, any of the above listed themes are a good choice, otherwise we would not have added them to our list. Of course, there are other good free themes that did not make it to our list, so have a look around if none of the above meet your own needs.

Conclusion on Free Shopify Themes

There is no doubt that Shopify has changed eCommerce for the better. The barrier to entry has been lowered significantly, more people than ever can sell stuff online and creatives and entrepreneurs can now prioritise product development and all those things they are good at and let the platform take care of the rest!

If this list of free Shopify themes, with those premium ones thrown in proves, is that commerce may be all about the money but behind it are generous people with great ideas willing to give their creation away for your benefit. If that isn’t capitalism at its best we don’t know what is!

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