Hire Ruby on Rails Developer Today: 8 Best Sites (2023)

Hire Ruby on Rails Developer

Here at CollectiveRay, we have experience with many programming languages and web development projects. According to us, Ruby on Rails developers are the programmers who receive the least amount of attention. Trying to hire a Ruby on Rails developer was not an easy task for us. 

That’s because it’s not the same as hiring developers or let's say looking for iOS developers for app development

This was unique because it required composing server-side web application rationale in Ruby and using the Rails framework. It involves the development of back-end segments, front-end designer work, and integration with third-party web services.

It’s safe to say that Ruby developers are already in short supply, so hiring ROR developers will be even more difficult.

However, our task of hiring Ruby develoer became much easier after we started using Toptal for our developer needs. 

Toptal has helped us to find the industry’s best and most experienced Ruby developers. Not only that, but they’ve also assisted us with hiring Python, PHP, and other developers.

Why Use Toptal to Find Ruby on Rails Developers?

There are a lot of Ruby on Rails development teams available on the internet. However, teams specializing in app development, software development, or web application development will be difficult to come by. So when it comes to hire Ruby on Rails developer, it won't be easy, it's a niche market.

When it comes to projects that require a high level of specialization, you need the best development services available. This is true regardless of whether you’re working with CSS, Javascript, HTML5, or Rails projects.

That is why we have placed our trust in Toptal.

They always make sure I get the perfect web developer and Ruby on Rails development services I require for my project.

Toptal's developers are Ruby and Rails experts, but they also have many additional skills. Toptal analyzes which additional skills will be beneficial to you based on your project requirements. 

It will find you the best match for your project if you share information about all of your requirements and needs.

8 Best Sites to Hire Ruby on Rails Developers

Here are the best sites to hire Ruby on Rails developer quickly: 

1. Toptal - Vetted candidates to hire Ruby on Rails Developer

hire ruby developers from Toptal

Toptal is a service that helps clients with large, long-term projects find developers who are best suited for that project and client.

Written tests and interviews are part of the site’s extensive and comprehensive testing system. This ensures that the community only accepts the best, most experienced, and knowledgeable developers. Only 3% of applicants pass Toptal’s rigorous tests, according to the company.

That’s why Toptal is also one of the most expensive matchmaking services available. If you need a Ruby on Rails developer for a large project, price shouldn’t be a consideration. In the end, their web services will be cost-effective because there are no recruitment or termination fees. 

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2. DevTeam.Space

hire ruby on rail developers from DevTeam

DevTeam.Space is an invitation-only developer community with members from all over the world. They’ve built an entire team of high-quality developers who specialize in various development processes using an AI-powered agile process.

DevTeam has a process in which you provide them with all of your information, including your company, project, and more. They analyze all the information to match you with the best developer for your job. The match is based on a combination of technical and non-technical skills that you may find useful.

DevTeam.Space also has an extremely user-friendly dashboard that makes communication and payment much easier. It also has a powerful task management system that allows you to keep track of your developers’ performance, progress, and efficiency.

DevTeam is the best option for you if you don’t want to go through endless interviews and want to find the best developer for your project quickly and easily.

3. Stack Overflow Jobs

stack overflow jobs

Stack Overflow has a software developer community that rivals most other sites. It is arguably one of the largest and most trusted developer communities on the internet, and it is frequently used as a resource for all types of developers, from novice to expert, who are looking for answers to their programming questions.

It’s an excellent resource for gathering information and asking questions about specific tasks, languages, or problems you’ve encountered. You can, however, post a job on the job board if you want to hire a developer directly.

The job board is frequented by a variety of developers, and you can narrow down your search by specifying that you are looking for Ruby on Rails developers. You can also mention the ability to work with full-stack systems that support both the frontend and the backend.

Search for specific team members, whether they are part-time or full-time according to your requirement. You can limit the number of locations from which developers contact you by setting the filter to specific time zones.

4. RubyNow

rubynow is a ruby developer board

Ruby Now is a specialized job board that focuses on Ruby programmers and Ruby on Rails development positions. You’ll find some of the most senior Ruby on Rails developers there because it’s a dedicated job board.

When you post a job on RubyNow, you can choose to promote it to the top of the page, as well as send it out via email or Twitter. It will circulate your job posting to the RubyNow developer community. The best advantage is that RubyNow will work with you to repost your ad or refund your money if you don’t get enough responses.

The cost of posting a job is $79.00, with premium and expert job postings costing more. The site also allows you to hire Ruby contractors directly.

However, there is one drawback: finding a match usually takes about 2-3 weeks. While this may be the best choice if you have a large project and are building a team, it may not be the best option for someone who has a smaller project or needs a Ruby on Rails developer right away.

5. Ruby on Rails Jobs

another ruby on rails jobs website

RoRJobs is a job board dedicated solely to hire Ruby on Rails developers. Because Rails experts have their own market, RoRJobs focuses on Rails developers.

When it comes to hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, this site is as specific as it gets. To find RoR developers, you don’t need to set up any filters or go through proposals.

You must first create an employer account on the site. For better targeting, make your job postings location and keyword-specific.

However, depending on the type of job, posting a job will cost you a few dollars. Fortunately, your job posting is tweeted and emailed to over 4,000 followers, giving you the maximum amount of exposure possible in this community.

6. CyberCoders

cybercoders - another developer search engine

CyberCoders is an online job board where you can post jobs or use matching services to find the best developer for your job.

There are 40 million potential candidates on the site. Therefore, you can expect a large number of Ruby on Rails developers. In 5 days, you’ll have a list of potential candidates, and you can start interviewing them so that you can hire Ruby on Rails developers asap. 

The best part is that you don’t have to pay anything until you hire someone.

To begin, enter your name, company name, industry, email address, and all necessary details. You should also specify whether you want someone hired permanently or on a contract basis.

It’s a great place to check out your options and get a sense of the RoR marketplace because the entire process is free of cost until you hire someone.

7. Rockstar Coders

rockstar coders for ruby

Rockstar Coders is the brainchild of a coder and developer-focused digital recruiting firm. They have a page dedicated to Ruby on Rails developers, and they were involved in the development of some of the first RoR apps.

The site can help you find developers based on the size of your team, your budget, and any other requirements that you specify. They match you with developers based on the human factor, so they’ll find developers who are a good fit for you. Moreover, the developers will work on your project directly with you rather than through the company.

8. Freelancer

Freelancer.com - for freelance ruby developers

Freelancer is one of the largest freelance marketplaces on the internet. There are millions of freelancers, thousands of projects, and jobs for all types of developers on the platform.

You can advertise your job on the site and receive responses from hundreds of Ruby on Rails freelancers. The good news is that you can hire a developer for a lower fee than usual and only pay them once the work is completed.

However, there’s a high possibility you’ll receive many good proposals. As a result, you’ll have to go through hundreds of proposals, conduct interviews, and hire one of the candidates.

Hence, if you need assistance with a small project or a one-time task, Freelancer is the best option.

Ruby on Rails Developer FAQs

How much will it cost to hire a Ruby on Rails developer?

A Rails programmer’s hourly rate would typically range from $20 to $100. However, the total price is determined by the project’s size. If you can guarantee that the developer will work with you for a longer project, you can negotiate a better rate, especially if you sign a contract.

What skills should a Ruby on Rails developer have?

When hiring a Ruby on Rails developer, look for someone who has hands-on experience with the framework as well as other programming and web development skills. It is best to ask the developer to show you past projects that they have done. If the developer starts avoiding the question, you might want to reconsider working with this developer.

Where can I find the best Ruby on Rails developers?

The best places to the Rails developers is usually on pre-vetted sites such as the ones we mentioned here. If you are looking for talent from emerging countries, which are typically cheaper, you can look at Ruby on Rails development services in places like Latin America, Eastern Europe, Asia, and Africa.

What is a typical Ruby on Rails developer salary?

A typical Ruby on Rails developer salary in the United States is between $83,000 for those starting out to $115,000 for those with several years of experience. This is according to data compiled by StackOverflow, but of course salaries vary widely. At the end of the day, you need to check what the market is like today and what your own business can afford to pay.

Wrapping Up - Hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer

You must know what you’re doing and look in the right places if you want to hire a Ruby on Rails developer, an Android developer, or any other type of developer. 

The developer world is highly technical, and you’ll need someone who can not only understand the complexities of programming languages but also manage projects, communicate effectively, and learn quickly.

Given the rarity of Ruby on Rails, it’s even more critical to thoroughly vet candidates. On the plus side, this means that there are only so many RoR developers out there, and almost all of them are likely to be excellent at what they do.

As a result, the only thing you should be looking for is what additional skills they possess, whether they will fit in well with your team, and whether they will adhere to your company’s and project’s rules.

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