How To Turn Off Screen Mirroring on Android, iPhone, Samsung & LG

How to turn off screen mirroring

While screen mirroring is a great way to enhance an entertainment experience, sometimes we just want to watch stuff on our own devices and turn off screen mirroring. In this article we're going to guide you exactly on how to turn off screen mirroring on iPhone, Android, Samsung and LG devices.

Screen mirroring, in addition to displaying the content of a smaller device on a larger screen, also allows users to wirelessly display the content of their phone on another screen, as in presentations, meetings, or other situations where a large audience is required to follow through on something important.

However, some if you have some private information on your screen, this feature can be inconvenient. Do you want to disable this feature but aren't sure how?

Read on to learn how to disable screen mirroring on a variety of devices such as iPhones and Android phones.



How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Android

How To Turn Disable AirPlay or Screen Mirroring on iPhone

iPhones use Airplay to stream or mirror the screen of their phone to other devices. Although turning off Airplay on iPhones is the only way to stop it from mirroring your screen, how to turn off screen mirroring on Android phones is quite different as we have seen above.

For devices and versions of iOS that are older than the current version;

stop mirror display

  • Scroll down from the home screen by tapping the 'Settings' icon.
  • Find and select the 'General' tab.
  • Scroll down to find 'accessibility' when the tab displays its options.
  • Find the 'guided access' tab by scrolling down.
  • When you select the guided access tab, the 'Mirror Display' option will appear with a slider in front of it. To turn it off completely, slide the mirror display to the left.

Newer iOS versions and devices also support AirPlay but this needs to be disabled in a different way as per the instructions below:

airplay turn off

  • Tap the 'Settings icon' on the home screen and scroll down.
  • Click the 'General' tab and then scroll down to 'Airplay and Handoff.'
  • The 'Automatically Airplay to TVs' tab appears when you click on it.
  • Click on it, you'll see three options: Never, Ask, and Automatic.
  • If you want to completely disable screen mirroring, select Never.

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How To Turn Screen Mirroring Off on Android

You might want to turn off screen mirroring to stop showing what your are watching or streaming your phone's screen to the family TV or to coworkers at the office. Here's how to turn it off on an Android phone:

Most Android phones have either the SCREEN MIRRORING or SCREEN CASTING feature, which allows you to wirelessly display your phone's content on other devices.

Swiping your finger north to south on your phone's screen will reveal hidden quick links, among which you'll find the screencasting icon, which looks like a box with the Wi-Fi logo in the bottom left corner.

screen mirroring icon

You can also find this feature in the SETTINGS section of your phone. It's the same icon that appears at the top of any YouTube video and resembles a box with the Wi-Fi logo inside.

When you find this icon, tap it once to begin scanning for devices. STOP the search by tapping it one more time. This will ensure that the phone is not connected to any other devices in the vicinity.

Slide the Screen Mirroring or Screen Casting slider left to the OFF position to turn it completely off. Only then you will be able to enable it in the future.

How To Disable or Turn Off Screen Mirroring on iPhone (airplay)

Deactivate Screen Mirroring on LG TV

LG ThinQ is a dedicated LG platform for connecting and sharing your LG smart TV with others. The procedure is simple with LG televisions.

Go straight to Screen sharing after opening the app. Select the connected device(s) you want to disable screen sharing from the Screen Sharing tab. To finish the process, go to the Disconnect tab.

To cancel any active screen sharing settings between your phone and any device, you can uninstall the LG ThinQ app from your phone.

Stop Screen Mirroring on Sony TV

On your Sony Smart TV, press HOME. Select APPS from the homepage. Scroll down until you see the tab SCREEN MIRRORING. This tab gives you the option of enabling or disabling this feature. Select Disable to turn it off.

Every screen-sharing connection is made through Sony's Smart Connect platform. All you have to do for Sony TVs is disable 'Screen Mirroring Mode' in the Smart Connect app.

You can uninstall the app, just like every other TV mentioned above, to eliminate the possibility of screen sharing.

Switch Off Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV

The Samsung SmartThings app makes it easy to share content from your phone to your Smart Samsung TV. Let's see how to turn off the SmartThings screen sharing feature.

  • Open the SmartThings app and Select your phone to turn off this feature.
  • Select the Smart View Option from the homepage to connect your TV to your phone and other devices.
  • A slider will appear in front of it; simply slide it left to disable screen sharing between your phone and the TV.

You can also disable 'Allow Sharing' between your phone and Samsung TV. Select NO when asked to Allow Sharing to turn it off. Disconnecting the network connection between your phone and the TV in the SmartThings app is another way to disable screen sharing.

To do so, go to the Connection guide and select NO for Screen Sharing. You can also uninstall the SmartThings app if you want.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Samsung TV

How to Force Stop Smart View On Samsung

If you want to stop your Samsung from mirroring your screen, turn off the smart view feature. To do so, follow the steps below:

  • STEP 1: Open the "Settings" menu.
  • STEP 2: Select "Applications" from the menu.
  • STEP 3: To access the "more options" tray, tap the three dots in the top corner.
  • STEP 4: Look for "Smart view" and tap it to activate it.
  • STEP 5: Press the "Force Stop" button.

Stop Screen Mirroring On iPad

Disable screen mirroring on your iPad by following these steps.

  • On the iPad, open "Control Center."
  • Select "Screen Mirroring" from the menu.
  • "Stop Screen Mirroring" should be selected.

Stop Screen Mirroring On iPhone 11

To turn off screen mirroring on your iPhone 11, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the "Control Center" application. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to do so.
  2. Select "Screen Mirroring" from the menu.
  3. Select "Stop Screen Mirroring".


Stop Screen Mirroring On iPhone 12, 13 and 14

If you want to turn off screen mirroring on your iPhone 12, 13 or 14, follow these steps:

  • 1. Launch the "Control Center" application. To do so, swipe down from the upper-right corner of your screen on your iPhone 12 or 13.
  • 2. Select "Screen Mirroring" from the menu.
  • 3. Select "Stop Screen Mirroring”.

How to Bypass Screen Mirror Block

High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) restrictions may prevent you from screen mirroring media contents to prevent piracy.

You can use an HDMI splitter to get around the content restrictions imposed by HDCP configurations. If the devices you want to connect have HDMI inputs, you can use an HDMI cable to connect them with the help of an HDMI splitter.

A video capture card can also be used if your device does not have an HDMI port. If your device has USB ports, it will allow you to bypass the screen mirroring block.

How To Disable Screen Mirroring on Sony TV

How to Stop Someone from Mirroring Your Phone

You should prevent someone from remotely accessing your phone if you don't want them to mirror it. If you believe someone has access to your phone, however, you can use these tips to prevent it.

  • Install apps only from the Play Store.
  • Use two-factor authentication for all online activities.
  • Install a trustworthy antivirus programme.
  • You might get messages with phishing links in them. Avoid opening any links you receive from unknown sources.
  • Always keep your phone's operating system and apps up to date.
  • Make time to review and change the security of your accounts on a regular basis.

Check If Screen Mirroring Is OFF?

It's possible that you accidentally disabled screen mirroring on your phone. To find out, follow the steps below.

When using an iPhone:

  1. Launch the "Control Center" application.
  2. Select "Screen Mirroring" from the menu.
  3. Tap on it to see if there is any device that is mirroring your screen. If there isn't, your screen mirroring was probably turned off.

If you have an Android device,

  1. On your home screen, look for the "Screencast" or "Smart View" option in the quick links panel.
  2. Tap it to see if any connected devices for screen mirroring are displayed. If there isn't, your screen mirroring was probably turned off.

Check If Your Phone Is Screen Mirroring

Follow this procedure to see if your phone is screen mirroring.

When using an iPhone:

  1. On your iPhone, open "Control Center."
  2. Select "Screen Mirroring" to see if your phone can mirror its screen to another device.

On an Android device:

  1. Swipe down from the top of your Android device to access the Quick Settings panel.
  2. Navigate to the "Screencast" button and select it. A list of Chromecast devices on your network will be displayed.

How to Turn off or Disable Screen Mirroring FAQs

What Is Screen Mirroring on My Phone?

Screen mirroring is a method of displaying the contents of a small Android, Windows, or Apple device on a television or projector. A wireless connection will be used to connect the devices involved in the screen mirroring process. Screen mirroring allows you to mirror media such as personal photos, music, videos, and games. Mirroring content from the internet or apps like Netflix or YouTube is also possible.

How do I turn off screen mirroring on my LG TV?

You can use a dedicated app like LG ThinQ to turn off screen mirroring on your LG TV. Select Screen Sharing after you've opened the app. You can see all of the connected devices there.

How do I disable screen mirroring on a MacBook Air?

Select the Mirroring icon (a rectangle with a triangle at the bottom) from the top menu bar on your Mac desktop. Select Turn Mirroring Off from the Mirroring menu that appears. If you don't see the Mirroring icon, go to the menu bar and select Apple, then System Preferences > Displays.

How do I get screen mirroring on my iPhone to work again?

Step 1: Go to your device's Control Center. Step 2: Locate the Screen Mirroring option and select it. Step 3: Finally, select either Stop Mirroring or Stop AirPlay. You can reset the screen mirroring options using this method.

Does Smart Mirror App Mirror iPhone to Samsung?

It certainly does. The Smart Mirror app can mirror iPhones to Samsung TVs without the use of any wires or extra hardware.

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