Five Minutes to Maximum Impact - CDNs and your website

Celebrities aren’t the only ones who pay dearly for the price of popularity – your website could be feeling the pressure, too. The more traffic you bring to your website, the slower it can become. And, that will cost you customers. There’s a recent study by website performance measurement firm Gomez that’ll put this in perspective for you. It found that when the average online viewer visits your website, they expect their browser to render a page in two seconds or less. What happens if that page hasn’t loaded in at least three seconds? Up to 40 percent of those who took the Gomez survey said they would simply abandon your website.

Make your website faster with a CDN


The Need for Speed

Slow websites chase away viewers who want to be customers, and that sluggishness also makes it harder for your site to be found. Did you know that Google rankings include how quickly your site loads?

Step on It!

The most efficient and cost-effective way to pour on the speed of delivery to your customers is to connect your website to a Content Delivery Network (CDN) – which employs a network of servers around the world that each contain the data-intensive, or “heavy parts” of your website. In most cases, that’s going to be your images, CSS, and JavaScript.

The Five-Minute Solution

 Connect with MaxCDN and you can supercharge your website with a CDN solution in as little as five minutes. How can they do this?

  1.  MaxCDN utilizes a suite of plugins for the most popular website software in use around the world today:
  •  CMS: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal
  • E-commerce: Magento, X-cart, Prestashop, Opencart
  • Forums: Vbulletin, IP.Board, Social Engine, Gossamer

Over 13,000 Customers Can’t be Wrong

MaxCDN’s global distribution of 500 peering partners push a website’s direct reach into over 90 countries. This is the primary reason why the MaxCDN roster of customers both big and small continues to grow. More than 13,000 customers have discovered that using MaxCDN allows them to reach customers with just a single network hop. In some cases that means your page load time could decrease from hundreds of milliseconds to only tens.

Total Control – As Close as Your Browser or Your Phone

Once your CDN is set up, gauging the jump in performance is a snap with the MaxCDN browser-based control panel. It gives you complete control to measure speed, data usage, and detection of problems. In addition, there’s an impressive amount of help-yourself assistance on the MaxCDN website ranging from FAQ sections for the plugins, to forums and wiki articles. A single mouse click even gives you the latest complete network status.

Unlike some technology-based services, you can and will get 24/7 human assistance from MaxCDN if you need it – either with live chat or a phone call.

Up and Running in 5 minutes

Because MaxCDN can pull content from your website automatically, there’s not much you have to do to get started using the service. In most cases, you simply need to get your image, CSS, and JavaScript links changed so they point to MaxCDN. This doesn’t take hours – it’s a matter of minutes. And, surprise: this is not going to break the bank. Plans and pricing are highly affordable.

MaxCDN solution speeds up your website, gets you increased conversion and higher Google rankings – but perhaps best of all, it’s a painless integration for you and a welcome improvement for your customers.

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